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12 unmissable experiences to live from Stella Maris to Flamengo beach

Considered one of the cleanest beaches in Salvador, Stella Maris is flanked by condominiums, several vacation homes and hotels. Close by is Flamengo beach, and they are so close to each other that people even confuse the addresses. These two beaches form a perfect edge for outdoor activities, with crystal clear sea, beautiful coconut groves and places that provide comfort for the whole family.

Visit Salvador da Bahia has prepared a list of 12 unmissable things to do from Stella Maris to Flamengo beach, for you to enjoy it in the best way. Learning a new sport or taking a yoga class? Eat Bahian food or vegan? Have a drink or wine? Beach with waves or natural pools? Discover the new waterfront by bike or take a walk along the sidewalk? Let’s go for this ride, and we’ll help you choose.

01 – Reconnect

When you arrive in this part of town, it feels like you’re not even in Salvador. A holiday and summer atmosphere takes over the tour, largely due to the proximity to the exuberant nature of the region. Our first tip is a perfect place to equalize energies.

Casa 9 – Therapies & Yoga is an integrative space, with yoga classes, therapies, ayurveda and much more. The proposal of each meeting is to open pathways for balance, connection with your essence and with the environment, to build healthier lives. The house is located in Stella Maris and has indoor rooms, a balcony and an outdoor area with a beautiful lawn, all covered with trees and foliage, where many of the activities take place.

02 – Enjoy the new waterfront

Orla de Stella Maris. Salvador Bahia. Foto Betto Jr. Secom

Outdoor life is part of everyday life for those who live in Stella. Now, one of the most beautiful stretches of waterfront is becoming more modern, accessible and can now be enjoyed by visitors and tourists. Stella Maris’ new waterfront is 1.2km long, between Rua Carlos Ott and the beginning of the Praias do Flamengo subdivision. An excellent idea is to start the day there. Take the opportunity for a bike ride along the bike path or a walk along the sidewalk.

If you are in a group of friends, it is good to go to the soccer field or the sand volleyball court. The new waterfront also has space for a picnic, and if you are with the kids, there is a playground and a children’s skate rink. Oh! And don’t forget to hydrate! Drink coconut water at Barraca do Edu, or at one of the stalls along the waterfront.

03 – Beautiful beaches and natural pools

Quiosque Aquarius Stella Maris. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

In front of the kiosk area of ​​the new waterfront, there is a large formation of natural pools during low tide. Stella Maris and Flamengo are in one of the most environmentally preserved locations on the coast of Salvador, with a large cover of restinga vegetation. As it is a coast full of rocks, the influence of the tides is quite visible: sometimes the rocks are covered by the sea, sometimes completely apparent. After having fun on the bike path or sidewalk, keep an eye on the tide. If it’s low, the suggestion is to enjoy the natural pools that are formed in the region.

The beaches are extensive, with a wide strip of sand, and are a good option for those who want to escape the central turmoil of Salvador. With a paradisiacal look, the place is surrounded by coconut trees and native vegetation. The open sea has strong waves, making this beach, especially Stella Maris, a point for those who practice surfing and bodyboarding in the city. It is there, by the way, that some tournaments of the sport take place.

04 – Take the opportunity and learn how to surf!

One of the best ways to experience tourism is to learn new things in different places. You are exactly in the surf point of Salvador, so enjoy and learn how to surf! For those who want to improve their technique or take surfing lessons, or even do activities such as Yoga, functional fitness training and others, your destination for the day is the H23 – Beach Academy Complex. The place is perfect for those looking for sports in the sand, at sea and in themed rooms, with various activities that provide health and well-being for their students. Located on the seafront of the charming Flamengo beach, the complex is open to all audiences, regardless of age, gender and technical level in the sport.

05 – Drinks, food, and good music by the sea

Stella Maris has a good energy that expands in every corner of the waterfront, and SAL Bar de Praia has exactly that vibe. Inspired by the beach bars in Tulum (Mexico), the place has two kiosks surrounded by a deck. The mood is feet in the sand. SAL is a meeting place. It has a fixed stage that receives a quality musical program. The house also serves as a meeting point for beach sports practitioners such as footvolley, surfing and beach tennis.

And if you feel hungry, there are many options on the menu, designed not only to awaken flavors and sensations, but for all types of palates. Our suggestion is the Peruvian-style vegan ceviche, made with cashew, green apple and sago hydrated in coconut milk.

06 – Physical activity and fun

This tip is for those looking for a physical activity and wanting to have fun with friends at the same time. The sands of the beaches in the capital of Bahia are an invitation to practice outdoor exercises, such as footvolley, and the beaches of Stella Maris and Flamengo have excellent schools. The first footvolley school in Bahia, “Vitinho Team” initiates people into the sport and also works with intermediate and advanced students. “Muca Team” serves a diverse audience, between older and younger people. The school offers varied values ​​for people interested in playing footvolley. Learn more about this sport at this link.

07 – Root gastronomy

Are you hungry? Do you feel like eating sundried meat, crab, fried fish, lambreta au gratin? So don’t think too much, run to DonaEva restaurant. If the menu was already a good start, the ambiance is equally interesting, with tables spread out in a backyard with plants, umbrellas, everything very relaxed and simple, just the way we like it.

08 – Relax at a Beach Club

Lôro Flamengo. Praia do Flamengo. Foto: Fábio Marconi.

If you are looking for comfort with your feet in the sand, we have another list here that suits you best. Exuberant nature, delicious food and drinks and cozy atmospheres in the most popular destinations in the city. If this is your perfect combo to spend the day, then choose one of the great seaside clubs in Stella and Flamengo beach.

These large houses overlooking the sea, in addition to allowing an invigorating sea bath, have a restaurant, showers, lounge and some clubs even have massage therapy, children’s space, wi-fi and events area. Pipa Beach Club is on Flamengo beach and Lôro is on both Flamengo and Stella Maris.

09 – Vegan and vegetarian foods

For those who want delicious and healthy food, with food based on fresh and seasonal ingredients, our suggestion is the restaurant Cuca Alimentos Saudáveis. The menu is vegan and vegetarian, with dishes such as the vegan “baião de dois” made with brown rice, green beans, “biquinho” peppers and tofu, or the roasted Japanese pumpkin with sweet paprika.

For those looking for a little program at night, take your wine, your glass, your crush, and enjoy the special atmosphere of the garden, eating a pizza from Cuca.

10 – After the beach

You know that classic “after the beach”? Beach Stop has been a mandatory stop on Stella Maris beach for 16 years. One of the most renowned restaurants in the region, it is well known for having the best shrimp pastel.

11 – For wine lovers

For those who love wine and prefer a cozy atmosphere for a happy hour or dinner, but still want to keep that light Stella Maris vibe, Proseccheria is what you’re looking for. The house has a wine tasting machine. Just purchase your card, enter the desired amount, choose the wine, the size of the glass and be happy! It also has an all-you-can-drink wine service with 5 labels between white, red, rosé and sparkling wine. In addition, Proseccheria has excellent cuisine and a good musical program.

12 – Music, gastronomy, fashion and art

Street fairs are a great way to meet new local talents. The “Coreto Hype” has valued creative brands for years, occupying spaces with music, art, gastronomy and diversity. The event has already taken place in different parts of the city, but its most frequent occurrence is in front of the Gran Hotel Stella Maris.

The fair also has activities such as a mandala workshop, sustainable art education, macramé workshop, vegetable garden workshop in a functional garden, among others. Keep an eye on social media for the next date.


Casa 9 – Therapies & Yoga
Instagram: @casa9bahia
Address: Rua Gilberto Freyre, 9 – Stella Maris, Salvador – BA, 41600-590
Opening hours: schedule a trial class: (71) 9.8195-1380

Footvolley – Vitinho Team
Address: Praia do Flamengo, Porto da Barra and Costa Verde Tennis Club, in Piatã.
Opening hours: Praia do Flamengo (Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:00 am to 7:30 am), Porto da Barra (Monday and Wednesday, from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm) and Costa Verde Tênis Clube (Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm and from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm).
Phone: (71) 99358-4705
Instagram: @vitinhoteam

Footvolley – Muca Team
Address: Stella Maris, via C, Orlando Gomes Street.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday in Stella Maris and Monday to Friday in Vilas do Atlântico
Phone: (71) 992359112
Instagram: @mucateam

H23 – Beach Academy Complex
Instagram: @complexoh23.beach
Flamengo Beach, next to Barraca do Lôro.
Rua Desembargador Manoel de Andrade Teixeira, QD35 LT02 – Praia do Flamengo, Salvador – BA, 41603-135
Schedule your trial class: (71) 99950-2179

SAL Bar de Praia
Instagram: @salbardepraia
Address: Av. Beira Mar, 349-133 – Stella Maris, Salvador
Opening hours: daily from 10 am to 6 pm

Dona Eva Bar and restaurant
Instagram: @barerestaurantedonaeva
Address: Rua Gilberto Freyre, Qd. E, Lt. 4 – Praia do Flamengo, Salvador – BA, 41600-590
Opening hours: in person service and also with delivery and pickup service, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 pm to 17 pm

Lôro Stella Maris
Alameda Mar Del Plata, 06 – Stella Maris, Salvador – BA, 41603-200
Opening hours: every day from 9 am to 5 pm
Phone: (71) 2137-5002

Lôro Flamengo
Instagram: @barracadoloro
Location: Rua Desembargador Manoel de Andrade Teixeira, nº 266, Praia do Flamengo, Salvador-BA, CEP 41.603-135.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm.
More information and requests: by WhatsApp (71) 99661-2019, or (71) 3015-0140

Pipa Beach Club
Instagram: @pipa_beach_club
Address: Praia do Flamengo, Salvador. Both are on the last block of Praia de Aleluia, in Flamengo, immediately before starting the seaside of Ipitanga.
Opening hours: every day from 8 am to 6 pm
Phone: (71) 3378-1182

Cuca Healthy Foods
Instagram: @cucaalimentos 
Address: Alameda Praia de Atalaia, 28 – Stella Maris, Salvador – BA, 41600-020
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 12 pm to 3 pm. Friday, from 7 pm to 10 pm.
Phone: (71)99963-0550

Beach Stop
Instagram: @beachstopoficial
Address: R. José Augusto Tourinho Dantas, 214 – Stella Maris, Salvador – BA, 41603-110
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, from 11 am to 10 pm. Friday and Saturday, from 11 am to 11 pm. There is live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Instagram: @aproseccheria
Address: Alameda Dilson Jatahy Fonseca, 1358 – store 01 – Stella Maris, Salvador – BA, 42711-830
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Sunday, from 2 pm to 8 pm.

Coreto Hype
Instagram: @coretohype

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