Stories of Salvador neighborhoods: Saúde

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Bars, churches and historic mansions

Next to Pelourinho, neighborhood has charm and good cuisine

Mural assinado pelo artista plástico baiano Bel Borba. Restaurante Di Janela. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

The name of the neighborhood is a tribute to Our Lady. Neighboring Pelourinho, the Saúde district has charm and good cuisine as its allies for a good visit. The historic townhouses make up the neighborhood scene, which is part of the Saúde site, listed by the National Institute of Artistic and Historical Heritage (Iphan) and considered a strict preservation zone.

A good way to get to know the place is by taking a good walk, starting with the Church of Nossa Senhora da Glória e Saúde, which is one of the oldest in Bahia. From there, you can enjoy an authentic bar dish with a stupidly cold beer – a classic that the neighborhood bars are proud to boast.

On the way, you will certainly find typical figures of Bahia streets: the sellers of popsicles and taboca. A great option for you to taste while observing the historic and colorful mansions in the neighborhood. From the bars, churches and historic mansions: get to know the neighborhood of Saúde and schedule a visit.

Faith Tradition


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Located at Praça Severino Vieira, Largo da Saúde, in the city of Salvador, in a place formerly known as Alvo, the Mother Church of Nossa Senhora da Saúde e Glória is one of the most important points in the neighborhood, which has even grown up in its surroundings.

The Church of Saúde e Glória began to be built on February 2, 1723 in the lands of Lieutenant Colonel Manoel Ramos Parente. A year later, the church was ready.

It has baroque, rococo and, in its interior, neoclassical elements. The church’s construction was finally completed between the years 1769-1770. On the ceiling, there is one of the first illusionist paintings of Bahia, made by the artist Domingos da Costa Filgueiras.

Walk through history


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Walking through the neighborhood of Saúde is – literally – taking a walk through the history of Salvador’s last 250 years. The neighborhood preserves historical marks from the colonial period. On many streets in the neighborhood, the paving stones of that time are still maintained (which means, choose sneakers or wide heels for walking there) and also the big houses that persist in large numbers in the neighborhood.

The walk through the neighborhood of Saúde has a countryside atmosphere. In the late afternoon, you will certainly find residents with their rocking chairs at the houses doors. The colorful mansions – most of the 18th century – are also a great place to take that beautiful photo to post on social networks.

Great bars

Restaurante Di Janela. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

The neighborhood of Saúde rhymes with good bars that are pretty much installed in old and super-decorated mansions around Largo da Saúde. There are establishments of all concepts. In the most classic bars, you can enjoy the regional flavors of Bahia: caruru, vatapá, feijoada, maniçoba in addition to the classic oxtail with pirão. There are also bars with live sound and serving snacks to accompany with drinks or beer. In these, you can enjoy flavors like smoked meat dumplings, “arrumadinho” and “escondidinho” made of sun dried meat.

There are also “gourmet” bars, which serve classic food, but with touches of innovation. One of the most famous in the neighborhood is Di Janela Boteco Gourmet, which has tasty dishes with regional spices and a more sophisticated touch. On the bar, there is a mural by the artist Bel Borba.

Di Janela Boteco Gourmet

At Di Janela, you feel exactly that countryside aura. Most of the tables are spread on the street and the chat runs wild. Nearby, Largo da Saúde is a meeting point for several samba dancers in the city. The samba circle of Bloco Pagode Total, outside the pandemic of the new coronavirus, happens every Sunday. The groups Catadinho do Samba, Samba Negro Lindo, Samba Mocidade, among others, have already been there. Learn more about samba in Bahia at this link.

The Samba from Bahia

n°1 - Nossa dica é a Chapa de Frutos do Mar. Restaurante Di Janela. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

R. da Glória, 09 - Saúde, Salvador - BA, 40045-140

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