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Pedro Tourinho

We asked some people who love Salvador what would be a must do in the city during this summer and party time!!!

Among the guests there are producers, cultural agitators, digital influencers and artists. They’ll get you by the hand and take you for a ride that totally fits them.

In this one, who takes you to a perfect day in Salvador is Pedro Tourinho! He works with artists such as Anitta, Bruno Gagliasso, Regina Casé, Chay Suede, Astrid Fontenelle, Fernanda Paes Leme, Marco Pigossi and Alice Wegmann, and brands such as Vivo, Netflix and Avon. Pedro is a reference for those who are interested in a wide range of subjects: from the entertainment market, especially music, to the universe of social networks, the Bahian Carnival and copyright in Brazil.

#salvadormeucarnaval: what does the reveler do when he wakes up? Any beach or tourist spot?

Pedro Tourinho: He goes to a close beach, swim in the sea to heal, reset and clean the energy from the previous night. No problem if it is a little far, but the beaches of Rio Vermelho are at their best.

Buracão Beach, Rio Vermelho. Photo: Fábio Marconi

#salvadormeucarnaval: where does he eat lunch? What dishes does he ask for?

Pedro Tourinho: He has lunch at Mistura on Contorno Avenue, Poró at Carmo, Tereza at Rio Vermelho (Casa de Tereza Restaurant) or Soho at Marina.

Soho Marina. This glass-floor balcony is a real charm. Photo: Advice

#Salvadormeucarnaval: Does he go to any museum?

Pedro Tourinho: Casa do Rio Vermelho Museum, of Jorge Amado, it’s a delight to live those memories of the one who invented the Bahia that has won the world.

Memorial Casa do Rio Vermelho. Residence of Jorge Amado and Zélia Gattai. In this library, there are books with stories told in soap operas, series and movies. Photo: Fábio Marconi

#salvadormeucarnaval: Does he visit any headquarters of an afro group?

Pedro Tourinho: O Mais Belo dos Belos. It’s important to check the schedule, and if you’re lucky, you can go to some event at the group’s headquarters in Curuzu.

#salvadormeucarnaval: does he go to any rehearsal?

Pedro Tourinho: Pelourinho keeps on being the stage of the city cultural movements. Cortejo’s and Olodum’s rehearsals, ÀTTOOXXÁ’s parties, whatever happens there.

#salvadormeucarnaval: Does the tour end on a carnival block, in a cabin, watching a concert? Which one do you suggest?

Pedro Tourinho: Expresso 2222, in the traditional Oceania Building. A cabin with all the Gil family axé.

Tip from the Content Coordination Team:
Look for Pedro Tourinho’s profile on digital music platforms. He makes such breathtaking playlists, perfect for different occasions.

#salvadormeucarnaval: During the tour, does he listen to any music? Which one?

Pedro Tourinho: At the moment, he’s listening Luedji Luna a lot, sonority that looks so like my Salvador.

By Pedro Tourinho
Advertiser &
Businessman &
Tunned man &
Lover of what is good!

Invited by the Content Coordination Team

Pedro Tourinho

Approximate duration
6 horas - 9hs
Salvador - Bahia

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