The biggest street Christmas in Brazil

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Natal em Periperi Foto: Betto Jr/Secom

Rich details, sustainable materials and emotional tributes are the highlights in Salvador’s Christmas decor

The magic of Christmas invaded several leisure spaces in Salvador, making this the biggest street Christmas in Brazil. This year’s edition brings the theme “Light to Restart”, with the objective of inspiring residents and visitors to have moments of meeting, overcoming and connecting.

The schedule includes 55 days of attractions; a cathedral of light and sound; 7 million sustainable LED lamps; social inclusion; accessible technology; special tribute to health professionals; and illuminated avenues and squares. In addition to traditional environments throughout the city, such as the Christmas tree, the Santa Claus House and a light tunnel, the facilities also have accessibility elements.

Visit Salvador da Bahia tells you everything that is happening in each of them, so you can plan to go to all of them. Until January 6th, you can visit and have fun with the whole family!

Periperi, Campo Grande, Christmas Village (Itaigara) and Giant Tree (Tomé de Souza Square)

Periperi hosts the premiere of Salvador Christmas 2022

Natal em Periperi
Foto: Betto Jr/Secom

One of the best-known leisure spaces in the Railroad Suburb of Salvador (Subúrbio Ferroviário), República Square, in Periperi, became the first point in the city to receive a special Christmas decoration. The place has Santa Claus’ House, a tree with a lighted ceiling, a nativity scene, Instagramable pieces, among other ornaments. The program also includes cultural presentations from schools, churches and institutions and choir presentations, which will make the Subúrbio’s nights happier.

This is the first time that this locality hosts this Christmas program. The public can visit Periperi until January 6th, from 6 pm to 10 pm – the square has been closed and now has entrance and exit gates. The program will involve schools’ presentations, in addition to the presence of Santa Claus and Noeletes, all residents of the neighborhood. Learn more at this link.

Special and inclusive Christmas decoration in Campo Grande

Natal no Campo Grande
Foto: Betto Jr/Secom

About 7 million sustainable LED lamps already give the brightness and mix of colors to the traditional Christmas decoration installed by the city hall in Campo Grande Square. The main stage of the initiative in recent years, the place will have 45 days of programming, bringing together leisure options for the public of all ages and a large structure with a cathedral made up of stained glass windows, Santa Claus’ House, a giant nativity scene and Christmas village.

Covid-19 victims and health professionals have received a tribute in the space, which will be open to the public by appointment until January 6, 2022. This edition, by the way, brings as a differential several inclusive actions aimed at people with disabilities.

A highlight of the decoration, the Cathedral “Luz Para Recomeçar” (Light to Restart) was inspired by the crystal castles with tile compositions present in the panels of the churches in Bahia, and features stained glass cutouts with Christmas images. The tunnel is nine meters high and 87 meters long, all covered with white LED micro lamps. Wooden plaques with hand-drawn blue tile prints complement the artwork.

Santa Claus’ House, on the other hand, is transparent, with Christmas lights, and offers the experience of witnessing, through the glass windows and doors, the everyday life of the good old man. The property is divided into ten rooms: porch, living room, throne room, music room, office, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen and backyard, as well as a sleigh parked in the garage.

Natal no Campo Grande
Foto: Betto Jr/Secom

The charm is in the details and special lighting in each room. The entrance porch is decorated with clay figurines, trees and a nativity scene with fine painting and golden details. The living room is composed of a fireplace, gilded armchairs and a rug. In the throne room there is a ten feet tall tree and a large red padded throne.

The nativity scene, the main symbol of Christmas, is all handcrafted. Joseph, Mary, the baby Jesus, the three wise men and all the animals present measure 80 centimeters to 2.50 meters in height. The entire scene is 70 cm high and occupies an area of ​​120m².

A playful and interactive tree measuring 24 meters high draws attention among the various attractions scattered around Campo Grande Square. The ornament has 24 wooden windows with gilt painting and special lighting. Between these windows, there are LED Christmas balls, illuminated gift ribbons and blinkers in sync with the soundtrack being played.

The Memorial of the Stars space is in memory of all victims of Covid-19, in which each small light and crystal honors those who died from the disease. It is a sensorial and emotional experience for any visitor, in an environment covered in translucent material, with a ceiling and walls covered with Christmas lights and crystal curtains. Visitors pass by a white bridge to the sound of a calm soundtrack and a soft perfume that fills the room.

Sustainable Christmas Village in Itaigara

From the material that would be discarded in the trash to the magic of the Christmas spirit. The City Hall of Salvador transformed recyclable waste into Christmas decoration and, in this way, built the Sustainable Christmas Village, in Ana Lúcia Magalhães Square, in Itaigara. The decoration includes pieces that use more than 17 thousand PET bottles. The ornamentation is signed by the plastic artist Gilson Cardoso, who conducted the process of each decorative item, reusing materials such as canvas, pallets, PVC linings and PET bottles.

Visitors to the exhibition will find reindeer, sled, angels, gift boxes, trees and a beautiful nativity scene produced in a 100% sustainable way, from the reuse of various waste. The structure will be available for free visitation until the next 6th of January and will also have a special program on weekends. Santa’s House was built from the renovation of an old waste compactor truck.

Mega Sustainable Christmas Tree

Installed in Thomé de Souza Square, in front of the Lacerda Elevator, the monument is 22 meters high and was built with 29,000 PET and plastic bottles, which were reused from trees from previous years, in addition to new bottles collected in September, when several actions were carried out to celebrate the World Cleaning Day – Clean Up Day.

The work of art surpassed the tree assembled in the first edition of Sustainable Christmas, held in 2019, in which the tree was made with 22,000 PET bottles and was 21 meters high. The expectation is that Salvador can once again win the title of the largest Christmas tree made with recycled material in the country, granted by Rank Brasil.