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We have one of the five beaches in Brazil that have received this international symbol of preservation!

What was already a beautiful ride in the Bay of All Saints, now became a must see! Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe beach on Ilha dos Frades (Friars Island) was approved by an international jury to receive the Blue Flag. The program, created in France in 1980 and considered the most important of the category worldwide, is attributed to beaches and marinas that fulfill a set of 34 socio-environmental quality requirements.

Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, Ilha dos Frades. Photo: Fábio Marconi

In order to receive the Blue Flag, Baía Viva Foundation, in partnership with the Municipality of Salvador and the support of the local community, has done a work of adaptation in four main areas: environmental education, environmental management, water quality, safety and services.

The Blue Flag Program is an initiative of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which is supported by several international institutions. In Brazil, it is operated by Instituto Ambientes em Rede (Network Environments Institute), headquartered in Florianópolis-SC.

Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, among the five Blue Flag beaches of Brazil. Photo: Fábio Marconi

Improvements were made in accessibility, there were bathrooms upgrading, beach stands adaptation, the implementation of environmental education signs, among other measures, always involving the community. The place is in an APCP (Area of Cultural and Landscape Protection), inserted in the Bay of All Saints.

At the top of the mountain, a viewpoint and the church of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, built by the Portuguese in Ponta de Nossa Senhora in the 17th century. Photo: Fábio Marconi

At Ilha dos Frades, known places like Loreto, Paramana, Costa de Fora and Ponta de Nossa Senhora have undergone transformations that can stimulate other initiatives to strengthen the tourist vocation of the place. The objective of the Blue Flag Program is to raise awareness among citizens and decision-makers of the need to protect the marine and coastal environment and encourage actions to resolve existing conflicts.

The sand stretch of Ponta de Nossa Senhora is all organized with colorful umbrellas. Photo: Fábio Marconi

Getting the Blue Flag is a great responsibility, which means behavior change and responsible management. Displaying the flag is just the beginning of this change process!

It’s important to know that visitors pay R$ 10.00 to enter the island, and the pier (the beach’s maritime terminal) is open from 9am to 4pm, but you can land directly on the beach at any other time too, in points that don’t have protection buoys for bathers.

Five beaches, four marinas and one sustainable tourism vessel were awarded.

Check the list!

Praia do Tombo, Guarujá-SP;
Prainha, Rio de Janeiro-RJ;
Praia Grande, Governador Celso Ramos-SC;
Lagoa do Peri, Florianópolis-SC;
Praia da Ponta de Nossa Senhora, Salvador-BA.

Marinas Costabella, Angra dos Reis-RJ;
Marinas Nacionais, Guarujá-SP;
Yacht Club of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis-SC;
Marina Kauai, Ubatuba-SP.

Operators of Sustainable Tourism Vessels:
Água Viva Mergulho, Florianópolis-SC.

Do you want to know how to get there and see many other amazing photos? Then take a look at the itinerary we’ve prepared. Everything is in this link.

How to get there

Adval Viagens e Turismo
Phone #: (71) 3328-0332 / 3329 4834 / (71) 98802 1375
Adval Viagens e Turismo is a local receptive agency with proven professional competence in the national tourist market as well as the international receptive. It offers tours to Ilha dos Frades and Itaparica and throughout Salvador, showing its history and its natural beauties.

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