Salvador Christmas 2022

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Natal Salvador 2022. Praça do Campo Grande. Lucas Moura Secom.

The most magical time of the year is coming, and the city is ready to amaze the population

Check out the places in Salvador that have super Christmas decorations!

Christmas is almost here, and the streets of Salvador are already being taken by a series of events, concerts and presentations. This year, the most beautiful Christmas program in the country opened at Praça João Martins, in Paripe. In this part of the city alone, 700,000 LED lamps were installed for Christmas lighting, which will be accompanied by a wide artistic program. In Campo Grande, the Christmas Village is beautiful. Lots of colors and lights to admire, plus the toy factory with Santa Claus! No need to schedule. See more information at this link.

Christmas Salvador 2022 edition features the theme “Lighting up our dreams” (Iluminando Nossos Sonhos) and will bring the Christmas atmosphere to various public leisure spaces in the city, such as the squares of Campo Grande, Artur Lago (Pernambués), ACM (São Caetano) and Canal (Vale das Pedrinhas). A Sustainable Christmas is also planned at Ana Lúcia Magalhães Square (Pituba), which will be taken by Christmas symbols made in a 100% sustainable way by the recycling sector of the Urban Cleaning Company (Limpurb).

Natal Salvador in Subúrbio

For the second consecutive year, Subúrbio was the first location to host Christmas Salvador 2022, this time at Praça João Martins, in Paripe. The more than 2,200 m² area of the site houses the Santa Claus House, a 15m tree with a ceiling of light, instagrammable pieces, a nativity scene and a large illuminated castle, as well as a corridor of stars, among other attractions. The decoration can be visited every day of the week, at any time, and will be available until January 6th.

Enchantment – At João Martins, activities opened with performances by the orchestra led by maestro Fred Dantas and by Manu Dourado, a member of the Institute for the Blind (Instituto de Cegos da Bahia – ICB).

Decoration brings Christmas atmosphere to Campo Grande Square

This year, the celebration of Christmas Salvador arrives at 2 de Julho Square, in Campo Grande, with novelties, such as pieces that refer to children’s sweets. The Christmas Village is an environment where people from Salvador and tourists can walk through villages, a Christmas camp, a nativity scene, a toy factory, instagrammable niches and tree climbing with lights. Visitation for the public opened on December 1st, with several attractions that can be enjoyed for free until January 6th. More information at

At the opening, there was a show by tenor Thiago Arancam, who presented songs from the Christmas Season project (projeto Estação de Natal), in partnership with maestro João Carlos Martins. Among the successes were “Holy Mary” (Ave Maria), “Silent Night” (Noite Feliz) and “Santa Claus is coming to town” (Vem Chegando o Natal), with the participation of singer Manu Dourado, from the Institute for the Blind (Instituto de Cegos da Bahia).

Get to know each attraction

The “City’s Façade” is one of the structures set up for Christmas at Campo Grande Square. Measuring 10 meters wide and 7 meters high, the piece was made of plywood, painted in colors that represent the flavors of biscuits. These plywood pieces have cutouts lined with white fabric that leak light, as well as windows and decorations imitating sugar candies.

The “Sweet Village” is a group of small houses scattered along an 80-meter corridor. The homes have doors, windows and decorations, whose colors refer to milk, vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate.

The “Tree of Sweet Dreams”, in turn, is 19 meters high and is completely wrapped with a green garland and Christmas lights. The decorations are 1.5 meter tall cookie dolls, as well as hearts, socks, stars, bows, trees and houses. At the top, there is a star of light.

The population can also enjoy the “Christmas Camp”, an area reserved for handicrafts and food (including lots of sweets) with 10 trailers of social institutions, artisans and micro-entrepreneurs, who will donate part of the sales to social projects.

In addition, there is a nativity scene in honor of children, in which each doll has a child’s face representing the characters on the altar. This piece is installed on a round elevated 5 meters in diameter and, in the background, there is a hut made of dry straw. The surroundings of the crib have a pine plantation with Christmas lighting.

For those who want to take a lot of pictures

For those who don’t give up taking pictures to register on social networks, Christmas Salvador in Campo Grande has instagrammable niches composed of two Kombis, one with a theme of sweets and Christmas bread, and the other with Christmas decoration that includes trees, balls, ladder, gifts and lots of light. To get to the niches, the visitor passes through a corridor of light cords that is 40 meters long.

Another space that can be visited is the “Toy Factory”, whose structure has a large facade with four towers and chimneys formed by barrels. The inner part has three rooms and the outer part has two.

At the entrance, there is a porch with two bicycles belonging to employees who use ecological transport. Upon entering, there is a reception with cabinets with many letters for Santa. In the manufacturing part, there are machines with many colorful gears and all kinds of toys, which fill the festive and cheerful atmosphere.

At another point, there is Santa’s throne room with a complete office where he manages the production and delivery of gifts. At the exit, there is a beautiful garden with trees and pines. Finally, the Christmas decoration brings a plantation of 16 LED trees with light variation around the lake to reflect the colors in the water.


Just like last year, City Hall included accessibility so that everyone can enjoy the special decoration. The square has totems in Braille, Libras interpreter and audio description for the visually impaired. In addition, people with Down Syndrome will act in the place as Santa’s helpers, guiding visitors.

The scheduling to visit the space, as it has happened in recent years, will no longer be necessary in 2022, which means people will be able to visit the Christmas decorations in Campo Grande at any day and time they wish, as well as in João Martins Square, in Paripe.

“The square will remain open so that everyone can check out the outdoor programming. Our recommendation is that everyone wear a mask and, above all, complete the vaccination schedule, in this effort to face the increase in cases ”, highlighted Mayor Bruno Reis, referring to cases of covid19.