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The graffiti bar that has been setting tongues wagging at Solar do Unhão Community

Bar A Novidade. Solar do Unhão, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

The newest bar at Solar do Unhão Beach is experiencing a buzz! A Novidade, also known as “Bar dos Grafiteiros” (Graffiti Artists Bar) serves various types of snacks, the beer is always very cold and it has direct access to the sea. To top it off, the buoys are the biggest hit with the kids and adults too, who don’t miss the opportunity to take several photos.

The great thing about the bar is the beachy atmosphere. It is excellent for those who enjoy the beach, to stay in the sea playing with the buoys or sit on the short wall and enjoy the jaw-dropping view. If you want to have your meal in a more comfortable way, there are also tables on the top slab. There, there is a holiday atmosphere, there are always people arriving or leaving and the vibe is always great.

The most successful dish is the pork ribs with barbecue sauce, but the fried fish fits like a glove, as it faces the sea. If you are a fan of moqueca, there is also this option, even though it is not the flagship of the house. Another super tip is that every Monday there is “Rabada da Rita” (oxtail). Rita de Cássia is a resident of the community and the oxtail she makes is delicious, a big hit with residents and visitors.

“Without a doubt, the rib is what people like the most. The Mondays, we are calling ‘Segunda-feira Gordinha do Solar (Solar Chubby Monday)’, in reference to the famous ‘Segunda-feira Gorda (Fat Monday)’ that takes place in Ribeira”, tells Júlio Costa, one of the bar owners.

The graffiti artists, Júlio Costa and Prisk Marcos are on the front line. Prisk, in addition to being a graffiti artist, is a cook and, along with Júlio, idealized and took over the management of the bar. Before becoming A Novidade, it was Bar Yemanjá, owned by Juninho, a resident of the Solar do Unhão Community who had a health problem and passed the bar on to Julio and Prisk.

A Novidade and the MUSAS

Both Julio and Prisk live in the Lower City. Júlio is from Ribeira and Prisk was born and raised in Massaranduba, but today he lives in Ilha Amarela. The two arrived at Solar do Unhão together with another graffiti artist, Bigode, with great work in and out of Salvador. The three started MUSAS, a cultural project that has been rooted in the community for at least 10 years.

“We have always been active here, doing parties, activities, activating businesses like, for example, Dona Suzanna’s, which we divulged, doing all of her marketing on the internet. And today we are here in this endeavor, which is also a cultural project, another extension of what MUSAS is about”, says Júlio.

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The bar opened on a symbolic date: December 8, 2019, day of Our Lady of Conceição da Praia – Excelsa and Unique Patroness of the State of Bahia. Also the day of Júlio’s grandfather’s birthday, which coincides with the date of his death, at the age of 80. “So, for me, it’s a special day”, says Júlio.

Who is part of this team: the cook is Rita de Cássia; Beatrice Telles and Nanda Rachell are always there and are responsible for social networks; Grazzy Santos takes care of the accounts; and Rita’s family also helps a lot. All the duo’s graffiti friends, as well as the region fishermen, arrive at the bar with a great sense of belonging, as if the bar really belonged to everyone. Very cool!

“So much so, that we say that the bar is yet to open, that it is in the process of testing, researching, playing, experimenting, and transforming things around. This is the most important thing”, explains Júlio.


A Novidade
Instagram: @anovidade.solar
Address: Solar do Unhão Beach
Opening hours: Monday and Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 8pm. They don’t open on Tuesdays. On rainy days, it only opens in the afternoon.
Phone #: (71) 992342248 / 98292-0672
Important: they accept cards
Accessibility: both on the beach and within the community, the path has unevenness, stairs and narrow paths. Inside the bar is small, with little circulation. The external areas are uneven and have steps.

Bar A Novidade. Solar do Unhão, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

Av. Contôrno, s/n - Dois de Julho, Salvador - BA, 40301-110

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