The culinary delights of Bahia: lambreta

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The mollusk that is the darling of Salvador’s bars

The broth is considered an aphrodisiac

Lambreta. Foto Daniela Miranda para o site Tudo Gostoso.

Forget the famous Italian motorbikes. The “lambreta” in Salvador has a single “t” and is not related to the means of transport on wheels. In bars and restaurants by the sea in the capital of Bahia and in Recôncavo da Bahia, the lambreta is one of the favorite appetizers of Bahians and tourists.

Only three Brazilian states have the mollusk on their coast: Alagoas, Bahia and Sergipe. The taste of the lambreta is unique in each place, as it depends on the characteristic of the brackish water of the mangrove where it is collected. Those harvested in the All Saints Bay are the largest and most protein.

The lambreta can be steamed, au gratin, breaded fried and served with pasta. In Salvador bars, they are more popular steamed with onion, coriander and olive oil. It is very common in bars to have “double lambreta” promotions, when you pay for a portion and win another. Believe me: it is impossible to eat just one, especially on hot days and accompanied by a good beer and pepper.

In addition to the mollusk itself, it is essential to drink the lambreta broth – which results from cooking the shells, along with spices. It is considered an aphrodisiac. In Salvador, several restaurants and bars specialize in shellfish. Most are in the seafront region and also in the Mouraria neighborhood. Outside Bahia, the mollusk receives its original name from Portugal: “amêijoa” (clam).

10 places for you to try the best lambreta in Salvador:

Bar Koisa Nossa, Travessa Engenheiro Allioni, R. da Mouraria, 1, Salvador – BA, 40040-060;
Phone #: (71) 3242-5412 – Address: Travessa Engenheiro Allioni, 5 – Nazaré, Salvador – BA, 40040-060
Phone #: (71) 3321-8375

Don Papito – Av. Octávio Mangabeira, 06 – Piatã, Salvador – BA, 41610-160;
Phone #: (71) 3367-0104

Boteco da Lambreta, R. das Acácias, 463 – Pituba, Salvador – BA, 41810-050;
Phone #: (71) 3354-9165

Rita da Lambreta – Av. Dom Eugênio Sales, 60 – Boca do Rio, Salvador – BA, 41706-670
Phone #: (71) 3363-4116

Sal Marinho Restaurante e Bar – Address: R. Território do Rio Branco, 219 – Pituba, Salvador – BA, 41830-530;
Phone #: (71) 3561-2000

Boteco do Caranguejo – R. José Augusto de Freitas, 08 – Pituaçu, Salvador – BA, 41741-160
Phone #: (71) 3363-5151

Caranga Bar – Address: R. Minas Gerais, 643 – Pituba, Salvador – BA, 41830-020
Phone #: (71) 2137-4539

Boca de Galinha – R. Almeida Brandão, 58A – Plataforma, Salvador – BA, 40710-500
Phone #: (71) 3398-1232

Barra Vento Restaurant – Av. Oceânica, N 814 Barra, Salvador, Bahia 40140-130;
Phone #: (71) 3247-2577


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