The 10 most played songs in Salvador for the Carnival 2019

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A list of songs that will make your carnival start now!

Countdown to Carnival 2019, and for you that will spend carnival here in Salvador, it’s better to get ready because there is a lot of good things to happen. This decade’s summer could only be in the Music City! To get the party started right now, in your house, we have prepared a list with the songs that will rock! We have made a channel in Spotify that has already 15 playlists for you to enjoy Salvador’s music. And for Carnival, the playlist “Carnaval 2019” has been created with songs that can’t be missing. There is still “Esquente Verão”, “Novo Som de Salvador”, “Pagodão Não é Axé”, “Pôr do Sol”, among others.

We have prepared a list with the songs that will rock!

Here are the 10 songs that promise to be the most played ones this year, both from local artists and artists from outside “Soterópolis” but that will be part of the Bahian revelry programming. Turn up the sound and mix it up!

The diva has come back with full steam. After being absent from the 2018 carnival because of her twins birth, Ivete Sangalo has already had “her own carnival” in April 2018, when the Barra’s seafront was full of people to see her pass on the trio elétrico. This song promises strong emotions! Veveta still has other brand new hits such as the one with Claudia Leitte – Lambada (Corpo Molinho) and another with Léo Santana – Mainha Gosta Assim.

The videoclip hasn’t even been released and has already everything to be successful. Bola, Rebola, music by Anitta, MC Zaac, J Balvin & Tropkillaz, had its videoclip done in Salvador, at Comunidade Solar do Unhão. It has already a lot of love involved, right? The muse will have a trio for her again, without ropes and of course the song Terremoto, in partnership with Kevinho will put everyone to dance a lot.


Saulo being Saulo, what a beautiful song! Saulo Fernandes’ trio elétrico is known for having the most “peaceful” crowd in town. This song has that “summer love vibe” that sticks in your head for years. We can already see love stories coming up when he plays it.


Definitely “Pagodão Não é Axé” (Pagodão isn’t Axé)

The Bahia pagoda has spread throughout Brazil. More and more artists are inspired by the beat that began here with groups such as Terra Samba, Companhia do Pagode, Harmonia do Samba, Gera Samba, É O Tchan and Gang do Samba. Later came Oz Bambaz, Psirico, Parangolé, Pagodart and Fantasmão. Now one of the darling singers is Léo Santana, who runs Baile da Santinha (Santinha Ball), one of the country’s most popular Summer Rehearsals. At Carnival 2019 get ready for much pagodão, swing and dance with: Léo Santana; Harmonia do Samba; Parangolé; PSIRICO; La Fúria and many others. And representing the new generation, ÀTTØXXÁ group is shaking the floor with its “pagode of the future”. Stay tuned to what won’t stop playing:

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Daniela Mercury is always a hit, and this year, in partnership with Caetano Veloso, it will be even harder not wanting to go after her trio. Daniela has also released the song Pantera Negra Deusa.

Pabllo Vittar will parade for the second year with a ropeless trio at Salvador Carnival. The drag queen will lead the Pabllo Block on Monday at the Barra/Ondina circuit. Now that you’ve listened to the list of Bahian pagode hits we’ve done, look at how many of the musical genres appear in Vittar’s “Problema Seu”. Cool, right? There will be a lot of “Yukê!”.


In a nostalgic mood, Claudia Leitte launches “Saudade” in partnership with Hungria Hip Hop. The music strolls through the 90’s Axé Music and assures: the world lands in Salvador. But the hit “Balancinho” is already in everybody’s mouth. Another one that is very nice is the Eva’s band song “Chama o Brasil para dançar” (Call Brazil to dance). Luiz Caldas in turn uses Momo’s party to remember that “Respeito é Bom e eu Gosto” (Respect Is Good and I Like It).

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