10 songs made in amazing partnerships to shake the quarantine

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A soundtrack to remember moments, make new plans and keep dreaming of Salvador

The perception of social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic begins to be felt more intensely. The new coronavirus is already being seen as a “watershed” that has been redefining some areas of our lives.

Most people believe that this is the most suitable control measure to fight the virus. Even so, social interaction – or rather, the lack of it – becomes increasingly difficult to bear. The longing for the family gathered at Easter, at Mother’s Day lunch, the feasts of St. John, the full house in birthday parties… the celebrations are now possible only on the phone screen.

To remember the meetings with our friends and family, we have made a list of songs created in great musical partnerships with Bahian artists. The intention is to warm up your body and heart so that you already have a playlist ready by the time the quarantine is over and you can finally meet with your friends. Share the list with them so you can listen all together, even apart. Let’s stay close, even far away!

Gilberto Gil and BaianaSystem

It made you want a show at Concha Acústica at Teatro Castro Alves or at the big events in Paralela, right? And also to get together with your friends for a warm-up in one of the bars of Rio Vermelho… Ah, how wonderful this musical city!

Luedji Luna and Zudizilla

This is for when you plan to go out to dance, to party hard in one of the hottest parties in Salvador. Punnanny Party, O Pente, Batekoo, or dropping into Gin, Bombar or Borracharia. You won’t even know where to start.

Fran Gil and Russo Passapusso

The ax is a symbol that is related to Xangô, a tool used by this orisha. It’s a two-bladed ax, called in yoruba “oxê”. In candomblés in Brazil, when Xangô goes dancing, he usually takes the “oxê”. Xangô is considered the orisha of justice. These two blades mean precisely the balance of not tending on one side or the other, to be impartial.

This and other knowledge you will find at the Pierre Verger Foundation. You need to call and make an appointment to visit Pierre Fatumbi Verger’s personal library and have access to precious information like this and much more.

The buzz of Pelourinho

This is the perfect time to let go and disconnect cell phones. Imagine yourself in one of the squares and Largos of Pelourinho. Before the shows, let your imagination walk the streets, have a cravinho or a gengibrinho at Santo Antônio Além do Carmo and only then choose your schedule, even if it’s just in your thoughts… for now!

Larissa Luz and Elza Soares

I.F.Á. Afrobeat and Okwei V. Odili

Illy and Duda Beat

Eternal Carnival

For old times’ sake and to keep dreaming of the next carnivals, nothing better than partnerships with the icons of this party in your playlist. Take the opportunity to put on your “wish-list after social isolation” a visit to Casa do Carnaval to learn about the history of the biggest popular party in the world.

Carlinhos Brown and Olodum

Saulo and Malê Debalê

Bloco Ilê Aiyê and Criolo

Dive in the sea

Ganhadeiras de Itapuã and Mariene de Castro

We’re missing getting together with our friends and going for a swim in the sea of ​​Itapuã, walking along the beach to the lighthouse and practicing SUP early in the morning on Rua K. In this dream, there is still an acarajé at Cira and “classic tourist” photos, embraced in the statues of Vinicius de Moraes and Dorival Caymmi.

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