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Stamp certifies preventive measures to Covid-19 in tourist establishments

Worldwide, the tourism sector has been adopting measures to prevent the contagion of Covid-19. These recommendations are in line with the guidelines of the Safe Travels Stamp, created by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which defined a set of protocols to be followed by companies, cities and countries to make travel safer while there isn’t a complete immunization of society for Covid-19. Salvador, in fact, was the first city in Brazil to receive the Safe Travels Stamp from the WTTC.

These protocols were developed following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), and with the collaboration of several entities, in addition to more than 200 large companies related to the tourism sector. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, tour operators, shops, means of transport and airports can obtain the stamp if they prove compliance with the WTTC rules.

Adept to the initiative of the Safe Travels Stamp, the city of Salvador, through the Secretariat of Culture and Tourism of Salvador (Secult), developed the Verificado! Stamp, offering companies in the sector evaluation parameters to know if they are adopting measures that offer greater safety to the prevention of covid19 contagion. After the evaluation, complying with the protocols, the establishment receives the Verificado! Stamp, which shows to clients and society in general that the place adopts measures to prevent the spread of SARS covid19 (coronavirus) and other infections.

The Verificado! Stamp protocols were developed based on national and international references and in articulation with representatives of the tourist segment, among which are bars, restaurants, hotels, tourism agencies, means of transport, cultural spaces and convention centers.

The Verificado! Stamp works as a validation that the environment follows the necessary sanitation and hygiene protocols and presents favorable conditions for the prevention of contagion from covid19. Recognizing the technical quality of Salvador protocols, WTTC signed a partnership with Secult, automatically granting the Safe Travels Stamp to establishments that obtain the Verificado! Stamp. The idea is that it is in at least 600 tourist establishments, in the segments of accommodation, agencies, carriers, convention center, bars and restaurants.

Unlike other stamps related to this theme, where interested parties declare themselves to be compliant with the established protocols (that is, there is no effective verification process on the part of those who grant the stamp) the Verificado! Stamp is only granted to establishments that are audited by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), a national and international reference in audit processes. After the adoption of the protocols has been proven, the establishments receive the stamps, which are valid for one year. Learn more at www.seloverificado.salvador.ba.gov.br .

Check here the list of establishments in Salvador that already have these stamps.

Look for the stamps in the tourist companies of Salvador

No wonder that the capital of Bahia is, once again, among the most sought after destinations in Brazil! These stamps are an initiative to value companies that strictly follow security protocols.

In addition to the stamp, customers will be able to assess compliance with security measures, as well as make reports or suggest improvements in the adoption of protocols by the establishments frequented, through Talk to Us (Fale Conosco).

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