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Discover several options to enjoy Salvador safely while the pandemic lasts

After more than four months in social isolation to prevent the proliferation of the new coronavirus, bars, restaurants, gyms, beauty salons and museums re-started activities in Salvador, on August 10th.

Activities are returning little by little, and just being able to have fun outside our houses makes all the difference. We bet you miss walking the streets of Salvador, feeling the sun burning your skin, the salt air hitting your faces and those casual encounters.

The feeling of walking around is big, but always remember that covid-19 has not disappeared and the vaccine is not yet a reality. So, stay firm and continue adapting to this new normal, which includes basic care such as wearing masks, using 70º alcohol and keeping a safe distance from other people.

It is already possible to visit leisure spaces and enjoy the city again. Thinking about it, we made this list of outdoor tours, without agglomeration. Thus, you can enjoy the partial resumption of activities in the capital of Bahia, with safety and a lot of creativity.

Overboard: for few and good

The beaches are still closed for safety, so we suggest a boat trip through the All Saints Bay. There are many qualified companies. The tours can happen in small and luxurious boats, which, in addition to being safe, is very romantic.

If you share an apartment with friends, or if your family doesn’t want to go to the street yet, but can’t stand being at home anymore, take everyone to the sea. Spend the day sailing, listening to good music or just to the sound of the sea. End the day watching the sunset and return home refreshed.

And you know what? In the period between the months of July and November, the humpbacks whales reproduce, and they exchange the cold waters of Antarctica for the warm temperatures of the Bahian coast. There are tours that make it possible to observe humpback whales in Salvador, the Itapuã neighborhood being one of the great points.

For when you get hungry

Remember that many of the restaurants on the nautical stops and islands may still be closed. Call before starting the tour to schedule your meal.

By the way, access “Salvador Pede em Casa”. There you have the best options to experience the gastronomy of Salvador, and you can order before leaving home.

Important: prefer to schedule at least 72 hours in advance.

Skipper Catamaran
Instagram: @skippercatamaran
Phone #: (71) 99929-6018

Bahia Passeios
Boats, Yachts, Schooners and Catamarans rentals.
Phone #: (71) 99900-7741 / (71) 3179-1718

Charter Náutico
Phone #: (71) 99146-5870
The sailboat is private, it was designed for Charter. It has modern equipment and comfortable facilities. Rent a manned sailboat with a captain present. So, you’ll only care about enjoying the view and the sailing.

The city has great bike paths

Another tour option is by bicycle. The seafront is beautiful, you will like it. Rent a bike and have fun. From Porto da Barra to Rio Vermelho you can take beautiful photos. Stop at Farol da Barra, Morro do Cristo and Ondina. At that last stop, go to the Monument “As Meninas do Brasil”, also known as “As Gordinhas”, and take a photo with the three bronze sculptures of the artist Eliana Kértsz. Then, head to Rio Vermelho, stop at the lookout and at Casa de Iemanjá and, if there is no queue, how about an acarajé in Cira, Dinha or Regina ?!

If you like long distances, the good thing is to go from Amaralina to Itapuã. Both districts have large sections already revitalized, which will make your tour even better.

You can make a stop at Largo das Baianas, which has accommodation for ten baianas de acarajé, as well as space for capoeira circles. In honor of the baianas de acarajé, a sculpture that symbolizes the profession has been installed. The statue, made by artist Bel Borba, measures four meters in height and weighs 16 tons.

After this strategic stop in Amaralina, if you want to continue to Itapuã, it is more than 17 kilometers away. Do you think this is too much? Well, but aren’t you the one who wants a sun tanning your skin, a sea wind hitting your face? So, play hard and throw the laziness away!

Other bike paths that are worth a visit are those in the Lower City. Starting at Comércio, take a stroll through Praça Cairu, from Mercado Modelo, which is beautiful after the renovation. Take advantage of the tour and stroll through Praça da Inglaterra until Praça Marechal Deodoro, popularly known as “Praça do Ouro” or “Praça das Mãozinhas”. There is a cycle path on Avenida Jequitaia, following Travessa do Cais do Ouro, until Rua Torquato Bahia, with good paving, accessibility, parking, bus stops, urban furniture and landscaping. It is worth a stop for a coconut water and a photo in front of the “Monumento das Nações”, better known as “Monumento das Mãozinhas”, responsible for the popular name of this square.

In Ribeira, our suggestion is to start the tour in the Church of Bonfim, tie a ribbon on the church’s grids and continue along the shore, looking at the sea. You will pass by the Penha Church and you can end the tour by having an ice cream at Sorveteria da Ribeira or at the Ice Cream Museum, at Solar Amado Bahia.

Movimento Salvador Vai de Bike on this link.
Shared bike stations
Meet groups of cyclists around the city at this link.
Rent your bike at this link.

Outside cinema

Another option is to go to the cinema. The city has a very cool drive in, with a large LED screen and stages set up in the parking lot of the Salvador Convention Center, in Boca do Rio. The public can have fun in a safe way, from inside their cars.

In addition to film sessions, the program is broad with concerts, plays, stand up comedy, lectures, among other events. One of the main safe entertainment spaces for the Bahian public, Big Drive In Salvador occupies a parking area at the Salvador Convention Center with capacity for up to 450 cars, with a maximum of four people in each, without agglomeration and respecting all norms of social distance.


Drive In Salvador

Get out of the routine: spend a weekend in a hotel

How about giving yourself “a princess day” as a gift? Spend a few days in a hotel, change the air and the view from the window. Salvador has a list of luxury and charming hotels. Enjoy the decor, the room service, the breakfast of the gods, the fine arts collection, the breathtaking view and then return to the routine with more inspiration.


Here you find the best options of hotels in the city organized by neighborhood. It couldn’t be any easier!

Onde ficar

A private universe

Have you ever thought about scuba diving and snorkeling in Salvador? Well, put it on your list now. The sea here is a private universe. Here is one of the best places to dive in Brazil, with stunning fauna and flora, pleasant water temperature and calm sea even on cloudy days, in addition to having a high visibility, since we are in a city that is sunny for most of the year.

The best diving spots in Salvador are in the Port of Salvador, near Forte São Marcelo; in the surroundings of Ilha dos Frades; close to Farol da Barra; in addition to dives only for professionals on the high seas.
During the dive in the waters of the Bahian capital, it is possible to observe coral reefs, sponges and there’s some agglomeration, but only of great marine diversity, such as sea horses, clown shrimp, lobsters, squid, trumpet fish, box fish, among others.

Call ahead to book, ask about safety protocols, and have a good dive!

Mergulhar é preciso!


Galeão Sacramento
Address: Av. Sete de Setembro, 3835, Loja 08, Porto da Barra Shopping Center, Barra, Salvador-BA
Phone #: (71) 3264-2064

Address: Av. Octávio Mangabeira, 1601, Loja 4, Pituba, CEP 41.830-050 – Salvador-BA
Phone #: (71) 3248-2250

Bahia Scuba
Address: Avenida Lafaiete Coutinho (Av. Contorno), 1010, Bahia Marina – store 5 – Commerce. Salvador BA. CEP: 40.015-160
Telefax: (71) 3321.0156 | 3322.0044

Shark Dive Salvador Dive Center
Address: Avenida da França, no number, Nautical Terminal of Salvador Comércio Salvador BA BR 40010-000, Av. Da França – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40010-000
Phone #: (71) 3241-7690

By Fernanda Slama
Portal content coordinator

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