The best beaches of Salvador to enjoy in the winter

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Praia de Jaguaribe. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

Throughout the season, we’ll give you tips on what to do in our “tropical cold”!

No matter the year, or the weather, or the region in Brazil, on June 21 the coldest season of the year begins in our country: winter has arrived. Salvador residents have already been taking their coats out of the closet, as the temperature in Bahia capital has fallen in recent days, in addition to the occurrence of rain and cloudiness. And the temperature doesn’t even need to be much lower. At 25 °C the Soteropolitan is already wearing a scarf.

Jokes aside, for you who are visiting the city, there will be cooler days, great for outdoor walks. The weather is tropical, with lots of humidity and precipitation, especially during autumn and winter and between April and July. The temperature is constant throughout the year, with maximums of 30 °C in summer and 26 °C in winter and minimum of 24 °C in summer and 21 °C in winter.

During the season, we will give you tips of what to do “in this cold winter”! We start at the most unlikely, so you can already understand that Salvador is perfect for tourism during all year. And in winter, it is possible to enjoy the city a lot, with less crowded and quieter places and tourist spots.

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Winter has come … and the waves too!

For surfers coming to the city for sightseeing and looking for beaches with stronger waves, the suggestion comes directly from the World Surfing Champion, Armando Daltro, who indicates the beaches of Flamengo, Stella Maris, Aleluia, Ipitanga (these last two close to Pipa Beach Hut).

If you are looking for a beach inside the city, with strong waves and good water quality, more suitable for advanced surfers, Salvador has Barra Vento Beach (on Barra Avenue, between the Christ and Barra Lighthouse, closer to Morro do Cristo, next to Barra Vento Restaurant). Not suitable for beginners or intermediate.

It’s better to check the waves before leaving home. Here are some websites that can help you:

Tábua de Marés:

Surf Guru:


For those who want to learn how to surf

For those who want to learn a water sport at this time of the year, Piatã beach is the best option. As it is a protected beach, it saves surfers in the winter. When the sea is rough in other parts of Salvador, in Piatã it’s always quieter. The conditions are better for those who are learning, because Stella Maris is better for the professional surfers. Piatã is also great for bodyboard practicing.

Praia de Piatã

Natural pools near one of the most famous tourist spots

In Barra, following the waterfront, near the Lighthouse, natural pools appear in the low tide. The place is perfect for family days as, due to the rock formation, it is safe for small children to play. Other attractions are the beautiful sunset and the night lighting, what ensures the movement even after the sun goes down.

There is the Nautical Museum – better known as Barra Lighthouse. The Museum has a historical collection formed by objects from different eras, some of them submerged for up to 300 years, and which help to understand the relation between men and the sea and between Bahia and the Lighthouse. At the top of the Lighthouse, you can have a 360° view of Salvador and, from the patio, the visitor has a 180° view of the entire All Saints Bay.

Praia do Farol da Barra

The best sea bath in the world

In Barra, there is also a beach that is good all year round. For those looking for tranquility, Porto da Barra can be even better in this season. Without all the hustle and bustle of summer, during the winter the beach is known for its clean and quiet waters – except when it rains heavily, the water gets agitated and darker. It is suitable for water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, Hawaiian canoeing and SUP.

Another tip is to watch the fantastic sunsets and wait for the night to arrive. The waterfront has night lighting and the bars remain open at full steam. For nature lovers and good observers, at this time of year you can see Venus from sunset until around eight o’clock in the evening. Just look for the “Dalva star” in the horizon direction where the sunset happened. But remember that in winter the nights are longer, that is, they start earlier!

Praia do Porto da Barra

Praia de Jaguaribe. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

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