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Velho Espanha, um bar metalinguístico: Localizado no Centro, falando do Centro. Fotos: Amanda Nascto /Assessoria.

I only go out with my crew!

List with 28 options for birthdays, social gatherings, happy hour and World Cup games!

Salvador is a city with many attractions, there is no doubt about that. But, at the end of the year, the city is even more crowded with people, events, important dates and there is no shortage of reasons to gather friends and the whole family to celebrate. In this itinerary, Visit Salvador da Bahia has separated places for you to gather your people for birthdays, get-togethers, happy hours and World Cup games. In addition to having fun, eating well and partying, there are tips on places to sunbathe at beach huts or even take a boat to the islands. Come check it out!

1. Casa Bohemia

Inaugurated in May 2022, Casa Bohemia is a great space to gather friends. The place is run by chef Tereza Paim, a renowned chef from Salvador. The gourmet menu features bar snacks, but more refined. The bar has three floors and five rooms with seating capacity for around 200 people. The decor captures the eyes of passers-by on the street, with its bright, modern design. Birthdays or large groups also have the option of renting a private space on site.

Casa Bohemia
Address: Rua Guedes Cabral, 103, Rio Vermelho – Salvador
Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, from 4 pm to midnight – Friday to Sunday, from 12 pm to 2 pm
Instagram: @casabohemiasalvador

2. Língua de Siri

How about getting your friends together to set up a large table facing the sunset at Gamboa Beach? The stop now is at Língua de Siri. The place has a balcony from where you can see the sea and you can also see the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia (MAM) from above. If Jam is going on at MAM, you can even listen to the songs. The place has a menu full of drinks, beers (very cold), snacks and, of course, delicious moquecas. You don’t even need to say which one is the most famous, right? The name of the place says it all.

Location: Língua de Siri
Address: Desembargador Castelo Branco Street, Largo Dois de Julho, 5 – Solar do Unhão, Salvador
Opening hours: every day, from 12 pm to 8 pm
Instagram: @linguadesiri

3. Bar do Léo

Located in Saúde, Bar do Léo is famous for serving draft wine, very creamy and extremely cold. Léo, owner of the establishment, was a member of the band Braga Boys, a success in the early 2000s with the song “Bomba!”. In addition to draft wine, another famous drink there is the caipilé: a caipirinha with a fruit popsicle inside the glass. The menu has other drinks and foods, in a super cozy environment, with super polite and charismatic attendants. It’s worth taking your people there!

Bar do Léo
Address: Góes Calmon Street, 63 – Saúde, Salvador – BA, 40045-170
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, at 3 pm; Saturdays and Sundays, at 12 pm
Instagram: @ bardoleo63

4. Café e Cana

Located in Santo Antônio, Café e Cana is in one of the mansions in the neighborhood. It’s a bar that offers cold beer, creative cocktails and tasty food. Ideal for those who like to gather friends in a relaxed atmosphere. There, two of the most popular dishes are “Baião de Dois” and “Mocotó”. There, you will also find a variety of drinks with cachaça, perfect for having at a table full of friends.

Café e Cana
Address: Carmo Street, 25, Santo Antônio Além do Carmo – Salvador
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, from 4 pm to 11 pm – Friday and Saturday, from 12 pm to midnight – Sunday, from 12 pm to 11 pm
Instagram: @cafeecana
Reservations: 71 99125-3958 – It is not mandatory to make a reservation, but if you are going to gather a group, it is good to guarantee the table and the seats before going

5. Bar das Preta

Bar das Preta, opened on June 5, 2022, is a cozy environment, where every detail was thought to bring back family memories of home, to generate identification and belonging. There, you can find beans, samba and even water in a clay filter served in an aluminum cup. The space was designed to be a place of cultural fervor, where blacks can have fun, order good food, cold beer, a drink to cheer up and listen to good music. The place has samba every week, including table samba, with black women. The majority audience is composed of black women, mainly from the LGBTQIAPN+ community. So, the bar is a great option to gather the sisters and enjoy it at a small table until the doors of the establishment close.

Bar das Preta
Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 3 pm to 11 pm – Friday and Saturday, from 10 am to 11 pm – Sunday, from 10 am to 8 pm
Address: Democrata Street, 16, Dois de Julho – Salvador
Instagram: @bardaspreta

6. Proa

Do you want to get the friends together on your birthday for a craft beer? Proa is the perfect match. The place is a brewery that promises to go against the tide of sameness. The products are creations designed to unite quality ingredients in beers that inspire. There are 15 taps with Proa line beers, some seasonal and others exclusive. It is also possible to taste guest beers available on the taps. There, there are also drinks and pizzas from Così Pizzeria Napoletana.

Proa Brewery
Address: Hortênsias Street, 288, Pituba – Salvador
Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday, from 5 pm to 11 pm – Thursday, from 5 pm to 1:30 am – Friday and Saturday, from 4 pm to 1:30 am – Sunday, from 4 pm to 10 pm
Instagram: @proasalvador
Phone: (71) 99226-6850

7. Preto

Preto is a street bar, with 12 years of existence, serving snacks, draft beer, drinks with fair prices and an extremely personalized service. The place has tables and chairs on the sidewalk and a cold draft beer. Are you celebrating your birthday? The bar offers a draft beer as a gift. To take more people and guarantee a large table, it is important to make a reservation, as the place is always full.

Preto Bar
Address: Guillard Muniz Street, 711, Pituba – Salvador
Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday, from 5:30 pm to midnight – Thursday, from 5:30 pm to 2 am – Friday, from 4 pm to 2 am – Sunday, from 4 pm to midnight
Instagram: @pretobar

8. Oxe Drinks

Oxe is a great choice for those who can’t do without a good drink. The drinks there are authorial, made by mixologists. The establishment also has a menu full of appetizers. It is a unique gastronomic experience for the palate. For those who enjoy a stronger drink, one of the options is the drink called “Ô Véi”, with Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey, Campari and acerola (R$ 28). There are several drinks with gin there, but the recommendation is the “Oitava Maravilha”, with pitaya, lemon and homemade strawberry foam (R$ 32). “Barril Dobrado” is for those who like to try something different and classic, as the drink is made with aged rum, pineapple, lemon and coconut foam (R$ 28.00). “Salvador Mule”, made with lemon and homemade ginger foam, is for friends who can’t give up vodka (R$30). The place has other options on the menu, such as the Heineken beer bucket (R$ 59.99).

Birthdays or large groups also have the option of renting a private space on site. Whoever is celebrating another year of life wins a drink + a round of shot for the table (minimum of 12 people).

Oxe Drinks
Address: Hortênsias Street, 600, Pituba – Salvador / Sete de Setembro Avenue, 3959, Barra – Salvador
Barra Unit: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, from 12 pm to 12:30 am – Friday and Saturday, from 12 pm to 1 am
Pituba Unit: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 5:30 pm to 12:30 am – Friday, from 5:30 pm to 1 am – Saturday, from 12 pm to 1 am – Sunday, from 12 pm to 12:30 am
Instagram: @oxe.drinks

09. Aleatórios Bar and Aleatórios Boteco

Located in Pituba, Aleatórios Bar brings together contemporary cuisine with a variety of dishes and snacks, as well as a variety of drinks and a relaxed happy hour. The place offers a nocturnal proposal for a music bar, with lights and a club atmosphere. To enter, a fee of R$ 30 is charged. Guests of birthdays of the week can pay R$ 20, the birthday person itself is entitled to two VIP tickets (for free). Customers also have the option of renting private rooms (capacity for 30/35 people) with security and an exclusive waiter. There is no rent. The minimum consumption to use this space is R$ 1200 + the entrance fee.

Aleatório Boteco, located in the same neighborhood, proposes to be a bar, with an experience focused on gastronomy, cold beer and exclusive drinks. The place has Happy Hour every day until 8 pm and the program also includes the transmission of soccer games. There, birthday people can choose to win two draft beers, a drink or a 600ml beer plus dessert. In addition, those completing another year of life also do not pay a cover charge on live music days.

Location: Aleatórios Bar
Address: Miguel Navarro Y Cañizares Street, 234, Pituba – Salvador
Opening hours: Friday, from 6 pm to 2 am – Saturday, from 3 pm to 7 pm and 9 pm to 2 am – Sunday, from 6 pm to 11 pm – Monday to Wednesday, from 6 pm to midnight – Thursday, from 6 pm to 1 am
Instagram: @_aleatoriosbar

10. Nank

Nank is a gastrobar located in Rio Vermelho, focused on drinks, which prices vary between R$20 and R$38, as well as snacks. There is also dinner, for those who prefer to have a meal. The decoration of the space is charming, with an internal and an external part. Outside, some tables and chairs are under a “roof” made of straw hats. The place also has a super instagrammable swing. It is a more tidy establishment, for a quieter outing with friends, with drinks, beer and very good food.
Nank Gastrobar
Address: Oswaldo Cruz Street, 122, Rio Vermelho – Salvador
Open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 12pm to midnight – Sunday, from 12pm to 6pm
Instagram: @nankgastrobar

11. El Pancho

Mexican restaurant, located in Rio Vermelho, has several typical foods and drinks, which vary between R$ 26 and R$ 40. The atmosphere is all typical decor and Mexican music. It’s worth it to enjoy with friends.

El Pancho
Address: Professora Almerinda Dultra Street, 03, Rio Vermelho – Salvador
Opening hours: every day from 5 pm to midnight
Instagram: @elpancho_salvador
Contact: (71) 98316-7841 (to guarantee your place, make your reservation!)

12. Espetinho do Guga

For those who enjoy a good bar, this is one of the most famous in Salvador and is right next to Barra Lighthouse. The place, although simpler, with tables outside and without much decoration, serves good snacks and cold beer. You don’t need to book a table, but if you plan to take a large group, it’s good to let them know in advance so they can reserve a space for you. The place has happy hour from Monday to Thursday and you can also order a double caipirinha on some Fridays. The most famous there, of course, is the skewer, but you can also order pastel, a portion of pititinga, broths, fries and much more. The bar is perfect for those who want to be in a great place, in a relaxed atmosphere, with cold beer, good food and spend little.

Espetinho do Guga (Guga’s skewer)
Address: Oceânica Avenue, 93 – Barra, Salvador
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 3am – Sunday from 10am to midnight
Instagram: @espetinhodogugaevoce

The classics

13. Velho Espanha

On the corner of General Labatut, opposite the Central Library of Barris, is the centenary Velho Espanha Bar e Cultura. “A hundred years old, with a body of thirty!”, says the description of the place on Facebook. The outdoor tables, the informal tone, the excellent music and the always cold beers at affordable prices make Velho Espanha a bar for everyone. The house is perfect for those who want to go out in a group. The place also has a gourmet touch from chef Ariadne Maceió in the preparation of traditional pub dishes and snacks. The dishes are baptized with references to the City Center.

Velho Espanha – Bar e Cultura
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, from 5 pm to 1 am – Friday to Sunday, from 12 pm to 2 am
Address: General Labatut Street, 38, Barris, Salvador
Reservations: 71 98749-6995 (not mandatory, but good to ensure your group can get in and be seated)
Instagram: @velhoespanha

14. Bar do Ulisses

For those who like Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, you should already know that Bar do Ulisses is a mandatory stop there. The place has become a tourist attraction in the Historic Center of Salvador. When you visit, you’ll find great service, tasty Bahian food and well-prepared caipirinha. The sunset from the balcony overlooking the All Saints Bay is spectacular and worth checking out.

Bar do Ulisses
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:30 am to 11 pm – Sundays and holidays, from 11:30 am to 5 pm
Address: Direita do Santo Antônio Street, 541, Largo do Santo Antônio Além do Carmo – Salvador
Instagram: @barulisses /

15. Bar Sol Brilhante (Bar das Putas)

If you’re young, a university student and live in Salvador, you’ve certainly heard of this bar. If you are visiting Salvador and want to get to know one of the city’s great points, go there. The place is one of those places where you can go after bathing in the sea in Porto da Barra, wearing shorts, flip-flops and with sand on your feet. It’s simple, but super charming. It is not known where the nickname of the place came from, but the beer is cheap and cold, so it is worth knowing it. The bar also has snacks and one of the most famous pastries in the city, both for the price (varies between R$5 and R$8) and for the taste.

Bar Sol Brilhante
Address: Sete de Setembro Ave, 3835 – Barra, Salvador
Opening hours: every day from 11 am to 2 am

16. Quintal Raso da Catarina

Located in Campo Grande, Quintal Raso da Catarina has a simple but cozy atmosphere, with vinyl decor scattered around the wall. The menu offers more regional food, such as sun-dried meat, farofa and lambreta. The beer there is cheap and cold. Perfect place to gather with friends and just go home merry.

Quintal Raso da Catarina
Address: Sete de Setembro Ave, 1370, Campo Grande
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 5 pm to 11 pm – Saturday, from 12 pm to 11 pm – Sunday, from 12 pm to 5 pm
Instagram: @barquintalrasooficial

Karaoke, Games and Bowling

17. Utau Karaoke

Are you one of those people who loves to sing and is always looking for karaoke at family barbecues? If so, this place is perfect for you to call your people and sing along. At Utau Karaoke, you can sing and drink without having to worry about the judgment of others. Based on the traditional Japanese Karaoke Box, the place gives the idea a Brazilian identity, with large and spacious rooms, in contrast to the compact rooms common in Japan.

Utau Karaoke also has the mission of bringing a piece of Japanese culture to Salvador, not only for the idea and decoration of the place, but also in the dissemination of the language and customs. The place has two rooms: Tokyo, with a decoration sprinkled with neon lights, and Okinawa, decorated with beach themes that refer to the famous beaches of the archipelago. The place has drinks and food.

Utau Karaoke
Address: João Gomes Street, 43, Rio Vermelho – Salvador
Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, from 4 pm to 11 pm – Friday to Sunday, from 2 pm to 2 am
Price: R$100 per hour for the Tokyo room and R$70 for the Okinawa room – both have capacity for 15 people
Important: reservation is not mandatory, but it is recommended
To find out the rental price for more than one hour and to schedule your visit, check the website:
Instagram: @utaukaraoke
Fun fact: “Utau” means “sing” in Japanese

18. São Jogue

For a game night, there’s no better choice: the destination is São Jogue. With the motto “Play Eating. Eat Playing”, the place is a mixture of a snack bar and a board game center, where you pay a fee, get a table and eat while playing with your friends. There are several games, from the best known to those recently launched on the market. The establishment is inside Shopping Bela Vista.

São Jogue
Address: Alameda Euvaldo Luz, 92 – Horto Bela Vista, Salvador
Monday to Thursday, from 12 pm to 10 pm (R$ 15) – Friday and Saturday, from 12 pm to 10 pm (R$ 20) – Sunday, from 1 pm to 9 pm (R$ 20)
Instagram: @saojogue

19. Bowling

For those who enjoy games with friends, bowling is a great option. Shopping Bela Vista has Bela Bowling. For group demands in holding festive events, the venue offers different packages, making it easier to adjust the size and needs of each situation. The establishment has packages for groups of 15 to 50 people. Shopping Paralela also has Boliche Paralela, which also holds events. Both locations have a drink and food menu.

Bela Bowling
Address: Alameda Euvaldo Luz, 92 – Horto Bela Vista, Salvador (Shopping Bela Vista)
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 3 pm to 10 pm – Saturday, from 11 am to 10 pm – Sunday and holidays, from 1 pm to 9 pm
Instagram: @belabowling
Contact: (71) 3432-1964

Boliche Paralela
Address: Parking – Luís Viana Filho Av, 8544 – G1 – Paralela, Salvador (inside Paralela Shopping Mall)
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, from 2 pm to 10 pm – Friday, from 2 pm to 10 pm – Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 9 pm
Instagram: @bolicheparalela
Contact: (71) 3021-0602

Sun and sea

20. Blue Praia Bar

For those who like to be close to the sea, it’s good to call friends to the Blue Praia Bar. With the exuberant view of Buracão Beach, a hidden corner in the Rio Vermelho neighborhood, the location is perfect for more intimate celebrations. The setting is beautiful, with tables on the porch and lounges by the sea. It has an entrance through the sand, but it is forbidden to enter in bathing suits. The place is super cute and charming, has great service, tasty food and is just a few steps from the sand. If your thing is to stay in the sand, there are also options for tables and large cushions.

Blue Praia Bar
Address: Barro Vermelho Street, 310 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm – Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 6 pm
Instagram: @bluepraiabar
Contact: (71) 99655-4703
Do you intend to take your friends? Call or get in touch via social media to schedule the time and guarantee a table

21. Barraca do Galego

Barraca do Galego is one of the most famous beach huts in Itapuã and is located in front of the beach, where guests can enjoy the sea breeze. The place has snacks, cold beer and drinks. It’s located on the sand, so gather your people to spend the day at the beach, get that great tan and take a dip in the sea.

Barraca do Galego
Address: Prosa Street – Itapuã
Opening hours: every day at 8 am
Instagram: @barraca_do_galego

22. Barraca do Lôro

Barraca do Lôro is a success in Salvador, not only among Bahians, but also among Brazilian and foreign tourists. For eight years, it was the winner of the award for Best Beach Hut in Salvador, granted by Veja Magazine and, twice in a row, it also received the Gula Award in this category. For those who love to spend the day relaxing with family or friends, Barraca do Lôro is located in Itapuã, Stella Maris and Praia do Forte. The beaches are known for their charming look. In addition to the typical foods of Bahia, the customer can enjoy drinks and beers. The space has a covered area, with tables and chairs, and an outdoor area, but with umbrellas.

Barraca do Lôro
Itapuã: Vinícius de Moraes Street, no number – open every day from 9am to 5pm
Stella Maris: Alameda Mar Del Plata, 06, Flamengo Beach – open every day from 9 am to 5 pm
Praia do Forte: Antônio Carlos Magalhães Ave, 279 – Praça da Alegria, Mata de São João (Mata de São João is a municipality in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador, located 60 kilometers from the capital of Bahia).
Instagram: @barracadoloro

23. Pipa Beach Club

Located on Flamengo Beach, the place has an outdoor space inside a coconut grove by the sea. It serves acarajé, fried fish, moqueca, snacks, coconut water, drinks and beer. Pipa Beach Hut is well ventilated, with a super beachy atmosphere. The space has decks, beanbags and tables, both indoors and on the sand, shaded by coconut tree leaves. The place is trendy! It holds concerts by renowned artists here in Bahia, with ticket sales.

Pipa Beach Club
Address: Alameda Cabo Frio, no number – Flamengo Beach, Salvador
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm / Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 8 pm
Instagram: @pipa_beach_club
Contact: 71 3378-1182 | 99908-6971

24. Ceremonial Loreto

If the intention is to have a big party, this is the destination: Loreto Ceremonial, located on Ilha dos Frades, in the All Saints Bay, 63 km from Salvador. The place has complete infrastructure to hold weddings, birthdays and corporate parties. Loreto Ceremonial has an event space with a covered area, VIP suites, industrial kitchen, gardens and a dance floor. The facility is located in an old farmhouse from the 16th century and has capacity for up to 800 people. That means you can fill the guest list with everybody you want! The place is perfect for a wedding. So, if you are in love, intend to get married and want to bring everyone together, this is the ideal space.

Loreto Ceremonial
Address: Ilha dos Frades, in the center of the All Saints Bay. Check the link on how to get there –
Operation: you decide!
How to rent the space and how much is it? Just get in touch via email / WhatsApp (71) 99982-1546 / or via Instagram @cerimonialloreto. That way, you can schedule your event. You can also access more information on the website

25. Moqueca de Ouro Oratório

The islands of the All Saints Bay hold many beauties, and those who want to enjoy with friends in a quieter and more isolated place in the city will certainly find options there. In Ilha de Maré, you will be amazed by the beauty of the Moqueca de Ouro Oratório restaurant. The space has a dammed seawater pool, which is filled or emptied by the system of floodgates. The menu features delicacies from the sea, such as fried soft crab, shrimp, lobster, fish, scallops, octopus and oysters. The menu also features beef, chicken and vegan options. The place is not an inn, and to get there, it is necessary to go to the maritime terminal of São Tomé de Paripe.

Moqueca de Ouro Oratório
Address: Bananeira Street, no number 171. Ilha de Maré (Botelho Beach)
How to get there: to get to Ilha de Maré, you need to go by car or bus to the São Tomé de Paripe Maritime Terminal, from where boats depart daily, every 20 minutes, to the beaches of Itamoabo, Botelho, Praia Grande and Santana. By boat/schooner/sailboat, departing from Salvador, it takes approximately 30 minutes.
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, from 10:30 am to 6 pm
Important: the place only works with previous reservations – make an appointment through the number (71) 99733-3398 or (71) 3602 7089

Large places with tables in the open air

26. Largo da Dinha and Largo da Mariquita

Largo de Santana is located on Rio Vermelho, known for being one of the main bohemian areas of Salvador. There, you can find everything: bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and, of course, one of the most famous acarajés in the capital, the “Acarajé da Dinha”, which made the name of the square known as Largo da Dinha. The place is certainly one of the trendiest places and perfect for those who want to get together with friends to drink a cold beer and taste some good snacks.
Very close to Largo da Dinha, you can have fun at Largo da Mariquita, which is home to another very famous acarajé in Salvador, “Acarajé da Cira”. There are also bars and restaurants there, including Vila Caramuru, known as “Mercado do Peixe”, which is an excellent place to gather friends and eat good food.

Largo de Santana (Largo da Dinha) and Largo da Mariquita
Location: Rio Vermelho, Salvador (after Paciência beach)
How to get there: if you come from Barra, you will pass by Paciência Beach and then you will find Largo da Dinha. If you keep walking, you will arrive at Mariquita. Those coming from the other side of the city will first go through Largo da Mariquita, which is right after Bompreço supermarket at Rio Vermelho, then arrive at Largo da Dinha.

27. Vila Jardim dos Namorados

On the edge of Pituba, with a beautiful view by the sea, you can find Vila Jardim dos Namorados. The place has six bars in kiosks. The menus have drinks, snacks and complete dishes. The space also features live music on weekends.

Address: Octávio Mangabeira Av, Pituba – Salvador (in front of Habib’s)
Opening hours: Monday, from 4 pm to midnight – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 5 pm to midnight – Friday, from 12 pm to midnight – Saturday and Sunday, from 11 am to midnight
Instagram: @vilajardimdosnamorados

28. Villa Bahiana

The restaurant, which is also a bar, offers typical dishes from the interior and coast of Bahia, as well as pizzas, drinks and live music. It is a traditional meeting point for those looking for a lot of entertainment and for lovers of high quality food, with prices that fit in the pocket, in addition to being a wonderful leisure option for the whole family and friends. If live music is playing, you can even ask for a happy birthday to the birthday person.

Villa Bahiana
Address: Villa Bahiana – Professor Souza Brito Street, 1 – Itapuã
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 3 pm to 3 am – Saturday, from 11 am to 5 am – Sunday and public holidays, from 11 am to 3 am
Instagram: @villabahiana