Salvador Botanical Garden

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A space for leisure, research, preservation and contemplation

Jardim Botânico de Salvador. Bahia. Foto VAlter Pontes SECOM.

In the middle of a big city like Salvador, there is an oasis of huge trees, beautiful vegetation and many birds; the perfect refuge that is available for public visitation. Salvador botanical garden is an important area of study, maintenance and conservation of the Atlantic Forest in the capital of Bahia.

The requalification of Salvador botanical garden, located in the neighborhood of São Marcos, at the heart of the city, has a very impressive natural beauty, which was abandoned for years. The project aims to expand the current physical structure and, in particular, to protect the existing herbarium.

The space has about 61 thousand plant species in 160 thousand square meters of area. People can consult the species, that are not only from the Atlantic Forest but also from the Cerrado and Caatinga. It is practically a living laboratory. This fragment of the forest has been here since the beginning of our history. There are also on display, to be handed to visitors, some seedlings of native fruit species, used in cooking and medicinal, such as Cajueiro, Aroeira tree, Pitanga and Urucum.

Out in the sticks!

The 795m high trail through the forest is bounded by concrete path guides and, at the end, there is a pavilion lined with wood. The old water tank was recovered and turned into a work of art, after intervention by the artist Bel Borba.

The plant nursery also underwent intervention, with the creation of a nature observation pavilion. The surroundings are landscaped with grass and vegetation native to the existing forest of more than 4 thousand m².

Structure – Connects you to everything that can be seen on this tour

At the entrance, the guardhouse has a vegetable façade, in addition to paved roads. The access has new LED lighting poles and parking area. With a total built area of 2,200 m², the main building has four floors.
In the basement, there are changing rooms, a pantry, a storage room, a greenhouse, an air conditioning room and toilets. On the ground floor is the auditorium with the capacity for 47 people, connected to the foyer. It also has a semi-covered space with bleachers for various activities. The digital environment with exhibits aimed at environmental education, as well as an exhibition hall and toilets, are also part of this floor.

The first floor has an open plant area, from where it is possible to see the treetops, that is, the aerial part of the local vegetation. Also on the first floor are the program and research sectors, laboratories, the living collection sector, the scientific collection sector, administrative rooms, curatorial room, herbarium, meeting space, break/coffee room and toilets. Finally, the vegetation cover has a paved area, which allows access and views of the external area.

Do you know what Ethnobotany is?

Ethnobotany means the study of the relationship between human societies and the local flora. In the case of Bahia, these relationships are strongly present. Salvador Botanical Garden is one of the areas of the city that houses an ethnobotanical space, dedicated to the protection and cultivation of species used in Afro-indigenous-Brazilian cults, in addition to endangered vegetables.


Salvador Botanical Garden
Av. São Rafael, no number – São Marcos, Salvador – BA, 41253-245
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm.
On-site parking.
Important: To avoid crowding, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visits with classes or school groups will not be scheduled.

Jardim Botânico de Salvador. Bahia. Foto VAlter Pontes SECOM.

Av. São Rafael, s/n - São Marcos, Salvador - BA, 41253-245

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