Enjoy the July vacation with your family in Salvador

2 horas - 4 horas
Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Morro do Cristo. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tércio Campelo.
Cidade da Música da Bahia. Comércio Salvador Bahia. Foto Betto Jr. Secom.
Di Liana
Foto: Reprodução
Farol da Barra. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

Cultural spaces, excellent gastronomy, beautiful beaches and entertainment for all ages

July vacation has started and you and your family decided to travel to the capital of Bahia. Visit Salvador da Bahia has prepared some itineraries full of tips for tourists who come to spend a few days in the city. It has suggestions for cultural tours, sights, restaurants, entertainment, outdoor walks and beaches for those who want to enjoy the whole day.

For group trips, and especially when they are with family, it is always good to think about two things: large places that have entertainment for different ages in it. First of all, discovering new places with the family, in addition to being very enriching, is an opportunity to build memories that will be kept forever and will make us laugh at the table, later on, while looking at the pictures and remembering stories. Are you ready to get to know Salvador during your July vacation? So, come with us!

First day

In the morning…

Start the day in Barra, more specifically in the most famous Lighthouse in Brazil! It is part of the Santo Antônio da Barra Fort. Much more than an obligatory stop for selfies, this fortification houses the Nautical Museum of Bahia, which has a historical collection made up of objects from different eras, some of them submerged for up to 300 years, and which help to understand the relationship between the man and the sea, and between Bahia and the Lighthouse. The patio has a cafe, as well as a view of the beautiful skyline, and is also perfect for children to play a little.

If you are enjoying one of those classic sunny days in Salvador, it is worth taking a dip in the beach next to the lighthouse, before continuing the tour. At this time of year, the rains are more frequent, but even so, the sun always appears.

In the afternoon…

Follow the boardwalk along the waterfront to the Christ and enjoy the view from there. It is also possible to rent bicycles for a light and fun ride. There is also the option of a type of bicycle with four seats (two adults and two children). A nice place for rentals and tours is the Turis Bike company, on Rua Marques de Leão. Remember to drink plenty of water. It is also worth a “technical stop” at Sorveteria da Barra, for a fruit ice cream.

Have lunch at the waterfront, or head to the Apipema neighborhood, which is close by. A great option is the Carvão restaurant, which specializes in meat. In Ondina, a great choice is the restaurant Di Liana, with Italian food.

At night….

End the day watching a play at Castro Alves, Vila Velha or Jorge Amado Theaters.

Second day


Have a hotel breakfast and then head to Cidade da Música da Bahia (Museum of Music). This tour of the Bahian capital’s sound universe offers exhibitions, documentaries, a media library and much more. The colors and projections of the environments, the interactive rooms, the educational entertainments and the karaoke clip recording studios will remain in the memory of the whole family.


Today, you deserve a place with great cuisine, large and comfortable space and a beautiful view. Right next to Cidade da Música, two excellent options are Amado Restaurant, in Comércio, and Mistura, on Avenida Contorno.

The tour can continue in the Historic Center, through the streets of Pelourinho. This is a great way to show the history of our country outside the school books, live and in color, getting to know the origins of Brazil’s first capital.


End the day with dinner at the Maria Mata Mouro restaurant, which combines gastronomy, art and history, in one of the most charming gardens in Pelourinho. On some days of the week it also has live music programming.

Third day


A full day of outdoor activities. The city has parks with wooded areas, great for picnics, and also good for sports. Parque da Cidade is located in Itaigara; Parque dos Ventos, in Boca do Rio; and Parque das Dunas, at Praia do Flamengo. Another option is the new waterfront space of Stella Maris, which has leisure areas perfect for groups and family outings.
For those who like sports, in Itapuã there are several options, such as footvolley lessons and stand up paddle tours. Kids will love it and adults too!


In Salvador, there are many great beach clubs. These spaces by the sea are perfect for families who need space and security for the little ones, a good restaurant and also for those who want to relax feeling the breeze and listening to the sound of the waves.


Museu Náutico da Bahia (Bahia Nautical Museum)
Barra Lighthouse viewpoint
Turis Bike
Sorveteria da Barra (Barra’s ice cream shop)
Carvão Restaurant
Di Liana Restaurant
Castro Alves Theater
Vila Velha Theater
Jorge Amado Theater
Cidade da Música da Bahia (Music Museum of Bahia)
Amado Restaurant
Mistura Restaurant
Maria Mata Mouro Restaurant
Parque da Cidade
Parque dos Ventos
Parque das Dunas
Stella Maris new waterfront
Footvolley classes
SUP (Stand Up Paddle)
Beach clubs