Âncora do Marujo Bar

R. Carlos Gomes, 809, Dois de Julho
Music City
Âncora do Marujo. Centro. Salvador Bahia. Foto Bia Mathieu
Âncora do Marujo. Centro. Salvador Bahia. Foto Kaysha Kutner

Resistance and diversity in the center of Salvador

Traditional stage of transformist art on Carlos Gomes Street

Âncora do Marujo Bar, located on Carlos Gomes Street, is the perfect space for those looking for artists with good performances and music, traditional snacks and cold beer. It is a welcoming environment for LGBTQIAPN+ people, a representative place, which also attracts other audiences.

The nights there are lively. Paying R$10 to enter, pop music fans can enjoy performances by drag queens every day. In addition to music, the space also offers snacks, drinks and cold beers. The Bar is so special that it has even been part of a documentary. The production, called “Rua Carlos Gomes: Apogeu e Resistência da comunidade LGBTQIAPN+”, made by makeup artist and drag Galdino Neto, brings together remarkable stories from the region, where a large part of the community was concentrated, divided between bars and nightclubs.

The Bar, which had the honor of receiving a visit from Caetano Veloso, stands out for being the only establishment on the street that survives. Bar da Ray, Bar Charles Chaplin, Beco da Baiúca, Adê Alô, Is’Kiss nightclub, Artes & Manhas, BRW nightclub and Caverna nightclub are the names of some of the places that closed their doors in the region. In addition to launching new cross-dresser artists, ncora do Marujo continues as a symbol of resistance in Salvador.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, Marujo, as it is called by its loyal customers, is a place that should be known by the entire drag and LGBTQIAPN+ community. The space does not have a flashing nightclub light but is very colorful, with a blue vibe – like the sea, which is honored in the decor. In the front part, there is a ticket office. Then, by climbing a staircase, you will arrive at the house, where there is a bar, stage, sofas, tables, chairs and dressing room for the drag queens.


Âncora do Marujo Bar
Address: Carlos Gomes Street, 809, Dois de Julho
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, starting at 9 pm
Admission: R$ 10
Instagram: @ancoradomarujo


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