The 5 most popular restaurants to eat meat in the city

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Restaurante La Pulperia - pátio externo. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Restaurante La Pulperia. Brotas. Salvador Bahia. Foto: divulgação.
Barbacoa. Bife de Tira. Foto: Henrique Peron / Assessoria.
Barbacoa. Foto: Assessoria.
Boucherie. Bife de Chorizo. Foto: Mr. White
Boucherie. Ambiente. Foto: Mr White.
Prime Rib com pasta de berinjela vinagrete de feijão verde e ovo. Foto: KATO Assessoria
Na foto, drink Piña Smash com Bourbom Jim Beam, purê de abacaxi na brasa, xarope de mel, xarope de chá preto, suco de limão taiti e Angostura Bitter
Foto: Raul Spinassé / Assessoria
Restaurante Juarez. Foto: Thiago Sampaio.
Restaurante Juarez. Foto: Thiago Sampaio.

The best of Meat!

Since a few years ago, a wave of good meat restaurants have invaded Salvador. Good for the inveterate carnivores, who now have many options not only in the type of cuisine, but also in the diversity of environments. There are noble cuts, traditional, fire cuisine, meat boutique, Argentine parrillas, cuts from several countries. This guide will introduce you to the five most talked about restaurants today.

La Pulperia

Rustic, surrounded by trees, ventilated, with spaced sun rays invading the tables. This is the mood you will find in this steakhouse. The meats arrive weekly from Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa right to the customers’ tables. Start with the Argentinian empanadas made of spicy meat and onion with vegetables. Move on to the pork, chicken and lamb sausages, along with a craft beer. Then, try the delights that leave the grill like the rump heart, picanha and ox rib, and o ojo de bife de chorizo. It comes with two side dishes: it can be tapioca flour with bacon or fried polenta. Learn more at this link.

La Pulperia. From Tuesday to Saturday, from noon to 11:00 pm. Sunday from noon to 5:00 pm. Novo Horizonte Street, 39 – Acupe de Brotas, Salvador – BA, 40290-735. Phone: (71) 3015.7379. Indoor Parking: R$ 4,00


More than 15 cuts including Prime Rib, Strip Roast, Strip Steak (picanha cut), Chorizo Steak, Skirt Steak, Lamb Chop and Boar Loin. Barbacoa restaurant has this name in reference to a wooden grill, typical of the Arawak Indigenous, natives of South America, called “barbacoa”, word that originated the English term barbecue. In the service, with the value of the meat cut, you can have a side dish, such as the manioc puree or the farofa of the house, and also a generous and always fresh salad buffet. Another great highlight is the Kids Space, which runs Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, during lunch. Good to go with the whole family!

Barbacoa. From Monday to Thursday, from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to midnight. Friday and Saturday, without intermission, from 11:30 am to 1:00 am; Sunday until 5:00 pm. Tancredo Neves, 909 – Caminho das Árvores, Salvador – BA, 41820-021. Telephone: 3342-4666 (580 seats)

Boucherie – Restaurant and meat boutique

Boucherie is a restaurant specialized in noble meat cuts. The proposal is to offer an exclusive gastronomic experience: attached to a boutique of special meats, the restaurant grills in the Argentine parrilla the same cuts sold in the store. Among the options, there is the chorizo steak, the prime rib and the wagyu tomahawk. The price includes five side dishes, like spinach cream, steamed vegetables, egg with banana farofa and biro-biro rice. The wine list has 126 labels.

Boucherie Restaurant and Meat Boutique. From Sunday to Monday, from noon to 4:00 pm. From Tuesday to Saturday, in two schedules: from noon to 4:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Shopping Paseo. Rubens Guelli Street, 135 – Itaigara, Salvador – BA, 41815-135. Phone: (71) 3271-7653. Instagram: @boucheriepaseo


The fire kitchen is known for two trademarks: juicy meat and the taste of ember! Carvão Restaurant is specialized in ‘fire cooking’. From the starter to the drinks, everything passes through the ember! Oh, and of course, the dessert too. Some of the highlights are: for starter, canned smoked maxixe (west Indian gherkin), which matches well with beef and pork. For main course, the angus prime rib, which has 500 grams of rib with two side dishes of your choice. The delicacy of the details, the cozy atmosphere and the impeccable service, as well as the cuisine, make of Carvão an excellent choice. Learn more at this link.

Carvão Restaurant. From Tuesday to Thursday, from noon to 11:00 pm. Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight. Sundays, from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.
Prof. Sabino Silva Street, 5 – Chame-Chame, Salvador – BA, 40157-250
Phone: (71) 99632-8682. Social networks: @carvaorestaurante. Parking Valet R$ 10,00.

Filé do Juarez

Classic of the classics, known for being ‘The Best Steak of Bahia’, Since 1955 in activity, Filé do Juarez is a gastronomic patrimony for the carnivores in the palm oil land. The current owner, Felisberto, says that the restaurant started when his father came from Bahia’s countryside with a cook named Juarez, and since then the peculiar way of preparation has become a secret that is part of the place’s mythical. Black on the outside and red on the inside, the steak holds legends about the preparation and Felisberto doesn’t tell the secret. If you’re in doubt, go get involved in this mystery of Salvador.

Juarez Restaurant. From Monday to Saturday, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Tv. Frederico Pontes, 1 – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40015-110. Phone: 9922-3378. Important: credit or debit card are not accepted.

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Rincon Bueno

Specialized in noble cuts, the restaurant Rincon Bueno Parrilla and Bar, still in Soft Opening, is causing a buzz. Meats made in the famous Parrilla – used and created by Uruguayans and Argentines to prepare meats and which gives its name to the place – are the flagship of the house. In this system, unlike the traditional barbecues used in Brazil, only the incandescent embers are used to roast the steaks, fish, chicken and pork. The result obtained by the use of the grill is a softer and smoother meat with a taste of grilled. It is also worth knowing the authentic Argentine empanadas made of soft, spicy meat and onion with cheese! All in a very large airy environment. The bar also holds good surprises of drinks, wines and different beers.

Rincon Bueno Parrilla. From Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday from noon to 10:00 pm. Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight. Hortênsias Street, 600 – Pituba, Salvador – BA, 41810-010. Phone: (71) 3016-2016. Networks: @rincon_bueno /