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Holiday coming, all packed and ready to go to Salvador! We have listed the best tips for you to enjoy the Bahian capital in this holiday

The Corpus Christi holiday, which in 2022 falls on June 16, is coming. This month is very festive in Salvador, and a long holiday puts the city as an excellent destination for travelers looking for rest, good cultural programming, excellent cuisine and beautiful beaches. See what to do in the Bahian capital.

Corpus Christi procession in the historic center

Corpus Christi means the sacrament of the body and blood of Christ (Christ present). The ceremony always occurs on the first Thursday after the Feast of the Holy Trinity, 50 days after Easter. It changes the date each year because it is a mobile celebration.

A procession through the streets of Salvador’s historic center marks the celebrations of Corpus Christi’s Day (16). The faithful leave the Basilica Cathedral of Salvador, in Terreiro de Jesus (Pelourinho), where a mass presided by the Archbishop of Salvador and Primate of Brazil, Dom Sergio da Rocha is held on Thursday morning. The ceremony begins at 9am and the procession begins after the ceremony. More information at this link.

Father Manoel de Oliveira Filho, national coordinator of the Tourism Pastoral, explains that “this is the oldest procession held in Brazil. Salvador was founded on March 29, 1549 and, that year, Corpus Christi fell on June 13”.

Cultural programming for the holiday

A holiday is the best opportunity to get to know that museum or gallery that you have always wanted to visit but never had time to. So you can live the city thoroughly, stroll through modern places with excellent curatorship and high technology. Come with us! Let’s show you some really cool things to do in Salvador in 4 days.

On the first day, go visit the Cidade da Música da Bahia (Museum of Music), in Comércio neighborhood. Take the opportunity to visit other places in the surroundings such as Mercado Modelo and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Praia. We have prepared a quick and cool itinerary to be done in this region. See more at this link.

Book the second day all for Pelourinho, enter all stores, galleries and churches. At the end of the tour, go to the House of Carnival. The first museum of carnival makes a visual and sensory trip in the thematic cutouts of the party. To top it off, at the terrace you have a beautiful view of the All Saints Bay, perfect for an unforgettable sunset. To finish the day, stop by O Cravinho bar, take this classic drink (cravinho) and head to the Balé Folclórico da Bahia show. But try to buy in advance as it can end.

On the third day, visit the Casa do Rio Vermelho (Jorge Amado and Zélia Gattai Memorial). This charming house has the power to make you come back constantly to visit, after all, there are 22 thematic environments, more than 30 hours of videos, projections and audios about the life and work of the couple of writers, and it’s impossible to see everything in one visit . Another suggestion is to enjoy the outdoors on a bike ride. But it’s not about just taking the bike and going out. Here, we give breakfast suggestions in the neighborhood, and tell you what to visit during the journey. Come with us!

On the fourth and last holiday day, the best option is to put a good beach in the programming. So go to Porto da Barra. In addition to a calm sea bath, with crystal clear waters, you can also visit the Pierre Verger space of Bahian photography, in Fort Santa Maria, and the Carybé de Artes space, at Fort São Diogo, both in the Porto Cove.

And speaking of the beach …

If you think the holiday asks for a solar program, we will help you choose the best beaches in Salvador.

Is there a better way to enjoy free days than relaxing in the calm waters of the Bahia ocean? There is not! Visit Salvador da Bahia prepared a guide with the 06 most beautiful natural pools in Salvador, from Barra to Stella Maris. See this link.

Another great suggestion is to spend a good day at a beach club. Bahian beach cabanas are places that look like large houses, with restaurant structure and some even with lounges. Meet 07 seaside paradises in Salvador, in this link.

Here, gluttony is not a sin….

There are so many dining options scattered around the city that it is worth fitting the restaurants and bars between one walk and another. We have prepared 06 lists for you to know where to eat in Salvador.

If you want to eat well and have a beautiful view, this list is for you.

For those who enjoy award-winning restaurants, there are 11 restaurants in Salvador that are among the 100 best in Brazil. Find out where they are in this link.

If you want to enjoy the days with the whole family, this is the perfect list, with 15 bars, restaurants and parks with structures to take children. Get to know them in this link.

If you are looking for the most sought after sights of the city, we have prepared three perfect lists. One with 10 restaurants near Bonfim Church at this link; another with 12 bars and restaurants in Santo Antônio Além do Carmo in this link; we also have a list of 10 bars and restaurants in Pelourinho.

Choose the hotel that best suits you

There are several conditions for a trip to be unforgettable, and the choice of a hotel is one of them. The daily rates, the location, the comfort and good service influence a lot.
Here on the portal, we can show you an exclusive selection with the best of Salvador’s hotel chain, based on the reputation and quality of the facilities. There are options for choosing a neighborhood, so you will find hotels near the beach, in the historic center, or anywhere in the city you prefer. It’s all on this link.

We have also prepared a great itinerary to spend 04 days in Salvador. Sights, gastronomy, history, culture, beaches, nights. Everything and a little more on this link.

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