Take Bahia home: brands with products that look like Salvador

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Loja Apoena, Pelourinho. Foto: Fábio Marconi

20 tips you need to know and use

Texture, Brazilianness, colors, culture rescue and many other characteristics are mixed in the fashion items and accessories that are produced here. That’s why, in this itinerary, we’ve put together 20 brands from Bahia so that you, resident or visitor, can take a little piece of Bahia home with you. They are tips full of authorial fashion collections, with products full of tenderness and creativity.

1. Abanto

Brand that mixes afro fashion with streetwear, for those who like different and exclusive looks. The company was born in 2015, with made-to-order parts, and today it already ships products all over Brazil.
Instagram: @abanto.oficial
How to buy: through Instagram


Created in 2016 by stylist Jack Machado, Criollo bets on the mix of earthy tones and bright colors. Crochet is present in several pieces. The brand invests in casual clothes, but which can also be used in environments that are more refined. Beachy looks are also available.
Instagram: @criollo_oficial
How to buy: www.criollo.com.br

3. Estúdio Agá

Estúdio Agá was created in January 2017 and opened its doors in a colorful house in Santo Antônio Além do Carmo in 2022, a neighborhood that has been one of the main stages of cultural expression in Salvador. The space is also a little shop. The gallery/studio/shop has a project aimed exclusively at authorial fashion creations, gathering and housing works by independent visual artists, mostly from Bahia. There, you will find works, pictures, engravings, postcards, magnets, stickers, t-shirts, photography, mugs and the like.
Instagram: @estudioaga
Store: www.estudioaga.com.br

4. Zumví Afro Photographic Archive

Located on Ladeira do Carmo, Zumví is an archive of photographs committed to the affirmative image of black people. The site has been recording, for about 30 years, the manifestations of the black movement and the daily life of African-Brazilian people in various themes and popular contexts. The aim is to democratize access to the collection for researchers and the public interested in photography and the career of black photographers. There, in addition to postcards, books and magazines, you can find fine art photographic works.
Instagram: @zumviarquivofotografico
Shopping website: www.loja.zumvi.com.br

5. SALCity

SALCity, short for “city of Salvador”, brings its own style, with colorful clothes for various occasions: from physical exercise to a tidier event. The brand, created in Salvador in 2020 by Jorge Lucas, only makes pieces to order and, therefore, offers all sizes, from XS to XL.
Instagram: @salcitycria
How to buy: through Instagram

6. Dih Morais

An exclusive bag brand, Dih Morais has ancestry in its DNA. Born in Jequié, in southwest Bahia, Dih – who gives the brand its name – is rooted in Salvador and created his brand in 2016. He explores Africanity in prints, colors and references to religions. Among the pieces are bags with gourds, made with crochet and cloth, among other options. Currently, the brand already ships the products all over Brazil.
Instagram: @dihmoraiss
How to buy: here

7. Sillas Filgueira

Sila Maria Filgueira is known as one of the best modellers in Salvador. Her fame gave her prominence in major national publications specializing in fashion. A transgender stylist, Sila has an authentic and personal creative process. Her biggest aspiration is to have her enterprise as a transgender black woman from Bahia and from the Northeast. She has already been interviewed by magazines such as Marie Claire and Elle Brasil Digital, in addition to being on the cover of Vogue Brasil. The tilapia leather sandals, which are part of her collections, show her concern with the use of sustainable materials, manufactured together with small craft producers in Salvador.
Sillas Filgueira
Instagram: @sillasfilgueira
Where to buy: www.sillasfilgueira.com.br

8. Santa Resistência

Bringing to Santa Resistência the DNA of the African continent, its roots from the Recôncavo Baiano and ancestry of black women in the diaspora, electrical engineer Mônica Sampaio, since 2015, produces pieces that function as a true billboard of Afro-Brazilian aesthetics. The brand follows the slow fashion concept and produces timeless clothes, designed, cut and sewn calmly and with a fair and conscious production chain.
In 2017, it was selected through a public notice for Sebrae Moda Afro and, in 2018, it was one of the brands chosen to participate in Afrolab, a program to support, promote and boost Afro-entrepreneurship offered by the Feira Preta Institute.
It was also among the 41 brands in this 51st edition of the main fashion week in Latin America, São Paulo Fashion Week.
Santa Resistência
Instagram: @santaresistencia

9. Tempo Arte Popular

Tempo Arte Popular is a project designed to bring together unique and fundamental works by Brazilian artists and artisans. The space works with the appreciation of mining and masters from different states, emphasizing our culture so rich in colors, textures and elements. The store is located in Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, a great option to combine shopping with a nice walk.

Instagram: @tempoartepopular
Online store: @tempoartepopular.com.br

10. Balbina

A brand for real, uncomplicated and timeless women. Balbina works with quality and comfort, with natural fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. Cotton, linen and viscose are the fabrics that are part of Balbina’s universe, with a soft palette in earthy tones, which conveys elegance in a subtle way.
Instagram: @sejabalbina
Where to buy: in the physical store or by contacting us on Instagram
Address: Marechal Castelo Branco Street, 1420, Santa Mônica – Feira de Santana, in the center-north of Bahia

11. Nós Macramê Design

“Nós – Poesia e Design em Macramê” is a project created by two artists who faced the challenge of creating work and income perspectives, making art in the face of so many challenges caused by the confinement of covid-19. With the lightness of tying the knots, the mathematical patience in calculating each thread and the pulsating creativity, the brand was born. The store does decoration, lighting, clothing/fashion, costumes and custom projects.
Nós Macramê Design
Instagram: @nos.macrame.design
Where to buy: on Instagram

12. Katuka Africanidades

Created in 2015 by stylist Renato Carneiro, Katuka is a clothing store and a bookstore at the same time, which works with clothes and works related to blackness. In the garments, bright colors and afro prints are the main features. Accessories such as pendants, rings, earrings and hoops are also available. A physical unit is located at Praça da Sé, in the Historic Center of Salvador, and another at Rio Vermelho.
Instagram: @katukaafricanidades
How to buy: on Instagram or in the physical store, located at Praça da Sé, 1, Pelourinho, Salvador.

13. Negrif

Created by designer Madá Negrif in 2012, the brand focuses on Afro colors and prints. The exclusive pieces, designed by Madá, are characterized by a comfortable and stripped-down style, but neat and appropriate for different occasions. The company has a physical store in Salvador since it was created.
Instagram: @madanegrif
How to buy: here
Address: Carlos Gomes Street, 616, Dois de Julho

14. Munira

Munira in Yoruba means “shining”. The brand was created in 2019 by Dani Munira, a fashion designer from the city of Salvador. She works on the narrative of recovery of self-esteem, inspired by the history and power of black communities, affective and cultural symbologies, bringing a reality of corporal welcome and body freedom, with authorial fashion prints, inclusive modeling and transparent communication.
Instagram: @muniraoficial
How to buy: www.amunira.com

15. Bella Oyá, by Regina Navarro

In the heart of Pelourinho, the Bella Oyá store sells dresses, men’s shirts and turbans in African fabrics, as well as handmade necklaces and earrings. The collections are signed by stylist Regina Navarro, who spent years researching and looking for fabrics on the African continent that are now part of the collection. She also knows how to explain the origins of each print, with their meanings, making the shopping experience also a lesson in Afro and ethnic fashion.
Instagram: Instagram: @reginanavarrobellaoya

16. Black Atitude

Created by stylist Vander Charles, the clothes in this store are completely focused on exalting African identity, either through prints with Afro designs and colors, or through phrases about pride in blackness or even through the faces of black personalities present in some pieces.
Instagram: @blackatitudeoficial

17. N Black

Stylist Najara Black created N Black in 2005, which today has a physical store at Paralela Shopping Mall. The brand has shirts with fun phrases that exalt blackness, dresses with afro prints, in addition to accessories, such as bucket hats, necklaces and caps.
Instagram: @nblack_21
How to buy: www.nblack.com.br or on the L2 floor of Paralela Shopping Mall, in Salvador

18. Apoena Gallery – sacred and indigenous art

This is the kind of gallery & shop you should know about. In the heart of Pelourinho, inside a listed building, on the corner of Terreiro de Jesus and Cruzeiro de São Francisco squares, is Apoena. In addition to the excellent location, on its shelves you will find works by great northeastern artisans for sale. On the first floor, the gallery is filled with indigenous art from various parts of the country. Everything is very colorful. And, from the windows, you have a great view of the two squares. Definitely worth the visit and shopping.
Instagram: @galeria.apoena

19. Somos Dua

Dua is a brand from Bahia whose principle is to bring the charms of Bahia, in a light and natural way, to the creation of accessories. Creations are copyrighted. They are for sale at Rio Vermelho, at Miranda Estúdio and online.
Instagram: @somosdua
Store: www.somosdua.com.br

20. Miranda Studio

The name Miranda means woman connected to the arts and family. And that is, in fact, the essence of this studio. Mila Giacomo and Aline Biliu, as she is known, develop necklaces, personalized ceramics, sarongs, comics, diaries (which today have become planners), t-shirts and hats with the concept “Our Beaches – a manifest product of love for the beaches of Salvador”. The success is due to two main reasons. The first is that all products are timeless and of high quality, and can be used all year round. The second reason is that in the products you can find affective phrases such as “Confia na Bahia” (Trust in Bahia), “Rode como uma Baiana” (Spin like a Baiana), “Vibes don’t Lie”, “Um banho de mar antes do trabalho paga metade do salário” (A swim in the sea before work pays half the salary) and “Mancha de Dendê não sai” (Palm oil stain does not come out). There you can find other super cool brands, all from Bahia.
Instagram: @mirandaestudio
Physical store: José Taboada Vidal Street, 13 – sala 105 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador – BA, 41940-695
Through the website at this link.