Five Streets Closed for Leisure

4 horas - 6 horas
Parque da Cidade. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Parque da Cidade. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Foto: Uiler Costa
Farol da Barra visto de cima. Foto: Uiler Costa
Dique do Tororó. Foto Uiler Costa.

Closed for vehicles flow and free for pedestrians and cyclists FUN.

Nothing better than take a break from the week hurry and take the children to play in parks, beaches, squares and, why not, also in the streets. Salvador has five great streets that are closed for leisure every Sunday and holidays, perfect for biking, rollerblading, skateboarding or hiking. Go to the street and mix up.

1 – Dique do Tororó (Tororó Dyke)

Hours: Sundays and holidays, from 8am to 1pm.
Course: from Fonte Nova to the end of the Dyke

Wooded walks, race tracks, decks, rowing lanes, pedal boats, restaurants, amphitheater, playground and the beautiful sculptures that represent the Orixás of Candomblé, signed by the plastic artist Tati Moreno, floating in the water.

2 – Greenville, Patamares.

Hours: Sundays and holidays, 8am to 4pm.
Course: Ibirapitanga Av. (stretch between Jandiroba Street and Acapu Street), Acapu Street (stretch between Salgueiro Street and Ibirapitanga Av.).

The driveway of residences all around turns into the villagers’ backyard extension. Going towards Professor Pinto de Aguiar Avenue, many people take the opportunity to go to the beach by bicycle.

3 – Professor Magalhães Neto Avenue

Hours: Sundays and holidays, from 6am to 5pm.
Course: all extension, both ways. Only one traffic strip is free in Tancredo Neves Av direction.

As it is a very extensive and wide avenue, whole families take the place. It is also common for running and cycling groups to exercise there. Now, with Jardim dos Namorados all renovated, the tip is to go a little further on this leisure day by taking this way to Vila Jardim dos Namorados and have lunch there, now with great restaurant options and everything new and organized.

4 – Barra Lighthouse

Hours: Friday from 6pm until Monday midnight.
Course: from Barra Lighthouse to Barra Center

One of the city’s most visited tourist attractions and route of the most popular artists’ trios elétricos at Salvador’s carnival, Barra Lighthouse is also an excellent option for leisure. The waterfront has an extensive bike path and there is an excellent space in front of the lighthouse for rollerblading. On the beach, the sand strip is filled with bathers. The Christ has now a zipline with a 110 meters route and 15 meters height. This area is also great for surfing.

5 – Narandiba

Hours: Sundays and holidays, 8am to 4pm.
Course: Edgar Santos Av., Paralela direction, left side, in the stretch between Leno Cabeleireiro Store and Store.

Its main routes are Edgar Santos Avenue and Silveira Martins Street, which connect the sub-district and Cabula district with Paralela Avenue. During the week, the road is very busy with cars, so when it’s closed for leisure, the locals and especially the children enjoy it a lot.

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