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Where cooking seems like something out of a movie

The space captained by Érico Brás arrives at the Historic Center

Pelourinho is one of the most visited places in the city and is now returning to be one of the main gastronomic centers in Salvador. It is possible to find bars and restaurants from the most classic to the most recent, those serving Bahian food and those serving international food. But, mainly, pleasant places that show the gastronomic diversity of the Historic Center of Salvador.

The list of new restaurants in the region has just included another option for Soteropolitans and tourists to try some Bahian food. The Ó Paí Ó restaurant is located in Terreiro de Jesus. The actor Érico Brás is ahead of the restaurant, what gives the seal of the fusion between culture and gastronomy. The property’s Instagram profile description says, “This cuisine is something out of a movie.”

The restaurant’s name is a tribute to a Bahian expression* that gave its name to the play and the film that made Érico Brás emerge as an actor with Bando de Teatro Olodum. In the film, he plays the character Reginaldo, a taxi driver who made him nationally known.

“I’m not a chef, but I like good food, people smiling, good drinks, cozy place, first class service… And what I like is what I offer to you who are in Salvador or live in the city”, stated the artist and owner on social media.

Located in one of the main points of Pelourinho, Ó Paí Ó presents different interpretations of traditional foods, all highly influenced by African culture. Much of the menu was created by Érico Brás in partnership with chef Mário Percontini. Among the dishes on the menu, there are sarapatel, feijoada, cozido and chicken xinxim.

With a capacity for 120 people, Ó Paí Ó already presents good examples of the local culture. On the walls of the restaurant, you can find works by renowned artists from Pelourinho, such as Raimundo Bida, Fernando Queiroz and Anunciação.

Music programming at full blast

Passionate about culture and cuisine, Érico Brás has already left his trademark at the opening. He made a samba circle where he only charged for the artistic cover, offering the feijoada on behalf of the house. That’s right: free for anyone who wanted to join in the fun!

The “Terça da Benção” event is also a success. The party has already received excellent attractions such as Márcio Vitor (from Psirico), the samba reggae by the band Afrosamba, samba de roda by Genny Dantas, the pagode by Compadre Washington, among others. Musical programming is not restricted to Tuesdays. It has good performances all week.


Ó Paí Ó Restaurant
Instagram: @opaiopelo
Address: Largo Terreiro de Jesus, 4 – Pelourinho, Salvador – BA, 40026-010
Bahian expression* – “Ó paí, ó” is a Bahian slang meaning “look at this”. A way to draw attention to a situation.

Largo Terreiro de Jesus, 4 - Pelourinho, Salvador - BA, 40026-010

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