Chilling at Barra

Salvador - BA, 40130-000
6 horas - 9hs
Porto da Barra. Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Porto da Barra. Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Porto da Barra. Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Porto da Barra. Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Museu Náutico de Salvador Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Do alto do Farol da Barra. Museu Náutico de Salvador Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Museu Náutico de Salvador Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Museu Náutico de Salvador Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Museu Náutico de Salvador Foto: Amanda Oliveira
Prime Rib com pasta de berinjela vinagrete de feijão verde e ovo. Foto: KATO Assessoria
Restaurante Carvão
Foto: Raul Spinassé / Assessoria
Restaurante Carvão. Foto: KATO/ Assessoria
Na foto, drink Piña Smash com Bourbom Jim Beam, purê de abacaxi na brasa, xarope de mel, xarope de chá preto, suco de limão taiti e Angostura Bitter
Foto: Raul Spinassé / Assessoria

Imagine that sometime you want to spend all day in Barra, without using the car (by app or not) or bus. At most you will get a bike. Just chilling, no rush, or commitment. If you are coming from another part of the city, stop next to Porto da Barra, in some street cross the edge. It’s where everything starts… and there is a big chance that will be the place where your day will end too. That’s because Porto da Barra is known to have one of the best oceans in the world… and a breathtaking sunset! In this itinerary, you’d rather start in the morning.

Crystal clear water, warm and without waves, the place has an atmosphere that varies from the calm weekdays with kick-ups circles, children running and fishermen, until the weekend buzz, when in the strip of sand you already get to know what are the good plans for the night.

It is also known for its trampoline where, at full tide, people make beautiful leaps that catch the attention of several photographers. You should also try the unmistakable Capelinha Peanut Popsicle, a signature of the delights of Bahia. If your thing is to drink roska, choose the seriguela flavor, of course!

Then walk along the seashore to the famous Barra Lighthouse. Much more than a mandatory stop for selfs, the fort where the Lighthouse is housed hosts the Nautical Museum of Bahia, which has a historical collection formed by objects from different eras, some of them submerged for up to 300 years and that help to understand the relation of the man with the sea and of Bahia with the Lighthouse.

From above you have a breathtaking view: on one side the sea, a blue horizon. On the other side is the square where the great party of Barra-Ondina Circuit begins, with an emblematic building of the city, Oceania. On that balcony, Gilberto Gil and his family gather friends and guests at the annual Express 2222 party. On one side you have a stunning sunset, and on the other you can imagine that crowd joining to see great artists in their trios elétricos! Learn more at this link.

And speaking of carnival, another classic point of the revelry is the Christ of Barra. Who has never arranged to meet friends there in the middle of the party, or when you get lost?! From the Lighthouse to the Christ it’s a nice walk, full of people doing sports and children playing. Enjoy the view from there. It’s very pretty!

From there, keep walking towards the Spanish Club. The edge is all renovated and the bike path runs at full speed. If you want to do the whole bike ride, it can be really cool too. On the Oceanic Avenue, there is a Mirage III fighter aircraft installed in Orugana Square. And this aircraft is not a replica!!! It fulfilled more than 67 thousand flight hours in defense of the Brazilian airspace sovereignty! Awesome, right?!

After you pass the square, at the next traffic light, cross and enter a neighborhood within the neighborhood. Welcome to Jardim Apipema. Walk through the tree-lined streets that look more like an inner city. Enjoy some shopping. Soul Dila has a super charming store there. The brand, which has been gaining the resident’s heart more and more since 2008, is also an excellent option of “souvenir” from Salvador. Its products carry the Bahian DNA and show the local pride in phrases such as: Oxente, Retada(o), Leão (for Vitória team fans), Baêa (for Bahia team fans), Vá na fé (Go with faith), besides names of neighborhoods like Liberdade and Curuzu.

At this time you must be starving, right? Ah! It will be worth “saving the appetite” for this late lunch. Nearby, Carvão is known for its fire cooking: juicy meat and the taste of ember! From the starter to the drinks, everything passes through the ember! Oh, of course, the dessert too. If you can’t wait, go straight to the main course, Angus Prime Rib, which has 500 grams of rib with two side dishes to choose from. But it’s worth going through the whole menu. Everything is mouthwatering!

End the day in a hammock, or if you are by bike or have to go back to Porto to get the car, take the opportunity to see the spectacle of colors in the sky of Barra. We wish you a good sunset!


Nautical Museum
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (every day in January and July).
Tickets to the Nautical Museum:
Visitor: R$ 15.00 (normal)
Students, teachers and elderly people: R$ 7.50.
School groups: R$ 6.50 per student.
Residents: R$ 5,00
Gratuity: children under 7 years old and disabled people.

Soul Dila Jardim Apipema
Open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Prof. Sabino Silva Street, 14 – Jardim Apipema, Salvador – BA, 40155-250
Phone: (71) 3237-3871

Carvão Restaurant
Address: Prof. Sabino Silva Street, 5 – Chame-Chame, Salvador – BA, 40157-250
Opening hours: From Tuesday to Thursday, from noon to 11:00 pm. Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight. Sundays, from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.
Phone: (71) 99632-8682
Social Networking: @carvaorestaurante
Parking Valet: R$ 10,00