11 restaurants in Salvador that are among the 100 best in Brazil

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Exame Casual Magazine announced, in May 2022, the result of its first election of the 100 best restaurants in Brazil. In the complete list chosen by the jury, there are addresses from ten Brazilian states, in addition to the Federal District, and Salvador has 11 restaurants in this important ranking.

The selection criteria

As the Exame Casual article explains, lists always generate controversy. For this reason, consultation with a jury made up of 60 renowned critics and influencers in the gastronomic environment was adopted as a criterion. Each expert pointed out ten favorite restaurants, in no order of importance.

According to the magazine, awards were given to houses that managed to survive two challenging years of the pandemic; that bet on the use of ingredients of good origin and on the creativity of the kitchen; and, above all, that manage to offer a unique experience to an increasingly demanding clientele.

The list includes addresses such as “Casa do Porco”, by chef Jefferson Rueda, in São Paulo, in 1st place, with the most points. Followed by “Oteque”, owner of two Michelin stars, in 2nd place. In 3rd, was “Maní”, by chef Helena Rizzo, a MasterChef judge. In an excellent 4th place, tied with “Mocotó”, by chef Rodrigo Oliveira, in São Paulo, is the Bahian restaurant “Origem”, by chefs Fabrício Lemos and Lisiane Arouca, in Caminho das Árvores.

Discover the restaurants of the Bahian capital

1 – Origem

The restaurant run by chef Fabrício Lemos and pastry chef Lisiane Arouca only works with a tasting menu, created monthly by the chefs, based on respect for seasonality, freshness and the explosion of flavors of genuinely local ingredients, combined with contemporary techniques.

There are 14 stages, and you still have the option to pair your dinner with wine. Some of the dishes are Black Angus, with carrot mousseline, manioc leaves, zucchini, okra and even fried kale and demi. Or crispy Kirimurê Oyster, with red wine bearnaise. Another fabulous dish is Capeletti with duck, octopus, cured magret and bourbon sauce. The experience culminates with two desserts.

2- Manga

Transforming the meal into a sensory experience, raising curiosity, introducing new flavors to those who like to eat well, in short, surprising. These are the main goals of Manga Restaurant, run by the couple Dante and Kafe Bassi. Manga excels in valuing quality, organic foods and in-house processes, such as the art of charcuterie with salami and other sausages. The restaurant produces breads and ice cream, as well as its own dry-aged meats.

The chefs’ innovations are available in three options: à la carte and two tasting menus – seven-step and twelve-step. You will love the cured scallop, with tangerine, hedgehog emulsion and okra seed. Another delicate and nuanced dish is made with smoked mackerel, tomato variations, parmesan gel, celery and herbs from the garden. It is part of the two tasting menu formats and is also available à la carte. In addition, the restaurant has excellent drinks and even offers breakfast on Sundays.

Rua Professora Almerinda Dultra, 40, Rio Vermelho, Salvador

3 – Dona Mariquita

Colorful and flavorful dishes and impeccable decor inspired by Candomblé terreiros. It’s amazing how that little blue house, on a quiet street in the Rio Vermelho neighborhood, manages to represent so many “Bahias”. There, you will find some of the heritage cuisine of the state of Bahia, a very rich cuisine that goes far beyond palm oil and carries not only African but also country heritage.

Unmissable suggestions are: jackfruit palm hearts; efó (taioba leaf stir-fry); the milk pudding with Áridã bean, well known in Candomblé; and coconut rice with shrimp and jerky sauce.

Rua do Meio, 178, Rio Vermelho, Salvador


4 – Amado

A breathtaking view of the All Saints Bay, elegant decor and a menu filled with their own creations, but without ignoring local ingredients, such as lambretas and seafood in white wine. One of the house classics is the crispy shrimp in angel hair with green apple risotto. A combination of flavors in the right measure is the Steak tartar with tapioca soufflé and cheese mousse. Another excellent option is the pressed cupim beef with egg on top, with cassava mousseline and caramelized onions in balsamic vinegar.

Avenida Lafayete Coutinho, 660, Comércio, Salvador

5 – Ori

Ori, which means “head” in Yoruba, is also the name of Fabrício Lemos and Lisiane Arouca’s second restaurant in Salvador. Opened in December 2018, the most casual chefs’ house, located in Horto Florestal, values ​​​​the rescue of simple ingredients prepared in a careful way.

The duo managed to give the second project its own identity, always with a strong reference to Bahian cuisine. It is possible to choose from the à la carte menu, delicacies such as the already famous “abarajé”, a snack of “complete feijoada” or a corn gnocchi with gizzard and okra ragu whenever you want.

Avenida Santa Luzia, 656, Horto Florestal, Salvador

6 – Carvão

Fire cooking is known for two trademarks: succulent meat and the flavor of ember! Carvão Restaurant specializes in this subject. Led by Ricardo Silva, the restaurant has the concept of cooking on fire: from the starter to the drinks, everything goes over the grill, including dessert.

The filet mignon malassado is one of the main course options on our executive menu. Also try the braised and pressed cupim beef and the octopus fritter with spicy sausage. For dessert, the house classic: smoked pudding.

Rua Professor Sabino Silva, 5, Chame-Chame, Salvador

7 – Chez Bernard

The oldest French restaurant in the city, founded in 1963, has undergone many changes, changed owners a few times, but has not lost its essence, with an emphasis on its classic French dishes and contemporary touch. To top it off, glazed walls give the hall a privileged view of the All Saints Bay, a breathtaking landscape.

Among the options on the menu are the classic steaks with a choice of bèarnaise, or bordelaise, or poivre sauces; the seafood linguine; and the Moroccan lamb couscous. Mushroom risotto is an option for vegetarians. The irresistible dessert is the stuffed French éclairs.

Rua Gamboa de Cima, 11, Dois de Julho, Salvador

8 – La Taperia

In an old mansion, facing the sea in Bahia, is one of the first taperias (Spanish snacks) in Salvador, the restaurant La Taperia, and its flagships are tapas and paella. The chef, the Spanish Jose Morchon, and the Soteropolitan Juli Holler, owners of the restaurant, excel in the use of fresh ingredients, excellent service, the look of the dishes and the music. They take care of small treats with delicacy such as placemats and personalized napkins, which makes everything very cozy.

From the kitchen, come perfect dishes to share among everyone, such as the traditional “pulpo a la gallega”, “patatas bravas”, “gambas al ajillo” and “croquetas”. For meat lovers, the tip is the rump tail in strips, over fresh mushrooms and cocoa nibs; the black squid rice with alioli is also spectacular. Finally, for dessert, a cheese mousse with red fruit compote or the dark chocolate mousse.

Rua da Paciência, 251, Rio Vermelho, Salvador

9 – Pasta em Casa

Companions in business and in personal life, Valeska Calazans and Celso Vieira make Pasta em Casa an extension of their home and live surrounded by friends, bringing the best of the city’s Italian cuisine to the table. If you choose to go for lunch, our suggestion is to start with fresh Bruschetta on house bread before the main course. Follow with the unbeatable pasta island, where you can repeat three varieties with or without meat. The favorite pasta is the green buffalo mozzarella ravioli with fresh tomato sauce.

Rua Professora Almerinda Dultra, 67, Rio Vermelho, Salvador

10 – Casa de Tereza

Awarded and recognized inside and outside Brazil, chef Tereza Paim is one of the Bahian chefs seen outside Bahia as the professional who managed to update and promote local cuisine. She has innovated, but with absolute respect for origins.

In her restaurant in Rio Vermelho, an interesting aspect is the decor. Wherever you look, you find art. From tables painted by plastic artists friends to a decoration artifacts store, this is a restaurant that sharpens the senses and has practically become a tourist spot for visitors who really want to get to know the city. And to experience the flavors and knowledge of Bahia, the suggestion is the moqueca “Sinfonia do mar” (price and availability subject to consultation) – made from lobster or octopus, shrimp, fish, crab, coconut rice and farofa.

Rua Odilon Santos, 45, Rio Vermelho, Salvador

11 – Fasano Salvador

Also open to passers-by, the gastronomic experience at Fasano Restaurant brings the legacy of Italian origin culture that bears the signature of restaurateur Rogério Fasano. The menu is similar to that of the São Paulo square, with a variety of antipasti, pasta, meat, risotto and fish. Here, this menu also has local Bahian dishes.

The place has an elegant central bar and the big difference is the wine cellar. A spiral metal staircase, original to the construction, connects to a space that functions to host private events, with capacity for six people. The wine list features a wide variety of labels. In addition to the tasting menu, with four artisanal pastas and the main desserts of the house, it is possible to choose the option dedicated to meats, with five stages. One of the suggestions is the fettuccine al ragu bolognese.

Castro Alves Square, 5, Historic Center, Salvador

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