Bistrô Mirante Forte Santa Maria

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Acoustic musical performances, good cuisine and a beautiful sunset over the All Saints Bay

Bistrô Mirante Forte Santa Maria. Porto da Barra. Salvador Bahia. Foto divulgação..

Santa Maria Fort, in Porto da Barra, was built in the second quarter of the 17th century, in the colonial period, with the function of defending this beach and the city’s primitive port. Its facade still displays the emblem of the Empire of Brazil. It was listed by the National Institute of Artistic and Historical Heritage (IPHAN) in 1938 and is administered by the Army. Inside, two excellent attractions will make you have a good time in this part of the city.

For the joy of visitors and residents who come to the neighborhood and are enchanted by the natural beauty of the place, there is the Bistrô Mirante Forte Santa Maria , located inside the Santa Maria Fort. Opened in 2020, the bistro bar offers quality services, in an environment that provides comfort and warmth, in addition to pleasing the most diverse palates, with good cuisine and excellent cocktail options.

The place is in the fort’s courtyard, in a pleasant open-air area. In terms of decor, there are small lounges with pallet sofas for larger groups, as well as tables scattered around the area in the center of the Fort, which give the bistro its charm. There, all security protocols of the City Hall of Salvador against COVID-19 are strictly followed.

On the house’s menu, snacks come as a highlight, making the menu unique in delicacies, ideal to be enjoyed with friends. For seafood fans, there are options such as sururu broth, shrimp broth and octopus broth, as well as cod fritters and shrimp on garlic and oil. Those who prefer meat can enjoy filet mignon with fries or sun dried meat with farofa and vinaigrette. There are also the more traditional delicacies, such as mini pastries, kibe and tapioca dice. Learn more at this link.

In addition to the historical attributes, the stunning sunset with a panoramic view of the All Saints Bay and the delights on the menu, customers can also enjoy the “Momentos Acústicos do Mirante”. The project consists of musical concerts in acoustic format, from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm, from Thursday to Sunday.

Since May 2016, Santa Maria Fort has been home to the Pierre Verger Space of Bahian Photography, which is an excellent cultural program for the whole family. At the other end of this cove is São Diogo Fort, with two must-see attractions: the Espaço Carybé de Artes and the Mirante Forte São Diogo bistrô bar. It is noteworthy that these two forts became cultural facilities, strengthening the project to revitalize the city’s public spaces.

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Bistrô Mirante Forte Santa Maria
Address: Av. Sete de Setembro – Barra, Salvador – BA, 40060-001
Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday, from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Table reservations: Whatsapp – (71) 98134.3701

Bistrô Mirante Forte Santa Maria. Porto da Barra. Salvador Bahia. Foto Evie Photos. Divulgação.

Av. Sete de Setembro – Barra, Salvador – BA, 40060-001

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