Find 9 refuges for rainy days in Salvador

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Galeria RV, no Rio Vermelho. Foto: Assessoria

Do not let the rain ruin your ride

Always have a plan B to do cool things around town even on rainy days

Salvador’s climate is tropical, characterized by high temperatures, high humidity and always warm waters, which makes the city a travel destination year-round. The amount of rainfall is lower during the summer, with the rainiest months between April and July. If you are in the city at this time, do not worry because the rains here are strong, but at any moment the clouds may dissipate and it suddenly opens a blue sky.

Get used to seeing rainbows in the sky because the “joke” is more or less like this: it rains. The wind comes and takes the cloud. The sun shines, and the rainbow comes. The wind brings the cloud. It rains. The wind comes and takes the cloud. The sun shines, and comes the rainbow …. and it can be that way all day long! This route has nine refuges throughout the city to shelter you in the rain, filling your day with fun and culture.

We’ve prepared a perfect playlist for this experience. Listen now!

Enjoy the day to relax

The Hotel Fasano Salvador was recently inaugurated and is born from the harmonization between the sophisticated style of the Group and the relaxed atmosphere of Salvador. And check how cool, the Spa is an attraction not only to the guests – passers-by can also enjoy the services of the SPA with appointment time.
Services are like rituals that revitalize the body and the mind to guarantee total well-being. With three massage rooms, wet sauna, the space is signed by the massage therapist and holistic therapist Fabrícia Nogueira, who has elaborated an exclusive menu of treatments for the Bahian experience. More information about the Hotel in this link.


Fasano Salvador
Historical Center, Salvador – BA.
Phone: (71) 2201-6300
SPA Fasano Salvador- Meet by appointment.
Fasano Restaurant- For guests and visitors, by appointment or not. Fasano serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
No Day Use.

Fun for the kids

The kids cannot stand a minute in the hotel, right? So think of a place with interconnected trampolines, climbing walls, foam pool, basket ball and to be complete, a super ninja way, between jumps, leaps and challenges! The Big Jump – Trampoline Park is a guarantee of fun and a recreational alternative for children. Go check there! More information at this link.

Big Jump Trampoline Park
Operation: from Monday to Thursday, from 3pm to 9pm. Friday, from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Saturday from 10am to 11pm and Sunday from 10am to 9pm.
Address: Avenida Orlando Gomes, No. 1296, Loja 1, Piatã, Salvador
Phone for reservations: (71) 3368-1842.It is advisable to make the reservation in advance.

Carnival all year round

Enjoy knowing the whole history of the biggest street party in the world, the Carnival! The “Carnival House” is a museum created to tell the story of the Bahian revelry. The space has four floors, an invitation to a visual and sensory trip, with several thematic cuts of the party, recalling social transformations and the formation of the Bahian identity.
There are mockups, clothes and instruments lent by party artists, photos and historical documents and two cinemas where visitors will be able to learn characterized party rhythms with the help of monitors. Several video projections are also part of the collection and more. In addition, the terrace has an inspiring view of the Bahia de Todos os Santos (Bay of All Saints), where small acoustic shows are performed. You can spend hours inside. Unmissable.

Carnival House
Address: Praça Ramos de Queirós, s / n – Pelourinho, Salvador – BA, 40026-055
In the Historical Center, next to the Catedral Basílica de São Salvador (Cathedral Basilica of San Salvador), between the Terreiro de Jesus and the Praça da Sé.
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 7pm.
Tickets: R $ 30 (whole), R $ 15 (half).

Art to avoid the rain

The RV Gallery is a “Cultural Oasis” in the Red River. Comics and Contemporary Art in the most bohemian neighborhood of the City. The gallery promotes mainly Bahian artists, a series of workshops, autograph sessions and events associated with graphic narratives. It also has a respectable bookstore, specializing in comics, from Americans to Japanese, from the latest to the oldest and rarest, and an own publishing label. When the rain stops go and have a beer in the Largo de Santana that is glued to the gallery.

RV Gallery
Date: Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm; and Saturdays, from 10am to 4pm. Closed on Sundays
Location: Av. Cardeal da Silva, 158, Rio Vermelho, Salvador.
Contact: (71) 33474929.

Theater, exhibition or cinema … or how about the three of them ?!

This space is a “cultural hecatomb” with the Gregório de Mattos Theater, the Barroquinha Cultural Space and the Cine Glauber (Espaço Itaú de Cinema), all glued together. Theater, dance, musicals, exhibitions, visual arts, literature, shows, workshops and shows are the attractions of Gregório de Mattos Theater and Barroquinha Cultural Space. At Cine Glauber great films are exhibited, as well as shows from up-and-coming festivals. All this in one of the great postcards of the city – Castro Alves Square in the Historic Center.

Entrance to the Castro Alves Square, next to the Glauber Rocha Cinema, near the Barroquinha Church.
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 2 pm to 9 pm.
Phone: (71) 3202-7888

I’m in Barra Beach and it’s a rainy day, what do I do?

Museu Náutico de Salvador. Foto: Amanda Oliveira

Enter now at Barra Lighthouse! Inside there is the fabulous Nautical Museum, a small store and the charming Wine & Bar Café. The Nautical Museum of Bahia has a historical collection made up of objects from different eras, some of them submerged for up to 300 years and that help to understand the relationship of man with the sea and of Bahia with the Lighthouse. There is also a small shop with products from Salvador.

Upstairs is the Café & Wine Bar, a bistro to gather family and friends. In the menu there are foods such as quiches, saltenhas, pies and also the cafes with cakes and brigadeiro suggestions, a wine list to harmonize with the salad bar that can be assembled by the clients. When the rain gives a break, at the top of the Lighthouse you have the 360º view of Salvador and from the patio the visitor has a 180 ° view of the whole Bahia de Todos os Santos (Bay of All Saints).

Nautical Museum
Address: Address: Forte de Santo Antônio da Barra – Largo do Farol da Barra, s / n – Barra, Salvador – BA, 40140-650
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 6pm (every day in January and July).
Tickets to the Nautical Museum:
Tourist: R $ 15,00 (whole)
Students, teachers and the elderly: R $ 7.50.
School groups: R $ 6.50 per student.
Residents: R $ 5,00
Gratuity: less than 7 years old and disabled.
Lighthouse Café & Wine Bar
Hours of Operation: Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9am to 6pm. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, until 11pm.

Good programming even from underwater

CAIXA Cultural Salvador develops a wide calendar of events that include exhibitions of various sizes, musical and theatrical performances, book launches, workshops, lectures and an important educational program focused on the different social classes. In addition, the visitor can see the excavations of the archaeological site and all the decorative details of this beautiful 18th century building.

Information: (71) 3421-4200
Box office: (71) 3421-4200
Visitation: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Box office: from 9am on the first day of the show

Make it sunny or rainy

The Palacete das Artes (Palace of the Arts) is perhaps one of the most “complete” places of this itinerary, and can be for outings with young people, adults and children. It has exhibitions, shop, ceramics courses, ample spaces and a very nice restaurant. The Solar Café is a guarantee of pleasant surroundings, light and delicious food where the flagship of the house is the crepe.
The Palacete has two floors, in the Contemporary Mario Cravo Jr. Room, there are temporary exhibitions of important artists in the plastic art scene of Bahia, Brazil and other countries. In the gardens, besides centennial trees and diverse species of native flora, there are sculptures of the French artist Auguste Rodin and the Bahian Mário Cravo Junior. The place is sheer charm!

Palace of the Arts
Address: Rua da Graça, 289 – Graça, Salvador-BA, 40150-055
Visitation: Tuesday to Friday, from 13h to 19h. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 2 pm to 6 pm.
Tel: (71) 3117-6987
Solar Café Palacete das Artes
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Phone: (71) 3328-3444

To soften the cloudy days

Presenting ice creams with traditional and exclusive flavors, homemade biscuits and lots of comfort, Mondo Gelato Artesanal is an excellent choice when you want to sweeten your mouth but that “cats and dogs raining” has just dropped. There in Largo de Santana, in Rio Vermelho, you will have 24 flavors to taste while the rain does not pass.
The Mondo Gelato has children’s space and also offers copies of books for reading at each table. The cafes and teas are also featured, with good side dishes such as pies and cakes. The Rio Vermelho store still has a very handy Soul Dila brand kiosk, with several products that are registered trademarks in the Soteropolitan way of life. Is it enough or do you want more?


Address in Rio Vermelho: Vila Persa – Rua João Gomes (João Gomes Street), 7 – Largo de Santana, Rio Vermelho, Salvador – BA, 41950-650.
Hours of Operation: Monday from 2pm to 9pm. From Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday, from 12am to 9pm. Friday and Saturday from 12 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Telephone: 3019-9367 (60 seats).

Fasano Salvador. Piscina Foto Xico Diniz /Assessoria


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