Salvador by group ÀTTOOXXÁ

Salvador - Bahia
6 horas - 9hs
ÀTTOOXXA. Credito: Rafael Ramos / Divulgação

We asked some people who love Salvador what would be a must do in the city during this summer and party time!!!

Among the guests there are producers, cultural agitators, digital influencers and artists. They’ll get you by the hand and take you for a ride that totally fits them.

In this one, the ones who take you to a perfect day in Salvador are the guys from ÀTTOOXXÁ!

For some people, a new group, a revelation…. But for most, ÀTTOOXXÁ is a reality that makes one hit after another. With expressions that people just can’t stop saying like “Pega a visão” (Get a grip), “Bota o capacete” (Put on the helmet) and “Mete dança” (Dance away), the group’s shows are full of beautiful people, a crowd that doesn’t stop dancing. Called “pagode of the future”, it will invade your party and your head with such a mix of different rhythms that it is difficult to stand still. Maybe you’ve heard about these guys through the song “Elas Gostam,” in partnership with Psirico, sure to be one of the best hits this year. But go on google and take a look at all their work, which, besides all, has a very interesting artistic bias! Woohoo!!!

“First of all, whoever goes to Carnival needs to eat well and drink plenty of water. Sometimes the person leaves home early and returns very late, so it’s good to take care of yourself so that you can enjoy every day of the party!…”

Bahia Museum of Photography seen from the clear waters of Porto of Barra. Photo: Fábio Marconi

“…At first, we suggest you swim in the sea at Porto da Barra and then have lunch at Rango Vegan, in Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, at Pelourinho. Besides being a healthy and delicious food, there is an incredible view, and you can take the opportunity to visit Carmo. If you can, stay there to see the sunset of Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, which is one of the most beautiful in Salvador. For those who enjoy a good moqueca, we suggest Flor do Engenho, at Engenho Velho de Brotas…”

Beach of stones at Solar do Unhão seen from MAM’s wall. One of the spectacular views of this amazing city! Photo: Helen Mozão

“…Anyone who doesn’t want to stay from lunch to sunset at Carmo should run to MAM which, besides the great exhibitions, has the most classic view of the Bay of All Saints in Salvador. It’s a great place to go with kids too!…”

One of the beautiful women warriors of Malê Debalê, at Itapuã party, in 2017. Photo: Fábio Marconi

“…An unforgettable experience is to go to some Afro group’s concert. We suggest the most classic, Ilê Aiyê, in Curuzu, and also a visit to Malê Debalê headquarters, in Itapuã…”

“…We have some partners whose clothing products are worth knowing: Afreeka store and Meninos Rei. Both from Salvador!”

#salvadormeucarnaval: what do you suggest for people to hear from the current Salvador music scene?

ÀTTOOXXÁ: besides ÀTTOOXXÁ, of cooourse, we suggest Viola de Marujo, on Friday at Carnival and, if they have the opportunity, go see the band OQUADRO!!!!

Bahia Pagode group (of the future)

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