10 Beach days in Salvador

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Praia de Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, Ilha dos Frades. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Fábio Marconi.

Whether for relaxing or playing sports, here you will find your favorite beach

Salvador is a solar city with urban beaches near the buzz and other calmer ones with a paradisiacal look. In many places natural pools are formed, where you can have very calm baths. In this itinerary, we put together some information for you to enjoy 10 beach days, every day in a different place of the city.

We’ve prepared a list of perfect songs for this experience. Listen now!

1. Infrastructure, crystalline sea, beautiful coconut trees, comfort for the family and sport for surfers

Considered the cleanest beaches of Salvador, Stella Maris, Flamengo and Pedra do Sal are lined with condominiums, several vacation homes and hotels. They have a large strip of sand and are good options for those who want to escape Salvador buzz. In the soft white sand there are several beach huts that are extremely inviting for those who are strolling with family and friends.

The Bahian huts are places that look like big houses, with restaurant structure and some even with lounges, massage therapy, children’s space, wi-fi, showers, great to receive groups. With a privileged location, with feet in the sand, the huts and clubs are in front of one of the best places of the beach for surfing. They are also just minutes from the city’s airport. So, if you happen to arrive early in the city via the airport, start the day at the beach and enter the “summer all year” mood of this sunny city. Mix it up!

The “Tips of 08 seafront paradises in Salvador” guide will help you choose your favorite spot on these beaches. Have fun!

2. A whole day in the neighborhood eternized in Vinícius de Moraes’ verses

The calm sea of ​​midsize waves of Itapuã Beach is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean with emerald color water. In some places, there are large stones that form natural pools. Depending on the beach spot where you stay, it is possible to practice surfing and other water sports. The neighborhood has a sidewalk with coconut trees along the entire seafront, which was all requalified. It is also on the sidewalk that you can find the famous Mermaid of Itapuã statue.

Visitors can go to the lighthouse, a true postcard of the city, and enjoy the various fishing boats close to it. There are beach huts and kiosks at many points along the seafront where you can rent umbrellas and chairs.

Eternized in Vinícius de Moraes’ verses, Itapuã has the artist’s “presence” until now. The most musical district of Salvador is also home to the Afro Group Malê Debalê and to Ganhadeiras de Itapuã, and has traditional samba dancing circles, as well as having one of the most iconic acarajés in the city, Acarajé da Cira.

The statues of two illustrious dwellers are nice places for good photos and good stories. The statue of Dorival Caymmi is on the seafront, at Aristídes Milton Street, 101-115 – Itapuã, Salvador – BA, 41610-160. The Vinicius de Moraes Square, where you will find his statue, is located at Rua Palmas de Monte Santo, no number – Itapuã, Salvador – BA, 41610-820.

We’ve prepared an itinerary for you to spend an afternoon in Itapuã.
Address: Itapuã, Salvador – BA, 41610-160.

3. Surf school and one of the best beaches to practice Kite Surfing in the city

Jaguaribe Beach is located at the homonymous river mouth and between the beaches of Patamares and Piatã. With several coconut trees along the shore, the sidewalk also has a jogging track and a bike path. Visitors can also park in front of the beach and rent umbrellas with the sellers. It is quite busy, especially on weekends, with the soteropolitans.

It has a wide strip of sand, good for playing soccer – which here is called “baba” – specially when there is a lot of space during low tide. This beach has hosted several sports championships, among them surfing. The sea of ​​green color has strong waves and it is there where the main surfing and kite surfing schools of the city are.

“Terceira Ponte” in Jaguaribe is one of the best places to practice kite surfing, especially between September and February, when the northeast wind prevails, excellent for practicing the sport.

Dictionary: baba is how we call informal soccer games, for amateurs. In other states it is called racha, rachão or pelada.

4. Perfect for families and for sports in the sea

Piatã beach is located very near to Itapuã. In 2015 Piatã gained a new waterfront, implantation of landscaping with restoration of the restinga area that was extended with the retreat of the paved area, besides the area for events with a space for installation of a stage. In addition, it has a children’s playground, gymnastics equipment, bike path. A structure with support building for the activities of the fishermen was also made available.

Piatã Beach is known for tourists and locals who enjoy playing sports at sea. According to the World Surfing Champion, Armando Daltro, the recommendation for those who want to start practicing surfing is, certainly, Jaguaribe and Piatã beaches. These are better for beginners- for they are the safest- and also where the waves have the best training for that level of surfers. Armando has other surfing tips in Salvador at this link.

This beach is also good for families as it has an area on the rocks that form small natural pools. It is ideal for small children, with the possibility of seeing small fish due to the crystalline waters.

In one of the entrances to the beach, a parking lot was built in front of the sea, which is very important for sunbathers who visit the area.

5. Rough sea and trendy sand beach!

Buracão Beach is the beach frequented by the young cool people of the city. The strip of sand is not extensive, the sea is not calm, but the regulars’ mood is the differential: it seems that everyone knows each other! It has a wall full of graffiti, mirrors mosaics and the access staircase has an Iemanjá artwork on the steps. It’s possible to rent an umbrella and spend the afternoon looking at the sea.

There is the trendy Blue Praia Bar and the Terraço Blue, cool for a little snack and a drink late in the afternoon. Leaving from there, two tips are Dona Mariquita restaurant or one of the most famous “tabuleiros de acarajé” of the city: acarajé da Cira.

Address: Rio Vermelho, Salvador-BA, 41940-360

6. Perfect for fun, sports and cultural outings

The beaches of Barra are known for their diverse public, for having the Nautical Museum – better known as Farol da Barra – and for being the most famous circuit of Salvador Carnival. The bike path on the waterfront is taken by people cycling, running, walking, skateboarding or skating. In the sands, there are licensed street vendors who sell from the curdled cheese to the “Capelinha” Popsicle, traditional here. There are also umbrellas and chairs rental services.

They are different sand strips: Porto da Barra Beach, Farol da Barra Beach and “Barravento” Beach. The closest to the Center, Porto da Barra, is known for its clean waters and “trendy sand”. It is suitable for water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, Hawaiian canoeing and SUP.

Following by the seashore, near the Lighthouse, on Barra Beach, natural pools are formed in the low tide. Other attractions are the beautiful sunset and the night lighting, what ensures the movement even after the sun goes down.

If you are looking for a beach inside the city, with strong waves and good water quality, the most suitable for advanced surfers is Barravento Beach (on Barra Avenue, between Christ and Barra Lighthouse, closest to Morro do Cristo, next to Barravento restaurant). Not suitable for beginners or intermediate.

At Morro do Cristo, located between Barra beach and Ondina beach, there is also a small and hidden strip of sand. The hill is called “Morro do Cristo” for having a statue of Christ positioned high up where in 2018 a zipline was installed. The equipment has 110 meters of route and 15 of height.

We suggest the itinerary “06 fantastic tips to spend the day in Barra”. It’s very cool!

7. Hidden treasure. An open air art exhibition

Down Contorno Avenue, attached to Bahia Marina, there is a small cove of calm and crystalline waters. There is Mam’s beach – Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, the sensation of the moment, frequented by locals, tourists and especially young people, which turned the sand strip into one of the most buzzing points of recent times. Salvador things! Where else would you find a beach in a museum, right?

The beach is inside the Sculpture Park and has one of the most beautiful views to All Saints Bay. The place shows works by the plastic artists Carybé, Mário Cravo, Mestre Didi, Tunga and Juarez Paraíso. Because it has a small extension of land, the beach can be crowded. Attention! Remember that on this beach there are pieces of great artistic and cultural value! Let’s take care of our patrimony!

Address: Avenida do Contorno, no number – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40060-075
There is no parking lot.

8. Calm waters, tourist attractions and a stunning sunset

Boa Viagem Beach is located in the neighborhood of the same name in Salvador, in the Lower City. There is where you will find Boa Viagem Church, built during the 18th century. It is famous mainly for being the point of arrival for the Bom Jesus dos Navegantes Marine Procession, which happens on the first day of the year.

Then there is Praia do Meio, right next Boa Viagem Beach, from where you can easily have a panoramic view of the coast. In addition to the calm waters, with no waves, there are beach huts in the sand with snacks and drinks.

Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat Fort, home of the Museum of Arms, and Ponta do Humaitá Lighthouse, also known as the Valentine’s Lighthouse, are nearby. Both usually crowded with tourists when the sun goes down. Worth going to finish your beach day in high spirits watching the sunset.

In the script “The best sunset in the city”, there are several valuable tips to enjoy a whole day there.

9. The Bahian Caribbean

The Suburb of Salvador impresses with its natural beauties. São Tomé de Paripe Beach has calm and warm waters, coming from All Saints Bay, and the place is very cozy, with organized street vendors and space for parking along the seafront. The beach is surrounded by bars and restaurants and the movement is very big on weekends, mainly by the locals.

São Tomé do Paripe is located at the southern end of Salvador’s coast. The calm and shallow sea is ideal for those who are not good swimmers and for children, and also for water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing and kayaking. The “Bahian Caribbean” has a small pier at the end of the beach from where every day vessels depart for Ilha dos Frades and Ilha de Maré, inside All Saints Bay.

To reach São Tomé de Paripe Beach, located in the Railroad Suburb of Salvador, it is necessary to follow BA 528, popularly called the road of the Road Department of Bahia (DERBA). Another option is to follow BR-324, through the Águas Claras viaduct. The road is signalized, but watch out for speed reducers as the roads cut suburban neighborhoods.

From there to the islands – To get to the islands beaches, a boat directly from São Tomé de Paripe costs from R$ 5.00 on. See other values ​​and routes on site.

10. The Blue Flag is ours!

Ilha dos Frades is a true paradise and its warm waters with no waves are extremely inviting. The place is so amazing that Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach has the Blue Flag, an international seal given to places that meet requirements of well-being, structure and respect for the environment. Only five beaches in Brazil have received this preservation symbol!

What was already a beautiful tour in All Saints Bay has now become a must see! The beach is beautiful and, at the top of the mountain, an observation deck and the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, built by the Portuguese in the 19th century, make the tour complete. The strip of sand at Ponta de Nossa Senhora is all organized with colorful umbrellas, and there are foods, drinks, umbrellas and chairs services. For a lunch of gods and goddesses, our tip is Restaurante da Preta. The dishes are a burst of flavors.

We’ve prepared a complete itinerary for Ilha dos Frades – “Bay of Wonders”, with all the tips.

It’s important to know that visitors pay a R$ 10.00 fee to enter the island and the pier (this beach maritime terminal) is open from 9am to 4pm.

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Adval Viagens e Turismo is a local receptive agency with proven professional competence in the national tourist market as well as in the international receptive. It offers tours to Ilha dos Frades and Ilha de Itaparica and throughout Salvador, showing its history and its natural beauties.

Lôro Stella Maris. Praia de Stella Maris. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

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