17 restaurants and bars overlooking the sea of ​​Salvador

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Soho Marina. Fotos: Marcelo Negromonte / Assessoria
Lôro Stella Maris. Praia de Stella Maris. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Pedra do Mar. Rio Vermelho. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Tarso Figueira /Assessoria .
Bistrô Mirante Forte São Diogo. Barra, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Rango Vegan no Santo Antonio. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Manga - Entradas Foto Leonardo Freire
Restaurante Manga. Ervas colhidas da horta. Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Restaurante Manga. Rio Vermelho. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Veleiro Yacht Club da Bahia. Barra, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Veleiro Yacht Club da Bahia. Barra, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Veleiro Yacht Club da Bahia. Barra, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Veleiro Yacht Club da Bahia. Barra, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Lôro Stella Maris. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Lôro Flamengo e Pedra do Sal. Delivery. Salvador Bahia. Foto: divulgação.
Lôro Flamengo e Pedra do Sal. Delivery. Salvador Bahia. Foto: divulgação.
Bistrô Mirante Forte São Diogo. Barra, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Bistrô Mirante Forte São Diogo. Barra, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Bistrô Mirante Forte São Diogo. Barra, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Encantos da Maré. Ribeira, Cidade Baixa. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira .
Restaurante Encantos da Maré. Ribeira, Cidade Baixa. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira .
Restaurante Boca de Galinha. Plataforma, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Boca de Galinha. Plataforma, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Boca de Galinha. Plataforma, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Egeu. Foto: Assessoria
Egeu. Ladeira da Barra. Salvador Bahia. Foto: divulgação.
Lafayette. Ambiente. Foto: Mr White.
Lafayette. Gnocchi com lagosta. Foto: Mr White.
M'ar Gastronomia. Bahia Marina. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
M'ar Gastronomia. Bahia Marina. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Soho Marina. Fotos: Marcelo Negromonte / Assessoria
Restaurante Mahi Mahi. Corredor da Vitoria, Salvador, Bahia Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Pedra do Mar. Rio Vermelho. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Tarso Figueira /Assessoria .
Restaurante Pietro's Bar . Foto: Fábio Marconi
Blue Praia Bar. Rio Vermelho. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tércio Campelo. Divulgação.
Blue Praia Bar. Rio Vermelho. Salvador Bahia. Negroni. Foto Tércio Campelo
Terraço Blue Rio Vermelho Salvador Bahia Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Lua Cheia. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Restaurante Pedra do Mar. Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil . Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Restaurante Mahi Mahi Corredor da Vitoria Salvador Bahia Foto Amanda Oliveira (33)

Eat well and feed your eyes: from the sophisticated to the simplest ones and for all pockets

Good food is undoubtedly one of Salvador’s great virtues. But the time to eat, have a snack, drink and meet people is even more pleasant if the environment is also conducive to filling the eyes with joy.

With that in mind, we have chosen 17 restaurants with fantastic views in the Bahian capital that will make you dream even more about the Land of All Saints and plan incredible experiences here.

With lush landscapes, this list presents you the best of Bahian cuisine, and takes you, literally, to new airs. There are fancy and more sophisticated places and others that are simpler. See the list of 17 restaurants and bars overlooking the sea of ​​Salvador. Before you go, find out about the security protocols and opening hours of each location.

Mahi Mahi Bar and Restaurant


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One of the most beautiful views of Salvador is, without a doubt, the All Saints Bay. Imagine a pier from where you can take a wonderful sea bath with crystal clear water, enjoy the bar and restaurant service with regional cuisine and watch the sunset on a charming deck. In this itinerary, Mahi Mahi, the exclusive pier of Sol Victoria Marina Hotel, in Corredor da Vitória, couldn’t be missing.

Located in one of the noblest areas of Salvador center, the place is ideal for those looking for tourism in the city and its natural beauty. It is probably the most exotic restaurant in Salvador: a pier over the sea. The place has a water slide from where you fall directly into the sea; adult and children’s fiber pool; berth for boats and jet ski. In the restaurant, dishes serve two people and prices are reasonable. The drink that bears the name of the house is made with mint liquor, gin and tonic and lemon.

Mahi Mahi
Where: Sol Victoria Marina Hotel, Av. Sete de Setembro, 2068 – Corredor da Vitória, Salvador – BA, 40301-110.
Opening Hours: before the new coronavirus pandemic, the place was open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. During the pandemic, schedules, capacity and protocols must be consulted in advance. The restaurant is working, but the sea bath and the pool are not allowed.
Day use: R$ 40.00 (Monday to Friday) | R$ 50.00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). * Fee charged only to the external public (non-hotel guest).
Information: (71) 3418-2000

Píer do Mahi Mahi

Pedra Furada restaurants

Hidden between the Church, the Monte Serrat Lighthouse and the Ribeira district, Rua da Pedra Furada is frequented by those who enjoy having a meal facing the ocean, feeling the tranquility and the taste of the food that comes from the sea.

Access is via the charming Monte Serrat neighborhood and the big star is the view of the All Saints Bay. But the food in the restaurants on this street is also a real spectacle. Dumplings, moquecas, prawns, pirão and farofa are just some of the items on the menu full of gastronomic baianities at the Pietro’s Bar and Recanto da Lua Cheia restaurant.

Down the street, almost touching the sea, you find Recanto da Tia Maria. It serves a lobster from the gods. But remember: the menu is not fixed, which makes everything even more interesting. Tia Maria is a friendly and attentive lady who will love to explain to you the delicacies she is serving on the day.

The restaurants in this area are known for always having fresh fish. In short, at Pedra Furada you will find the city’s natural beauty and the delicious typical Bahian cuisine. Try to arrive early to get a table facing the sea!

Restaurantes da Pedra Furada

Recanto da Tia Maria – Av. Constelação, 51 – Monte Serrat, Salvador – BA, 40425-240. Phone #: (71) 3314-7136
Pietro’s Bar – Rua Rio Negro, 6 – Pedra Furada – Monte Serrat, Salvador-BA. Phone #: (71) 3316-3395
Bar Recanto da Lua Cheia – Rua Rio Negro, 2 – Monte Serrat, Salvador-BA, 40325-250. Phone #: (71) 3315-1275.

Chez Bernard

With almost 60 years of existence, the Chez Bernard restaurant is a perfect experience of the French flavor in Salvador. The complete menu (starter, main course and dessert) can harmonize with the wines of the selected menu, as well as the sommelier service for consultation on the labels.

Among the menu options are the classic steaks with the choice of bèarnaise, bordelaise or poivre sauces, seafood linguine and Moroccan lamb couscous. Mushroom risotto is an option for vegetarians. The novelty is due to the irresistible dessert with the stuffed French eclairs, prepared by chef Laurent Rezette.

To make the experience complete, the restaurant has a privileged view of the All Saints Bay. To start getting into the mood, access the playlist Chez Bernard, with French songs, on the main music streaming platforms, to recreate in your home a charming ambiance with a French atmosphere.


Chez Bernard
Instagram: @chezbernard
Rua Gamboa de Cima, 11 – Dois de Julho, Salvador – BA, 40060-008
More information and orders: https://linktr.ee/chezbernardsalvador

Bahia Marina

Bahia Marina, in Comércio, is visited by a diverse audience: people who frequent restaurants, shops, who take a boat or who enjoy the landscaping of the place and the sunset. Among them, Bahian, national and international celebrities, public officials, businessmen, sportsmen, politicians and the sea-loving public in general.

Above all, the place is known for its beautiful view and high cuisine restaurants such as Lafayette, Lôro and Soho, which makes the marina also a route for good meetings.

At Lafayette, the big stars are the fish and seafood. In addition to an open kitchen and the main lounge, the balcony has a suspended deck, which is the main attraction of the place. Very fresh, the fish and seafood arrive at the table always accompanied by interesting combinations. The Robalo fillet in Chestnut Crust with mashed banana is one of the most requested. The Lafayette Grill Mix also stands out, with lobster, shrimp, octopus, squid, mussels, white fish and salmon. In short, the gastronomy is simple, healthy and tasty; everything is even better with the view of the All Saints Bay.

Restaurante Lafayette


The “beach hut” that became a hit with Bahians and tourists turned 25 and opened a new unit in Salvador. Now, the Lôro concept arrives at the Bahia Marina gastronomic complex with all its competence, quality and recognition.

The menu of the new restaurant has starters, Lôro Fitness, sea spices, various beverages and many drink options. It is an excellent option for late afternoon, with a beautiful sunset from the All Saints Bay.

Lôro also recently received the Verificado! Seal and the Safe Travels Seal, granted by the World Tourism Council – WTTC, which guarantees certification to establishments in Salvador that adopt all the protocols for preventing COVID 19, and was developed according to WHO guidelines, aiming to prevent the disease from spreading and preserve the well-being of the population, tourists and visitors.

Like Lafayette and Lôro, Soho has a breathtaking view. The beachfront deck and glass floor make the experience unique. The restaurant, of Japanese cuisine, is the option for those who like a sophisticated environment and food made with care. The new menu includes Orange Shrimp, a crunchy shrimp with spicy orange sauce; and Ebi Kani Fresh, kani with breaded shrimp, cream cheese and passion fruit sauce. Thus, informality combines with comfort.



Bahia Marina. Av. Lafayete Coutinho, 1010 – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40015-160

Instagram: @restaurantelafayette
Phone #: (71) 3321-4637

Instagram: @barracadoloro

Instagram: @sohorestaurante
Phone #: (71) 3322-4554

Blue Praia Bar

With the exuberant view of Praia do Buracão, in Rio Vermelho, is the Blue Praia Bar. The place has a beautiful atmosphere, with its lattice gazebos, tables on the veranda, the lounges by the sea, Balinese beds and beach kit. All very cozy, with tables for friends or to enjoy a romantic moment and just go as a couple. In short, beautiful view, good service and tasty food.

Elected by Veja Comer & Beber 2019 as one of the best drink cards in Salvador, Blue Praia Bar offers six cozy environments. There, you can enjoy the tables with your feet in the sand, experience one of the huts with friends or enjoy the vibe at the tables near the sea.

A good choice is the Calamares dish (crispy squid rings and lemon). The gastronomy contemporary style gains a touch of Bahia, with flagship dishes to share such as the Shrimp on Tapioca or the Codfish Croqueta and the delicious Afro-Bahian Arroz de Hauçá. Among the award-winning drinks, the highlights are Negroni Spritz (Campari, sparkling wine, Cinzano 1757, Bitters and gin), Mai Tai (Appleton State, aged Sagatiba, Grand Marnier, Monin Orgeat and lemon) and Matchá (Pisco, sugar syrup, tangerine or lemon juice, egg white and Angustura). Other novelties are French 75 (gin, champagne and melon juice) and Wild Turkey Lemonade (wild turkey, lemon, syrup and club soda).

Blue Praia Bar

Blue Praia Bar. R. Barro Vermelho, 310 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador – BA, 41940-340
Instagram: @bluepraiabar
Phone #: (71) 3034-3054

Boca de Galinha

Located in the Plataforma neighborhood, in Salvador Railway Suburb, is the Boca de Galinha restaurant. The place is simple and has a diverse clientele, with Soteropolitans and tourists from all corners. Get there early to get a table near the window, which has a privileged view of Itapagipe Bay.

Open for three decades, the restaurant serves delicious typical food. The menu is not fixed – every day they make a new one, by hand. But the highlights are the moquecas, and the restaurant can serve eight types per day such as: Shellfish, Shrimp with lobster, Shrimp, Beijupirá, Mahi mahi, Vermelho, Caçonete and Stingray. The side dishes are: rice, beans and pirão. Every Sunday there are caruru and vatapá.
There, you arrive by train on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays, you can go by bus, small boat or private car. The small boat and the train practically stop next to the restaurant, it’s five minutes walking.

Boca de Galinha

Boca de Galinha – Rua Almeida Brandão, 58A – Plataforma, Salvador – BA, 40710-500
Instagram: @bocadegalinha
Important: payment in cash only. They don’t accept credit and debit card.
Phone #: (71) 3398-1232


Definitely, the Egeu restaurant manages to combine special sensations in one place: the delight for the eyes, with the All Saints Bay, with the bucolic Itaparica Island in the background, and the tasty dishes of the Mediterranean menu.

There, the whole concept pays homage to the sea immortalized in the Greeks’ adventures. The fresh ingredients are combined by chef Antônio Santiago, who offers traditional and contemporary recipe options.
The most requested dishes are lobster broth with lemon risotto and grilled octopus with pear and apricot risotto in a soft gorgonzola sauce. The wine list has more than 60 labels, like the rosé from Villa Francione, from Santa Catarina.

Restaurante Egeu

Egeu Restaurant. Av. Sete de Setembro, 2830 – Vitória, Salvador – BA
Instagram: @restaurante.egeu
Phone #: (71) 99329-3220

Encantos da Maré

The Encantos da Maré restaurant, one of the delicious points of Bahian cuisine, is the result of the determination of chef Deliene Mota, known as Deli. The place is next to the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, in a colonial mansion, and from its balcony, you have a breathtaking view of the Ribeira sea.

Among the most requested starters are the shrimp breaded in tapioca and the pineapple and pepper jam made in the restaurant. The most requested main dishes are Terra e Mar – mashed cassava with blowtorch curdled cheese, where on one side there is shrimp with sauce and on the other side there is sun dried meat with onions in bottle butter – and seafood feijoada, a dish created by Deliene herself, which is a big success .

Restaurante Encantos da Maré


Encantos da Maré
Instagram: @encantosdamare (https://www.instagram.com/encantosdamare/)
Rua Teodósio Rodrigues de Faria, 27 – Bonfim, Salvador – BA – 40415-085
Phone #: (71) 98772-6375

Larri Bistrô – Aliança Francesa

With a special view of the All Saints Bay, Larri Bistrô was opened this year, in the famous annex of Aliança Francesa, in Ladeira da Barra. Project by entrepreneurs Rosa, Romildo, Gabriel and Guilherme Guerra, the establishment offers from breakfast to dinner.

Larri Bistrô brings together a café, a bar and an authentic memory cuisine in the same place, exploring a democratic menu, with an executive lunch, cultural programming and the philosophy of sustainability, without the use of disposable cups and straws or water in plastic bottles.

Finally, in addition to the beautiful view and delicious food, the place stands out for its sustainable actions, ranging from composting to garbage separation, reaching the vegetable garden fertilized with the restaurant’s own organic waste.

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Larri Bistrô – Aliança Francesa. Av. Sete de Setembro, 401 – Barra, Salvador – BA, 40130-000
Instagram: @larribistro
Phone #: (71) 99972-1122

Lôro (Pedra do Sal, Stella and Flamengo)

One of the most well-known beach huts in the city, the Lôro network of beach houses has existed since 1995 and has three units: Praia do Flamengo, Pedra do Sal and Stella Maris. The places have similar structures and are close to the sea.

The establishments function as a traditional Bahian beach hut, but with a very good structure. The Lôro houses are beautiful, well decorated, with umbrellas, lounge chairs, sofas and even beds.
The menu has a wide variety of snacks and seafood. Start with fried fish, with pineapple vinaigrette and farofa, and the Hawaii drink. Then, between a dip and another in the sea, you will choose the other dishes.

Instagram: @barracadoloro
Lôro – Pedra do Sal. R. Vinícius de Moraes, no number – Itapuã, Salvador – BA, 41620-300. Phone #: (71) 3023-5018
Lôro – Stella Maris. Alameda Mar del Plata, 06 – Stella Maris, Salvador, BA, 41603-200. Phone #: (71) 2137-5002
Lôro – Flamengo Beach. Rua Desembargador Manoel de Andrade Teixeira, 266 – Flamengo Beach, Salvador – BA, 41603-135. Phone #: (71) 3015-0140

Mirante Bistrô (São Diogo Fort)

The São Diogo Fort was built in 1536, by the Portuguese donatary Francisco Pereira Coutinho, at the behest of King Dom João. The place has one of the most beautiful views of the city, facing one of the most charming beaches: Porto da Barra. And it is there – in the first building in Brazil – that Mirante Bistrô works.

The restaurant has a menu focused on contemporary cuisine and the highlight goes to finger foods, such as Crispy Shrimp with Aioli Citron, Octopus Skewer with Paprika, Salmon Tartar, Lamb Sausage and Pork Ribs, among others. Learn more at this link

Bistrô Mirante do Forte São Diogo

Mirante Bistrô – Forte São Diogo. Av. Sete de Setembro – Barra, Salvador – BA, 40130-180.

Pedra da Sereia and Pedra do Mar

Relaxed and cozy, Pedra da Sereia bar and restaurant, in Rio Vermelho, has an open terrace next to the shore and live music. Great singers have been there since the 1980s.
Because of the privileged view, the place is very popular at sunset. First of all, it is a well-decorated and super-cozy place. In addition to the busy balcony, which has a beautiful view of the very end of Ondina Sea or the beginning of Rio Vermelho, the place has an internal part.

More recently, an attached restaurant, Pedra do Mar, was opened with a more intimate proposal. The flagship is pasta and risotto, as well as mussels and scallops. Like Pedra da Sereia, the space has a wonderful view of the All Saints Bay.

Pedra da Sereia is a simpler place, while Pedra do Mar is more sophisticated. In the latter, try the scallops with wine, served with artisan bread and, as a main dish, Spaghetti Del Mare, prepared with squid, shrimp, octopus, mussels in white wine and tomato sauce. Learn more at this link.

Restaurante Pedra do Mar

Pedra da Sereia – Rua Pedra da Sereia, 66 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador – BA, 41950-020
Instagram: @pedrasereia
Phone #: (71) 3336-0553 or (71) 98262-4142.

Solar do Unhão and Gamboa

There, close to the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, the MAM, there are two restaurants of Bahian food, which are worth the visit. One within the Solar do Unhão community and the other within Gamboa. Both have a great moqueca, in addition to being in a location with a privileged view of the All Saints Bay. The cool thing about this experience is getting to know the residents and their stories, besides, of course, tasting delicious food and taking beautiful pictures.

In the Solar do Unhão Community you will meet Dona Suzana. She is a special person, a caring character, with a big smile and many stories to tell. The moqueca is always served with the fish of the day. She has no menu. A valuable tip is to arrange with Suzana from someone in the community to pick you up close to MAM, so you go together, and find the restaurant in no time.

To get to Bar da Mônica, in Gamboa de Baixo, the tip is to go by boat – you can go walking inside the community, but, believe me, the “mini” boat ride is worth a lot. Entry is also by MAM. You must go to the stone beach where there is a SUP school. Right there you get a little boat. The restaurant is simple, is on a pier and has a stepladder that leads to the sea. Often, there is a very loud sound, where residents, tourists and navigators gather. Try the lobster moqueca with shrimp and fish. Another tip is to stay until sunset, it will be worth every second!


Dona Suzana Restaurant (@donasuzanarerestaurante)
Location: Solar do Unhão Community
Contact: 71 3328 2056 – Attends only by appointment

Bar da Mônica
(Instagram: @bardamonica) Opening hours: 7:30 am to 6:30 pm EVERYDAY!
Phone #: (71) 3336-9728/ (71) 98156-9717 (Monica)

Mistura Contorno

The gastronomic delights of Mistura bring in their origins the Brazilian and Mediterranean cuisine. The ingredients are brought from the sea, and the flavors are accentuated in chef Andréa Ribeiro’s recipes. The sea is the inspiration, from where the fish come directly to the grills and from there to the customers’ home.

Among the many options, there is the beet fettuccine rosso, with charlotte onion cream, caviar and scampi, or the cod at low temperature, with potato cream, chlorophyll and dehydrated black olives. The final seasoning is due to the exuberant view of the All Saints Bay.

Mistura Contorno
Instagram: @misturacontorno
Location: Ladeira do Gabriel (Gamboa), 334, Dois de Julho, Salvador – Bahia, CEP 40301-110
Phone #: (71) 2137-2782.

Salvador Dali

Contemporary gastronomy, with a mix of Mediterranean, French and Thai cuisines. All of this in a different and super-cozy location, which is almost within the sea of ​​Rio Vermelho. In addition to a perfect view, the traditional Salvador Dali Restaurant offers a menu with the best dishes of contemporary cuisine.
Besides the cuisine and elegant atmosphere, the place is known for its charming balcony overlooking the sea. The place can be a good option for a dinner with friends, a business meeting, a family lunch, or even a romantic dinner.
All seafood is fresh. Among the most appreciated dishes is the Shrimp Gaeng Kiew which is a delight. Spaghetti with Shrimp is also one of the most ordered and comes in a large portion.

Salvador Dali – Rua Borges dos Reis, 11 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador – BA, 41950-600
Instagram: @restaurantesalvadordali
Phone #: (71) 3335-4593.

Manga Restaurant

Known for its delicious and sophisticated cuisine, the Manga restaurant in Rio Vermelho also offers a bar service on the restaurant’s terrace, overlooking the beach, in front of Casa de Iemanjá.
With diverse and unique cocktails, draft beers and craft beers made in Bahia, and a menu of appetizers with focus on charcuterie, the place is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the coastal breeze and try the delights created by chefs Katrin and Dante Bassi.

In this cool and informal space, the public can enjoy an à la carte menu. Among the options are: Sausage with sauerkraut; Crispy taco; Traditional Flammkuchen; Cheese bread stuffed with tongue and onion; lamb kafta; Fish & chips; “Oreo” – Ox-eye smoked with creme-fraîche; Breaded apple ring with vanilla cream; and Popsicles of varied flavors, handcrafted by chef Katrin Bassi.


Manga Restaurant – Rua Professora Almerinda Dultra, 40 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador – BA, 41950-090
Instagram: @mangarestaurante
Phone #s: (71) 3506-2744 | (71) 9 9143-1310 | (71) 9 9144-2068 (WhatsApp)

Veleiro Restaurant

The Veleiro Restaurant stands out for its tradition of more than 50 years, offering a refined menu of international cuisine and an excellent wine list. All of this with a privileged view of the All Saints Bay. Located on the first floor of the pier at the Yacht Clube da Bahia, it has a beautiful decoration. The large glass windows all around the place give you the feeling of being on the sea.

The menu, developed by chef Fernando Cerqueira, takes a tour of French, Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean and Bahian cuisines. With an international menu, with great regional influence, it has a little bit of everything.

The drinks are under “Seu Orlando” responsibility, an icon of the house. He has the gift of discovering which drink best suits your taste. Orlando Alves Viana has been responsible for the house drinks for 45 years. He started working there close to the opening and is there until today. Of all the drinks, the one he likes to do the most is the Dry Martini. Learn more at this link.

Restaurante Veleiro


Veleiro Restaurant
Address: Yacht Clube da Bahia – Av. Sete de Setembro, 3252 – Barra, Salvador – BA, 40130-001.
Opening hours: during the pandemic, it is necessary to call ahead.
Phone #: (71) 2105-9131