A Christmas full of light in the streets and squares of Salvador

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The city has decoration, lighting and grand Christmas programming in 2019

Lights, colors and sounds already make the capital of Bahia officially enter the most magical mood of the year. Since 2018, the Christmas decoration in Campo Grande has been gaining a must see character for tourists and residents. More than 600,000 visitors came by. In 2019, the Christmas Village is even greater, and what we could only see in major cities of the world, we can visit now here in Salvador. A space that looks like an open-air amusement park.

The square is all lit up, highlighting the Cathedral of Light and Sound, project by artist Pedro Campos in reference to Senhor do Bonfim, composed of more than 20,000 lamps. There is a Santa Claus making the children happy, a tribute to Saint Dulce of the Poor, handicraft and gastronomy booths and much more. The Christmas Village is open from Monday to Friday, from 6pm to 10pm, extending the weekends until 11pm. The program is free and open to the public until January 6th.

The square will have special attractions and various so-called “Instagramable” points, so that families can register the moment. In addition to the space reserved for Christmas Village with Santa’s House, visitors can have fun with the snow globe, lighted locomotive, pixel tree and watch coral and theatrical performances. To facilitate the access of the population, buses with Christmas ornamentation will make all the way to the square. In addition, a special operation will organize traffic in the region.

Santa’s house

The Santa Claus House is already open daily in Campo Grande, and anyone who passes by the place can try a new way to experience the party – with many lights, props and also the presence of the good old man. The space operates at the same time as the Christmas Village, where there will be a series of activities for people of all ages.

Christmas tree with 22 thousand bottles

Built with 22,000 PET bottles – a plastic compound that would take an average of 100 years to decompose in the environment – a 21-meter-high, 9-diameter Christmas tree is decorating the Municipal Square in the Historic Center.

To build the sculpture, the City Hall carried out an internal campaign for the collection of plastic bottles. This campaign collected most of the material used to make the tree. But there was also the contribution of the private sector, especially the entertainment area.

Christmas decoration throughout the city

During the celebration days, there will be 20 lighted squares, 6.2 million microlighted LED light bulbs on the streets, 500 decorated trees, about 750 luminous artefacts on lampposts and over 600 hours of lighting. Special decoration can be found in places such as Dique do Tororó, Municipal Square, Salvador Municipal Hospital (Boca da Mata) and the Sister Dulce Social Works facade (Largo de Roma). Farol da Barra has a illuminated garden and luminous signs.

In the Lower City, the Faith Route has a special decoration in the Sister Dulce and Bonfim Square. Many other places in the city also receive luminous decoration, such as Terreiro de Jesus, Ribeira and the squares of Imbuí, Largo do Tanque and Matriz, in Valeria. You will also find decorations on large avenues, such as Afrânio Peixoto (Suburbana), Mário Leal Ferreira (Bonocô), Vasco da Gama and Oceânica. Other squares that will be beautiful and decorated are Ana Lúcia Magalhães, Dinha, Sé, Sister Dulce and São Marcos.

Cultural presentations

In addition to the special lighting, there will be more than 100 hours of Christmas shows and performances in different places of the city, especially in the tourist spots. About 30 students from municipal schools, the ones assisted by Sempre and members of the Municipal Civil Guard Music Band (GCM) will make presentations at many points.

There will also be a dance groups pocket show and a Christmas-themed night bike tour. The Historic Center will be bustling with an electronic Christmas concert and Santa’s presence in Pelourinho. Shows will be held at Campo da Pronaica, Cajazeiras, Farol da Barra and a third place to be announced. (http://natal.salvador.ba.gov.br/ )

Be sure to visit. It’s all done with great love and care, all decorated much earlier than last year and bringing more shine, light and energy to this special holiday season. It’s a good time to invite friends and call the whole family. The idea is to bring a message of peace to Salvador’s homes and make the city even more charming for those who come to visit us. Go and mix it up!

By Fernanda Slama
Content Coordinator

Note: thanks to the content sent by SECOM Salvador.

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