Discover the city by cycling: Rio Vermelho to Porto da Barra

Largo do Farol da Barra, S/N - Barra, Salvador - BA, 40140-650
2 horas - 4 horas
Novo Normal. Passeio de bicicleta na orla nova de Ondina. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tércio Campelo.
Orla de Ondina. Requalificação da Prefeitura de Salvador Bahia. Foto Divulgação.
Novo Normal. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tércio Campelo.
Orla de Ondina. Salvador Bahia. Foto Abel Baião.

More than a guide to the cycle lanes and cycle tracks in Salvador, we give you tips on what to do on the way

Salvador’s cycling network has increased. In the last few years, it has gone from 38 km to 310 km*. Spaces for cyclists are spread throughout the Bahian capital, good for getting your body moving and for those who want to enjoy the incredible landscapes of the city while cycling.

With that in mind, Visit Salvador da Bahia has prepared a list of good routes that combine sport and tourism, as well as tips on what to do along the way. For residents or for those who want to plan a trip to Salvador, this guide to cycle lanes and cycle tracks will help you.

From Rio Vermelho to Porto da Barra

For those who want a light ride, with beautiful horizons and full of things to do, the perfect route will definitely be from Rio Vermelho to Porto da Barra. Soteropolitans love these two neighborhoods: Rio Vermelho, in addition to being a super bohemian neighborhood, full of bars, is the place where the February 2 celebrations take place. There, you will find Iemanjá’s House, the most famous acarajés in the city, beautiful beaches and Jorge Amado and Zélia Gattai’s House. Barra has one of the most enchanting views of this land, passing through Morro do Cristo, Barra Lighthouse, Santa Maria and São Diogo Forts, in addition, of course, to the most delicious sea bathing in Salcity: Porto da Barra.

Start with a good breakfast

Our suggestion is to start at Rio Vermelho. Go early and have breakfast there. Some of the great options are Mercearia & Padoca, from Pasta em Casa; Casa Castanho; Manga Restaurant, and the Mafê Café. All are excellent. But remember to call ahead and see if reservations are required.

At Mercearia & Padoca, a great option is the trays composed of a fruit salad, a scrambled egg with grilled bread, a hot coffee-based drink and a juice. There is also lassi, which is flavored yogurt, orange blossom water and cardamom.

Casa Castanho specializes in serving breakfast, brunch, care and affection. They serve delicious options on the menu, perfect for starting the day in a good way. Be sure to try the warm and crispy cheese bread waffle. It’s delicious.

This is how it is at the Manga restaurant: a full table with varied breakfast for you to come back again and again until you can taste everything you found appetizing on the menu. You’ll enjoy homemade breads, sandwiches, excellent charcuterie, pastries, free-range eggs and much more.

Close to Paciência Beach is Mafê Café, where a good day starts with a good coffee. Our tips are the beetroot hummus on ciabatta toast, mixed leaves and caponata, or, for those who love a sweet treat, the vanilla cake with white brigadeiro filled with red fruit jelly.

It’s time to cycle!

…and getting to know the city

Novo Normal. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tércio Campelo.

From Rio Vermelho to Ondina, going from Largo da Mariquita to Praça das Gordinhas, the cyclist travels 2.20 km, being part of a cycle lane and another of a cycle track. Along the way are: Iemanjá’s House; right next to the house is the Sculpture Odoyá, by the artist Ray Viana; and soon after, the Scepter of Ancestrality (Opo Baba N’Laawa), by Mestre Didi. Going forward, you’ll find Paciência Beach, Sereia Beach, the beginning of Ondina’s seafront, until reaching Praça das Gordinhas (Chubby Ladies Square). There is the Monument “As Meninas do Brasil”, also known as “As Gordinhas”. Enjoy and take a photo with the three bronze sculptures by the plastic artist Eliana Kértsz.

Along Avenida Oceânica, from Praça das Gordinhas to Largo Camarão, there is another stretch of cycle lane, and then it continues with 1.20 km of cycle track to Barra Center. When we explain like this, it seems more complicated than it is, but the truth is that the road is very signposted and has an organic direction. It is sought after both by those who want a relaxed walk, and by those who want to put on a heavier load and leave sweaty like an athlete.

Sunset and sea bath

Porto da Barra. Foto: Amanda Oliveira

From Rio Vermelho to Porto da Barra there are approximately 6 km. At this point on the tour, which goes from Morro do Cristo to Porto, some of the most famous beach strips in the city begin. The sunset from there is also very special.

If you are one of those people who like to relax, Salvador’s natural pools are an excellent suggestion. Some of them are exactly on this route. After this tour, a dip in the calm waters of Porto da Barra, or in a natural pool, awaits you. Learn more at this link.

And check this cool tip. The TurisBike company, which in addition to providing equipment for rent, offers tours with tourist guides, has the “Bike Tour” service, where one of the tours is called “Salvador Beaches”. This is a longer ride, with a 23 km route and duration of 4 hours. The path goes in the opposite direction of the one proposed here. It starts at the Barra Lighthouse, passes through the beaches of Ondina, Paciência and Rio Vermelho. Afterwards, it goes to Amaralina, passing by the beaches of Pituba and ending in Jardim de Alah.

And do you think it’s over?

Espaço Pierre Verger. Foto: Fábio Marconi.

After the bike ride and the sea bath, there’s still a cultural tour waiting for you. In the harbor of Porto da Barra, there are the “Espaço Pierre Verger da Fotografia Baiana” (Pierre Verger Space of Bahian Photograph) at Santa Maria Fort, and the “Espaço Carybé de Artes” (Carybé Space of Arts) at São Diogo Fort.

At Espaço Pierre Verger, it is possible to travel throughout the state of Bahia and to every corner of Salvador through breathtaking photographs, where great professionals show Bahia through different perspectives, highlighting the cultural diversity of this wonderful land. The Espaço Carybé das Artes is a technological center of reference for the life and work of the artist Hector Julio Páride Bernabó, known as Carybé, demonstrating, through digital media and virtual reality resources, the artistic greatness of this man and his importance, within the most diverse techniques and languages ​​used.

In Praia da Barra, is the Barra Lighthouse, which is part of the Santo Antônio da Barra Fort. It houses the Nautical Museum of Bahia. The historical collection is made up of objects from different periods, some of them submerged for up to 300 years, and that help to understand the relationship between man and the sea and between Bahia and the Lighthouse. According to the website of the Brazilian Navy, it was built in 1536, being the first fortification in the country.


Casa Castanho
Opening hours: every day from 8 am to 1 pm.
Address: R. Alexandre de Gusmão, 57 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador – BA, 41950-160
Phone number: (71) 98139-3353 or 71 98104-7803

Pasta em Casa
Instagram: @pastaemcasa
Rua Professora Almerinda Dutra 67, Rio Vermelho
Breakfast at Padoca: Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 am to 11:30 am.
Phone number: (71) 3334-7232

Manga Restaurant
Address: Rua Professora Almerinda Dultra, 40, Rio Vermelho – Salvador.
Reference: in front of Nossa Senhora de Santana Church.
Breakfast takes place on Sundays from 8:30 am to noon.

Mafê Café
Travessa Bartholomeu de Gusmão, 104 – B1 Store – Rio Vermelho, Salvador – BA, 41950-310
Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 am to 3 pm. Sunday, from 8 am to 1 pm

Pierre Verger Space – Museum of Bahian Photography
Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday, from 11 am to 7 pm.
Ticket: entrance: R$ 20 / R$ 10 (half).
Location: Santa Maria Fort, Porto da Barra, Salvador.
Important: admission is also valid for a visit to the Carybé Arts Space (Forte de São Diogo).
Half price for students and people over 60 years old. Public school students’ entrance is free for previously scheduled visits. Every Wednesday, visits are free for everyone.
More information at this link.

Carybé Space of Arts
Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday, from 11 am to 7 pm.
Admission: entry: R$ 20 / R$ 10 (half)
Location: São Diogo Fort, Porto da Barra, Salvador.
Important: admission is also valid for visiting the Pierre Verger Space of Bahian Photography (Santa Maria Fort).
Half price for students and people over 60 years old. Public school students’ entrance is free for previously scheduled visits. Every Wednesday, visits are free for everyone.
More information at this link.

Bahia Nautical Museum
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 6 pm (every day in January and July).
Tickets for the Nautical Museum:
Tourist: R$ 15
Students, teachers and seniors: R$ 7.50
School groups: R$ 6.50 per student
Residents: R$ 5
Free of charge: children under 7 years old and people with physical disabilities.

TurisBike Bahia Company

There are three different routes: panoramic, historic and beaches. The company offers electric bicycles. Rent your bike at this link.

Bicycles all over the place

Find out more details on how to rent bikes and about guidelines to reinforce the safety of cyclists at these links.

Salvador Vai de Bike Movement in this link.

Shared bike stations at this link.

Meet groups of cyclists around the city at this link.

*Data according to Transalvador