5 tips on how to have fun in quarantine

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Concerts, cinema, theater, classical music performances. Give your fun a new meaning!

With closed cultural spaces, shows and festivals cancellations, prohibition of agglomerations and the intensification of social isolation, a movement of online presentations has been emerging as an alternative.

As in many parts of the world, Salvador was no different, and the cultural agenda has been adapting. We have gathered here tips on where to watch concerts, movies, plays, classical music presentations, all from the comfort of your home.

A great idea is to arrange with friends to meet in an online room for everyone to watch together some (or several) of the options that we will present here. The word now is: to reframe.

A musical agenda to enjoy at home


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The El Cabong website has always been a reference for musical information in Salvador city. The subjects are very extensive with national character and the cultural agenda is 100% local. The journalist and cultural producer Luciano Matos is known for his great list of parties and shows, organizing them for those who don’t want to miss anything in Salvador’s cultural program.

And do you think he stopped making the agenda during this period of social isolation? Of course not! See the schedule of concerts, lives, festivals and music events that take place on the internet, of the most diverse styles, all for you to have fun at home.

Find out the complete program with El Cabong’s curatorship at this link.

Cine da Janela (Window movies)

While the cinemas are closed and the agglomerations are prohibited, this collaborative network is transforming the windows themselves into cinema screens for the residents of Salvador. The “cine.janela” project makes film projections on the facades of buildings in the Dois de Julho region, in Salvador, during the quarantine.
The program, which always takes place at 7 pm, has already featured animated short films, such as Hair Love, Oscar winner in the category; “Dia Estrelado”; “Guida” and “Vida Maria”.

Jamile Coelho and Cíntia Maria head the project, in addition to Cultural manager Chicco Assis. The group is also available to help those who have projects and want to make projections on other buildings in the city. See how it works at this link.

To know the schedule click on this link.

Macaco Gordo Sessions

Macaco Sessions is linked to YouTube, promoting audiovisual records of intimate shows, where the public-artist relationship gains new impetus. The repertoires are specially chosen to generate a panoramic view of the careers of the artists in question. Daniela Mercury, Saulo, Durval Lelys, Harmonia do Samba, Psirico, Igor Kannário, Leo Santana, Jau, Márcio Mello, Black Alien, É Tchan!, Tatau, Diamba, Denny, Claudia Leitte, Péricles and Olodum have already recorded.

Macaco Gordo, a media production and transmission company, broke the internet when it showed the film “Axé – Canto do povo de um lugar”, in late March, already during the quarantine. For those who had seen it, it was good to see it again. For those who didn’t see it, it was a great chance to watch. Directed by Chico Kertész, the film makes a beautiful portrait of this music scene that emerged in Bahia in 1985 and turns 35 years old, always renovating and presenting great artists to Brazil and the world. Keep an eye on their networks, the programming is pretty cool.

Check out Macaco’s YouTube channel at this link.

Osba presents lives on the web

Due to the Coronavirus, the Orquestra Sinfônica da Bahia has been conducting the “#Osbaflix – Especial Quarentena”, a schedule of presentations and solo concertos on internet, always at 7pm.

Each solo presentation has approximately 30 minutes, where the musicians perform a concert making comments, talking about the pieces, historical periods and their composers. To know the schedule and watch the broadcast, you just need to have an Instagram account and access the @orquestrasinfonicadabahia profile.

Brazil Virtual Dramaturgy Room

The Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia, in partnership with the Melanina Digital platform (www.melaninadigital.com.br), presents the “Sala de Dramaturgia Virtual Brasil”, inspired by an initiative by the German playwright Anne Rave. Through this action, an unprecedented text for theater will be produced, born live, before the eyes of those interested, from the collective writing of five black Brazilian playwrights: Aldri Anunciação (BA), who is also responsible for the curatorship of the project, alongside the guests Diego Araúja (BA), Jhonny Salaberg (SP), Maria Shu (BA/SP) and Mônica Santana (BA).

In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, what themes, what poetics and aesthetics will mark this work? Anyone can follow this reflection and creation in real time. The digital file is available at this link, making it possible to watch the writing of the play as it occurs.

By Fernanda Slama
Portal content coordinator

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