Highlights of Salvador's events schedule in high season

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Xanddy Harmonia
Foto; Divulgação
LÉO SANTANA. Foto divulgação.
Foto: Divulgação
Solar do Unhão, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Cortejo Afro
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The best summer in the world is back

The moment most awaited by Bahians has arrived: the summer! Come with Visit to discover the best parties and festivities of this season in Salvador!

The city of Salvador consolidates itself as the first tourist destination of the Brazilian summer. The city has infinite reasons to be considered a reference for national tourism, such as the fact that it has the largest navigable bay in Brazil and the largest Atlantic coastline in the country, a rich gastronomy, hotel infrastructure, modern airport, new Convention Center , museums and modern and innovative cultural equipment, in addition, of course, to the very lively events.

It is estimated that the Bahian capital will have about a thousand events in the high season alone. Visit Salvador da Bahia has gathered here highlights from the program of the most important events in Salvador, so you won’t miss out on the best of great events, concerts and popular festivals in this pulsating city.

January 2023 Schedule

Baile da Santinha

Dates: January 6th, 13th and 20th



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The most famous summer rehearsal in Salvador has already set dates: it will take place on the 6th, 13th and 20th of January, with a show lasting more than 3 hours by singer Léo Santana (GG) and his many guests. The doors of GG’s kingdom will open to spread joy to Bahians and tourists at the event that will stop Salvador.

“Baile da Santinha In The Park” will be a themed party full of surprises that promises to extract the most intense enjoyment from the entire audience. To help Léo Santana make the musicality more complete, the first edition (on the 6th) has important guests: Luan Santana, Alok and Xand Avião will join GG to drive the crowd crazy until dawn.

The show promises a lot of fun with musical attractions and an amusement park with free and exclusive radical toys for those who are enjoying the party. It will be a unique, intense and unforgettable experience. Tickets are now available for purchase through the Bora Tickets website (www.vendas.boratickets.com.br) and at the Bora store, on the 2nd floor of Shopping da Bahia.

Ensaio da Anitta (Anitta’s rehearsal)

January 7th

The Salvador Convention Center will be the stage for Anitta’s biggest pre-carnival of all time. On January 7, the artist lands in Salvador to do the first edition of “Ensaios da Anitta” of 2023.

With the theme “Guerreiras” (Warriors), Anitta’s 2023 Carnival season promises to be the biggest in the artist’s career. Anitta, who has a national and international career, will give a very lively show with a repertoire full of hits. Furthermore, she will also host guests on the show. For anyone who is a fan of the artist, the event is a must, with a different vibe, lively and perfect for dancing a lot.

Ensaio de Anitta

Pranchão 2023

January 7th

The Pranchão 2023 party will be held at Arena Fonte Nova on January 7th. Opening the summer festivities, Saulo, Durval Lelys and Filhos de Jorge will be together to make all the Axé lovers dance a lot and give a preview of Carnival 2023. The artists will perform on the pranchão, a mobile stage that allows greater interaction between the artists and the audience, cheering the crowd and bringing the indescribable vibe that only Bahian artists have. This edition of the event promises to celebrate Bahia in an incredible and unforgettable party. Learn more at this link. https://www.salvadordabahia.com/eventos/pranchao-2023/

Melhor Segunda-Feira do Mundo (World’s Best Monday)

Dates: January 9th and 23rd and February 13th

One of the most beloved rehearsals of the Bahian summer will have a new format starting in 2023. Celebrating its 20 years of history, the project “A Melhor Segunda”, Xanddy Harmonia’s summer rehearsal season, returns with a new setup in 2023. The event, which will take place in an itinerant format, confirms its first edition on January 9th, at Arena Fonte Nova.

Melhor Segunda-feira do Mundo

For the premiere, on January 9th, Xanddy will have the singers Belo, Sorriso Maroto and Péricles as guests, at Arena Fonte Nova. On January 23, the party will be held at the Officials’ Club, in the Lower City. This edition will receive Parangolé and singers who marked the pagodão of Bahia. The last edition will take place on February 13th, again at Arena Fonte Nova, with concerts by Bell Marques and other artists who will be confirmed soon.

Êta Festival – 30 years of É o Tchan

Dates: 11th, 18th and 25th of January
Venue: Arena Fonte Nova

É o Tchan, the veteran band led by Beto Jamaica and Compadre Washington, will celebrate 30 years of existence with the Êta Festival. The party will take place on the 11th, 18th and 25th of January, at Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador, and will feature special guests from the local and national scene. Already confirmed are: João Gomes, Thiago Aquino, Jorge and Mateus, Simone Mendes and Mari Fernandez.

The Êta Festival was supposed to take place last year, but due to the pandemic, it was postponed to 2023. With special guests and in a new location, the veteran band É o Tchan will make Wednesdays in January more fun, with all its irreverence and the repertoire full of classics like “Pau que Nasce Torto”, “A Dança do Bumbum” and “Bota a Cara no Sol”, attracting the liveliest crowd in town.

The piseiro singer João Gomes, the Bahian Tierry and the Pixote band will be at the event on January 18th. The last event, on January 25th, will feature presentations by the phenomenon Thiago Aquino and other attractions that will be announced soon.

The event will feature the All Type Lounge, an exclusive space for those who want to enjoy the party with more comfort and a privileged view of the stage, as well as a premium open bar of beer, water, soda, vodka, 8-year-old whiskey and gin.

Festival Êta – 30 anos do É o Tchan

Lavagem do Bonfim (Bonfim Wash)

Day: January 12th
Location: Walk from Comércio to Bonfim Church.

Typical popular festival: celebrated on the second Thursday of the year, the traditional washing of the Bonfim stairs is considered the second largest popular manifestation in Bahia, second only to Carnival. The festivities begin in front of the Church of Conceição da Praia, where an Ecumenical Service takes place. Afterwards, an 8 km walk begins to the Church of Our Lord of Bonfim. Learn more at this link.

Lavagem do Bonfim

Festival de Verão Salvador (Salvador Summer Festival)

Dates: January 28th and 29th

One of the biggest festivals of the Brazilian summer, the Festival de Verão Salvador has as its most striking characteristic its musical diversity, due to the fact that it receives artists from the most varied genres and musical generations, Brazilian or foreign. #FV23 will not be different and will be marked by the originality of the presentations.

For this edition, the festival returns to its origins and has the Exhibition Park as our home, once again. In the line up, unprecedented shows with encounters never seen on any other stage in Brazil. On the 28th and 29th of January, the concerts will bring unusual experiences, with very different musical crossings.

Festival de Verão Salvador 2023

Check out the attractions:

January 28th – Saturday
Ivete Sangalo invites Luedji Luna
Gilberto Gil invites Caetano Veloso
Ferrugem invites Xande de Pilares
Criolo invites Ney Matogrosso
Carlinhos Brown invites Duda Beat and Àtoxxá
Filipe Ret invites Caio Luccas
Margareth Menezes invites Larissa Luz and Majur
Orochi invites Djonga

January 29th – Sunday
Ludmilla invites Gloria Groove
Léo Santana
Shaman invites Gilsons
Saulo invites Marina Sena
Bell Marques
Baiana System invites Olodum
Luísa Sonza invites Alcione
Jão invites Pitty

February 2023 Schedule

Yemanjá Festival

Day: February 2nd
Location: Rio Vermelho

The Yemanjá Festival, on February 2nd, is considered the largest public religious manifestation of candomblé in the state, being one of the most intense and traditional popular festivals in Bahia. The most famous party traditionally takes place in the neighborhood of Rio Vermelho, being held by the Fishermen Colony, in partnership with public bodies and civil society, at Casa de Iemanjá, Mercado do Peso.

Since dawn, Candomblé followers, tourists and devotees form huge queues to place offerings, flowers and requests in the baskets at Casa do Peso. The entire waterfront is taken over by people, sellers of Bahian food and lots of music. At the end of the day, a procession of boats takes the baskets full of flowers out to sea. It’s beautiful! Learn more at this link.

Bloco do Silva 2023!

Day: February 4th
Location: Salvador Convention Center

In 2023, Bloco do Silva returns for the summer with the best carnival atmosphere! With a repertoire always full of news, including hits by Olodum, Banda Eva, Ara Ketu, Daniela Mercury, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Novos Baianos and Ivete Sangalo, Bloco do Silva arrives once again in Salvador with special guests, for everybody to dance and sing along from beginning to end. Learn more at this link. https://www.sympla.com.br/evento/bloco-do-silva-salvador/1758580

Lavagem de Itapuã (Itapuã Wash)

Day: February 9th

The secular Lavagem de Itapuã is celebrated on the Thursday before the beginning of Salvador’s Carnival. The party starts at dawn, when residents go around the neighborhood in a Bando Anunciador (an announcer group), inviting the community to the party. The celebration lasts the whole day on the waterfront that connects the neighborhood of Piatã to Itapuã. In the program, there are several acts such as masses, processions and breakfast.

Lavagem de Itapuã

Cortejo Afro Rehearsals

Every Monday
Until February 13th, 2023
Location: Historic Center – Pelourinho (Salvador – Bahia)

The Cortejo Afro band brings a percussive beat that differs from the others, as it presents a mixture of African rhythms mixed with electronic beats and pop, entitled “Afro-Bahian musical revolution”. It was created on July 2nd, 1998, in the community of Pirajá.

The Group is an integral part of the Bloco Cortejo Afro and presents a reinterpretation of musical experiences and Afro-descendant aesthetics, transmitting high spirits through its songs and choreographies rich in movements linked to Afro culture.

Ensaios do Cortejo Afro


Pre Carnival – February 11th and 12th
Official days – from the 15th to the 21st of February

Fuzuê and Furdunço

For the most awaited Momo revelry in the country, two pre-Carnival events will take place on the 11th and 12th of February. Called Fuzuê and Furdunço, the projects take place in the afternoon, respectively on the Saturday and Sunday that precede the official opening of the party, taking a crowd of revelers dressed in costumes and entire families to the Ondina-Barra circuit. In the last edition, in 2019, the events had the participation of 60 attractions.


On the Tuesday before Carnival, Pipoco takes place, when singer Léo Santana takes popcorn* revelers back to the streets of Barra in an incredible show on the trio elétrico. The official Carnival days in Salvador are from the 15th to the 21st of February and promise to be the greatest in history.

Bloco Timbalada has already announced the opening of sales for the two days of revelry in 2023 (tickets at this link). The block will parade on the Saturday and Sunday of Carnival, at the Dodô Circuit (Barra/Ondina), on February 18th and 19th, 2023.

The main attraction of Bloco Daquele Jeito is Xanddy Harmonia. The block will parade on February 19th and 20th, 2023, at the Dodô Circuit (Barra/Ondina). More information in this link.


Days: February 17th, 18th and 20th, 2023 (Friday, Saturday and Monday of Carnival)

Carnavalito brings together renowned artists in the music scene and allows revelers to live a unique experience, enjoying the best of Carnival close to its artists, all with safety, comfort and a strategic location, at Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova.
The third edition of Carnavalito will maintain its trademark with a grid of attractions filled with a mix of rhythms and presentations on trios-elétricos pranchões, to catch up on old times before pandemics, and make the crowd enjoy the shows close to their idols. In addition to all the excitement, the public will be able to make many pictures on the scenography in honor of Salvador’s tourist attractions.

Confirmed attractions

Mari Fernandez; Xand; Timbalada and Scandurras

Xanddy Harmonia; Saulo; Lincoln; Mudei de Nome

Simone; É O Tchan; Nattan and Thiago Brava

*Popcorn = Pipoca: Bahian denomination, for that reveler who enjoys carnival on the floor with any clothes (without abadá, the shirt for those who pay to enjoy inside the ropes). Popcorn revelers can enjoy carnival following any trio elétrico off the ropes.