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Coleção Gefferson Vila Nova. Salvador Bahia. Foto Lucas Assis (imagem editada)

Meet 09 brands from Bahian creators with national and international prominence

Bahia is not just made of natural beauties, music and gastronomy. Yes, we are famous for our regional plurality, cultural richness, ancestry, well-seasoned food and music. But the state is also conquering more and more space in national and international fashion every day. As a plural region that it is, within this sector it could not be different. Therefore, the fashion made by Bahian stylists does not fail on exalting what is most beautiful here, with super creative, stylish, inclusive and, of course, representative clothes.

The expression of identity fashion has taken Bahian names to parade on the catwalks of the world with their original creations. Most even dialogue with African ancestry, as a tool to enhance their artistic creations. To exalt the artists who bear the name of Bahia in their pieces, in this text, we list 09 brands that are popular not only here, but throughout Brazil.

1. Ateliê Mão de Mãe


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Created during the covid-19 pandemic, the brand from Salvador is perfect for lovers of crochet and crafts. Ateliê Mão de Mãe works exclusively with crochet pieces. They believe that craftsmanship allows them to express a mix of feelings and value the exclusivity of the Ateliê’s pieces. The timeless collections cater to women and men alike and can be made to order, with designs to suit different styles. The brand has participated three times in São Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in Brazil, and has also taken its models to an edition of Milano Fashion Week, in Milan, Italy.

Ateliê Mão de Mãe
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2. Dendezeiro

The Bahian brand Dendezeiro develops tying techniques that adjust the garments to the bodies, allowing the same clothes to be comfortably worn from S to L. In the description, the brand says it was born from this context: “Imagine communicating with someone who cannot understand what you are talking about? That’s how fashion has been, because it can’t communicate with different bodies and different skins.” Therefore, Dendezeiro emerges as a brand that believes in diversity not as a possibility, but as a responsibility.

Why Dendezeiro? Bahia is home to the Costa do Dendê, the largest oil palm reserve, where most of the oil palm known in Brazil comes from. The name is a tribute to the Northeast, which develops and fosters the cultural fashion scene. Like a good creation of the palm oil, the brand carries the “stain that does not come out” everywhere. The clothes have already worn artists such as Majur, Trevo, Vitão and Larissa Luz and have already been present at São Paulo Fashion Week. Recently, it signed a collab with C&A, one of the largest department stores in Brazil.

It has already participated in other projects such as “City Forest” by Converse in Salvador; the launch campaign for Disney + Havaianas de Cruella in São Paulo, together with Célula Preta; and the direction of the film “História de Hiran, Wendell, Linn da Quebrada and Margareth Menezes”.

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3. Meninos Rei

Meninos Rei is a brand from Bahia created by the brothers Céu Rocha and Júnior Rocha. Figuring in the fashion world for six years, what started in a small production at the request of friends, gradually expanded and reached notoriety in the fashion market and among consumers. Currently, the brand is significantly consolidated and has already participated in the biggest fashion event in Brazil and the most important in Latin America, São Paulo Fashion Week.

The work reveres ancestry, based on African fabrics, while connecting with the contemporary in modern Afro-urban creations, which use techniques such as patchwork, and exploit daring modeling, which escape the obvious.

Meninos Rei
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4. Mônica Anjos

The Soteropolitan brand, named after its main stylist, focuses on valuing ancestry and black culture. It is an authorial fashion with a lot of identity, created over 25 years ago. The brand’s pieces are geared towards issues of gender and race and the clothes range from different materials: rustic linen, chambray, cotton, silk and lace, embroidery, as well as models loaded with a lot of movement, like their unique caftans. Currently, the brand has a physical store in São Paulo.

Stylist Mônica Anjos
Instagram: @marcamonicaanjos –
Where to buy: the pieces can be purchased through the brand’s Instagram profile or at the store in São Paulo, located in Vila Madalena, 231 Girassol Street.

5. Isa Isaac Silva – stylist

The brand has a history filled with positive energy, which delivers truth, love and joy in each piece of clothing made. “Believe in your Axé” is a philosophy of life, which is not in the material field, but which interferes in Isaac Silva’s creations, deliveries and results. The pieces challenge racial prejudice with various Afro-Brazilian and indigenous references. Born in Barreiras, a city in the interior of Bahia, 800 kilometers from Salvador, the stylist became the darling of celebrities such as Elza Soares and Gaby Amarantos.

With a background in Fashion Design and Management, Isaac Silva is also a technologist in clothing production. He currently owns his own eponymous brand, which has become a rage among influencers, fashionistas and artists.

Isa Isaac Silva – Stylist
Instagram: @isaacsilva_br –
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6. Gefferson Vila Nova Label

Gefferson Vila Nova combines bright colors and technological fabrics to create unique and striking collections. Its aesthetics are based on the construction and reconstruction of identity. The designer is known for imprinting a sports wear signature on his creations associated with contemporary tailoring and high street. Vila Nova has already participated in a series of events that honor emerging names, including Casa de Criadores, in 2013; Capital Fashion Week at the beginning of its career, in Brasília; and won the New Talents contest at Barra Fashion, in Salvador .

Gefferson Vila Nova Label
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7. Stylist Filipe Dias

His career began in 2017 and his first show was at the 2019 edition of Afro Fashion Day, a fashion event held by Jornal Correio in November to celebrate Black Awareness Month. Former BBB Camilla de Lucas wore one of his pieces at the 2022 Vogue Ball. The creation, inspired by the theme of the party, “Brasilidade Fantástica” (Fantastic Brazilianess), featured a gigantic flower made with E.V.A. His brand was also part of an issue of Vogue Portugal. Born in Salvador, Filipe Dias graduated in Fashion Design and works as a stylist and producer. Filipe is known for the artistic visual effects he prints on the pieces he designs.
Stylist Filipe Dias
Instagram: @filipebdias –
Where to buy: the pieces can be purchased through the brand’s profile on Instagram

8. Irá Salles

The stylist Irá Salles develops an authorial fashion work with manual techniques in a modern and sophisticated line. Her pieces are sold at more than 50 points of sale in Brazil, in addition to 30 points of sale abroad, distributed among the United States, Canada, Japan, France and England. The brand is recognized in national and international magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, American Vogue, American Elle, among other publications. Her handbags are part of the largest handbag museum in the world, the Tassen Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam, where she was featured in the exhibition entitled Techniques, in 2011, whose theme was to show pieces with ancient techniques and modern design.

The brand sells home items, shoes, bags and accessories.

Irá Salles
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The company operates in the area of luxury bijoux design, in the fashion, home and art gallery segments. In the fashion area, it launches three new collections per year, Autumn-Winter, Spring and High Summer. The main focus is to design a contemporary accessory rich in style research, drinking from the sources of haute couture, street style and the highest design in the world in NY, Paris and Milan. With each new collection launched, inspiration comes from this search and from the refined look at shapes, chromatic study and aesthetic of unusual objects, such as items inherited from the architecture and restoration projects of designer and architect Kelba Varjão. Kelba has been executing her art exclusively for more than 15 years in the luxury market of Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, La Paz, Geneve and Lisbon.

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