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The best places and churches to get married in Salvador

Bahian capital has several options for ceremonies of all types

Salvador é para Casar. Yulkari e Luciano. Foto Dois em Um Fotografia Divulgação

Jorge Gauthier

The All Saints land brings together incredible places to host weddings. Salvador is the perfect destination for Bahians and tourists who wish to celebrate their union, as it offers ideal locations for all styles of party.

For more refined parties, the Ceremonial Queen Leonor – the famous Pupileira, in Nazaré, is the perfect place. Close to tourist attractions, we have the Ceremonial Conceição da Praia, in Comércio. And those who want to get married outdoors, with a breathtaking view, can choose Chácara Baluarte, in Santo Antônio Além do Carmo. There are also paradisiacal places to spend the honeymoon.

And the big day for couples is coming back. After a decrease in the initial months of the new coronavirus pandemic, marriages in Salvador increased, registering in November a growth of 126.4% in relation to April, the most critical period of social isolation due to the health crisis.

According to data from the Association of Civil Registrars of Natural People from Bahia (Arpen-BA), 1,001 marriages were celebrated in the month of November, only 6.36% less than the same month of the previous year, which had 1,069 unions. Whether for the beautiful landscapes and outstanding tourist spots, for the infrastructure, organization and services or for the magnificence of the churches and event spaces, Salvador is the most sought-after city by the Bahians who get married.

With that in mind, we made a list of the best churches and places to get married in the Bahian capital. Check it out below. First, learn a little about the history of two brides who recently got married in Salvador.

Get married in Salvador!

Salvador é para Casar. Sonia Almeida e Luis Henrique. Foto acervo pessoal.

Lawyer Sonia Almeida, 32, chose Pupileira for her religious ceremony and wedding party with commercial representative Luís Henrique Martins, 37, partner at Lunia Story. “I always dreamed of getting married. Realizing that princess dream was incredible, indescribable. I spent two years planning the wedding, which was on November 1, 2018 for 320 people. At first, my dream was to get married in a place on the beach.

However, as I am a Catholic, I looked for a place that had a church and a beach. I even looked at Praia do Forte, in Mata de São João, but I found the logistics very bad and it was more expensive. Besides the fear of nobody going.” Says Sonia, who is a partner at Almeida Araújo Ribeiro.

The infrastructure and the privileged location of the space were determining factors in the choice of the couple. “We chose Pupileira because it was the most cost-effective and super-fancy. The people there are super receptive. It is a place that you don’t have to worry about business licenses and these bureaucracies. It already has air conditioning and generator, no need to rent outside. The price is a little high, but it pays off. And it is very charming. The Ceremonial can be modulated, it has several sizes and can be used in different ways. The church is also very beautiful – you don’t even need to decorate it. I highly recommend it! ”, she says.

In addition to the location and the entire structure, the lawyer believes that the very Bahian capital “vibe” contributed to the realization of the dream wedding: “Here is a wonderful city, which has an incredible energy, so there are several places that can be the stage of a wedding. It has a unique charm and an energy that no place in the world has. I highly recommend that people from other states and cities get married in Salvador ”.

Would do it all again …

Salvador é para Casar. Yulkari e Luciano. Foto Dois em Um Fotografia divulgação.

Residents of Jacobina, a city in northern Bahia, law student Yulkari Castro, 23, and doctor Luciano Dourado, 38, chose Salvador to get married. The wedding took place on March 7, 2020, at the Basilica Our Lady of Conceição da Praia and at the Ceremonial Conceição da Praia. “It was the space that best met my needs. It is well located, new, air conditioned, overlooking the sea, next to the church and close to one of the most famous tourist spots in Salvador, the Lacerda Elevator. I recommend both the church and the party space”, points out the newlywed.

The choice of getting married in the capital of Bahia involved several factors, such as the largest range of suppliers, in addition to the number of churches available and the very fact that Salvador is a tourist city and has so many natural beauties. “This encourages the presence of people at the event and makes the experience more pleasant. I certainly recommend that people from other cities in Bahia and other states get married in Salvador”, says the student.

Although getting married with a religious ceremony and a big party has never been a dream, Yulkari has no regrets: “Starting a family has always been my dream but having a wedding party in itself hasn’t. I only made the party because my husband wanted to, but I don’t regret it. It’s really worth it! At first, I thought it was futility, but after I experienced it, I would do it all again”.

Top churches to get married in Salvador

Museum of Sacred Art – Church of Santa Teresa

Museu de Artes Sacras. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Fábio Marconi

Six monks from the Order of the Portuguese Discalced Carmelite landed in Salvador in 1661, when they were on the way to Angola. At the request of the local inhabitants, they remained in the city from 1667 to 1676 to build the Convent of Santa Teresa d’Ávila. The church, however, was only completed in 1697. In 1665, they founded a convent of Discalced Carmelites, with works conducted by Friar José do Espírito Santo.

The facade, made in classic lines, was inspired by the Roman model of Vignola. The dome of the Church has a crown of sandstone consoles. In 1837, the Archiepiscopal Seminary was installed at the Convent of Santa Teresa. The current high altar, in silver, comes from the old See, demolished in 1933.

In 1959, the Museum of Sacred Art (MAS) was created, linked to the Federal University of Bahia (Ufba), in partnership with the Archdiocese. The architectural ensemble is a great option for those who dream of getting married in Salvador for its rich collection, with works of art since the beginning of colonization and also of European origin, and for the privileged location and view of the All Saints Bay.

In addition to all the beauty of its history, the Museum of Sacred Art has a sector with professionals specialized in organizing different types of events. The capacity of the church is for 160 seated guests. In decoration, there are some restrictions such as not using candles, not decorating the altar and not tying anything on the benches.

Address: Rua do Sodré, 25 – Dois de Julho, Salvador – BA, 40060-240.
Instagram: @masufba
More information: (71) 3243-6511 / 5593 | (71) 3283-5600 | |

Chapel of Our Lady of Victories (Pupileira)

The Church of Our Lady of Victories, dedicated to Our Lady of Victories, is also known as the Pupileira Chapel of Santa Casa da Misericórdia and is part of the Parish of Nazaré. Listed by the National Institute of Artistic and Historical Heritage (Iphan), the church was built between 1875 and 1876 by Commander Antônio de Lacerda.

The Chapel, which seats up to 220 people, is part of the architectural ensemble of Asilo dos Expostos, composed of an asylum, as well as beautiful gardens and a charming walkway of pitanga trees connecting the chapel to the halls. It has parking, security guard and event spaces. The complex is managed by Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Bahia and known for being the first institution in Brazil to house a “roda dos expostos”, a rotating device through which the orphaned babies were delivered. The item has no longer been adopted since the early 20th century.

Today, a daycare center for underprivileged children operates on site. The Chapel also includes the famous Ceremonial Queen Leonor, one of the most sought-after spaces in the capital of Bahia for holding wedding ceremonies (learn more below), which has a large adaptable ballroom and ample parking.

Address: Avenida Joana Angélica, 79 – Nazaré. Pupileira Complex. Salvador – BA, 40045-205
Instagram: @rainhaleonorcerimonial
More information: (71) 2203-9668 | (71) 3506-7275 | (71) 3506.7276 | (71) 98102-6065.

Church of Santo Antônio da Barra

Located at the top of Ladeira da Barra, this church is one of the oldest buildings in Salvador, which stands out for its classic architectural features. Although there are doubts about the exact date of its construction, historians claim that the Church of Santo Antônio da Barra was possibly opened between 1595 and 1600. It is known that it already existed at the beginning of the 17th century.

The construction is dedicated to Santo Antônio de Lisboa, a famous Franciscan friar of Portuguese origin also known as Santo Antônio “de Pádua”. Santo Antônio’s image was sculpted in natural size by the famous artist Cândido Alves de Souza. The fact that the church is on top of a hill, with a panoramic view of the All Saints Bay, makes this one of the most popular religious temples for weddings in the Bahian capital.

The interior of the church has simple altars, which follow the line of the neoclassical style, added between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. Despite the simplicity of the altarpieces, the ceiling of the church charms everyone – there is a beautiful work in painting, with the patron saint of the church as its central theme. Currently, Jesuit priests conduct religious services and activities there.

Address: Praça Santo Antônio da Barra, 1 – Barra, Salvador – BA, 40130-130
Instagram: @igantosantoantoniodabarra
More information: (71) 3022-9727 | |

Basilica of Our Lady of Conceição da Praia

Built between 1739 and 1849, the church is a tribute to Our Lady of Conceição, the patron saint of Bahia. It is one of the oldest parishes in the Archdiocese of São Salvador da Bahia. In the 20th century, important works of art were made in the temple, such as the marble tables on the side altars, dating from 1947, and the marble floor of the nave – in the place where there was a rammed earth chapel erected in 1549, as determined by the first governor general of Brazil, Tomé de Sousa.

The church stands out for its construction in the Baroque style, made entirely of lioz stone brought from Portugal, in addition to a ceiling with a Baroque illusion of Italian origin. During the day, the lighting of the church is natural through windows and glasses, with emphasis on the main altar, which is illuminated through the lantern located on the ceiling. At night, modern fixtures recently installed are used.

The beauty and the privileged location – close to the Lacerda Elevator and the Mercado Modelo – make the basilica one of the most requested places for weddings in Salvador. The building holds masses, weddings and baptisms. The area for religious worship, that is, the church nave, has a capacity for 300 people.

Address: Rua da Conceição da Praia, no number – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40015-250
Instagram: @conceicaodapraia
More information: (71) 3038-6250 / 6264 |

Church of the Third Secular Order of San Francisco

Built between the 17th and 18th centuries, the Church of the Third Order of São Francisco has one of the most beautiful facades in the Bahian capital. Made of washed sandstone and decorated with high reliefs, it is the only example in Brazil that refers to Spanish Baroque. The project is by Gabriel Ribeiro, considered one of the introducers of the Baroque in Brazil.

On the ceiling, there are paintings created by Franco Velasco. The place also houses the only set of Portuguese tiles that represents the city of Lisbon, in Portugal, before the 1755 earthquake.

Its interior was renovated in the 19th century, replacing the original Baroque decoration with neoclassical altars, considered the work of the master José de Cerqueira Torres. The set was listed by IPHAN, classified as one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World, and is part of the Historic Center of Salvador, which today is a World Heritage Site. Located in Pelourinho, the temple is super requested for weddings because of its beauty and its geographical location.

Address: Rua da Ordem Terceira, no number – Pelourinho, Salvador – BA, 40026-010
Instagram: –
More information: (71) 3321-6968

Convent of Santa Clara do Desterro

Founded in 1677, in Salvador, by Clarissa nuns from the Monastery of Évora, Portugal, the Santa Clara do Desterro Convent is the oldest female convent in Brazil and today houses a church, an elementary school – the Colégio Franciscano Santa Clara – and a social project. It is in Nazaré, just a few meters from the subway station of Campo da Pólvora and the Church of Santíssimo Sacramento and Sant’Ana.

In the convent, Mother Vitória da Encarnação lived and died (1661 – 1715), considered by many to be a saint. Two other nuns with a reputation for holiness lived in the place in the 18th century: Mother Maria da Soledade and Mother Margarida da Coluna.

The imposing monument represents monastic architecture and preserves a rich collection of sacred art. On the ground floor is the chapel of the Santíssimo Crucifixo dos Passos, with an altar from the 18th century. The tower is also from the first half of the century. The convent is located around two cloisters, with the church on one side. The church has a single nave, chancel, “low choir” and “high choir” and side access, with neoclassical decoration, the result of the reforms of the 19th century. The average capacity in the place, which today is much sought-after by couples for ceremonies, is about 200 people.

Address: Rua Santa Clara, Nazaré, Salvador – BA, 40301-110
More information: (71) 3243-1935

Church of the Third Order of Carmo

Built between 1788 and 1860, the Church of the Third Order of Carmo in Salvador is located next to the Church of the First Order, in Ladeira do Carmo, in the Historic Center of Salvador. Its construction extended until 1900.

The temple was erected after the fire that, in the Holy Week of 1787, completely destroyed the previous building, saving only the image of the Dead Christ, who was, at the time, in the Church of the First Order of Carmo. Currently, the church has traces of the Baroque style, with several Gothic details.

As the church holds up to 300 guests and is in one of the most beautiful places in Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, it is very popular for masses and weddings.

Address: Rua do Carmo, 1 – Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, Salvador – BA, 40301-380
More information: (71) 3242-0182

Top Places to Get Married in Salvador

Fera Palace – Space for weddings

Salão Dona Flor. Fera Palace Hotel. Salvador Bahia. Foto divulgação.

Built in Art Deco style in 1934 by Commander Martins Catharino, one of the richest men of the time, the Fera Palace Hotel was inspired by the Flatiron Building in New York. The monumental building has a façade composed of 230 original external ornaments and 640 solid wood windows. The entire façade, listed by the National Institute of Artistic and Historical Heritage (IPHAN), in addition to the ornaments and windows, were restored, preserving the authenticity and originality of the property.

On the 1st floor, the former Casino room, a setting immortalized in the work “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands”, by Jorge Amado, was transformed into a Ballroom, with a ceiling height of 6m and a capacity for 300 people. The space is suitable for hosting wedding ceremonies for Bahians and tourists looking to combine accommodation with the location of the wedding party, providing a practical and comfortable experience.

Fera Palace Hotel
Location: Historic Center – Rua Chile, 20 – Comércio, Salvador – BA, Brazil
Contact: (71) 3036-9200.
Instagram: @ferahoteis
More information:

Casa Pia de São Joaquim

Casa Pia de São Joaquim. Calçada. Salvador Bahia. Foto Luca Castro.

With over 200 years of history, Casa Pia de São Joaquim, on Avenida Jequitaia, is located in front of a square, next to the sea, and in November it once again started hosting social events, mainly weddings, cultural, academic and corporate events . It was built as a Jesuit novitiate in the early 18th century. After the expulsion of the Jesuits from Brazil in 1759, the complex became an orphanage.

After many years working as an orphanage, the philanthropic entity founded in 1799 recently resumed the events suspended in 2012, as another source of revenue for the maintenance of its philanthropic activities. The space, listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Service, is ideal for weddings, dinners and graduation parties. It currently works as a free educational institution for children, which pedagogical project encompass early childhood education from group 2 to group 5, with an option for full-time education.

On the ground floor, Casa Pia de São Joaquim has a Chapel and Atrium (outside area). It is on this floor that the 14 classrooms are also located. On the first floor, the listed mansion has several rooms for various events and even an auditorium with a capacity for 177 people.

Address: Avenida Jequitaia, 375 – Calçada, Salvador – BA, 40411-120
Instagram: @casapiaoficial
More information: (71) 3331-3339 | (71) 99924-1594 | |

Ceremonial Queen Leonor (Pupileira)

We have already spoken a little above, but the Ceremonial Queen Leonor, in Pupileira, is at the top of the list of most disputed places to get married in Salvador. This is because the space has a first-rate sophistication, beauty and infrastructure.

The main hall is over 1600 m² in size, bringing together the secular architecture of Santa Casa da Bahia and the modernity of facilities that offer all the comfort and security that a great event needs. In addition to weddings, it is also an excellent space for birthday parties, graduations, baptisms, musical presentations, exhibitions, conventions, and corporate meetings in general.

The complex consists of a central covered patio, air conditioned and with acoustics, which has a capacity for up to 1500 people comfortably. In addition, it has an equipped pantry, support room, dressing room, playroom, large outdoor area, parking for guests with more than 250 spaces, VIP parking for 13 cars, four air-conditioned rooms and also the Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Vitórias. The service already includes a full-time administrator, security guards, electrician on duty, cleaning staff and generators.

Address: Avenida Joana Angélica, 79 – Nazaré. Pupileira Complex. Salvador – BA, 40045-205
Instagram: @rainhaleonorcerimonial
More information: (71) 2203-9668 | (71) 3506-7275 | (71) 3506.7276 | (71) 98102-6065.

Casa Salvatore

Located in Cabula, Casa Salvatore is a large, modern place, with a complete infrastructure and environments designed for different styles of events. Its environments are modulated, being able to receive from 100 to 800 guests. Thus, you can also make the ceremony and party in the same place.

Among the highlights of the space is an air-conditioned lounge with an area of ​​700 m², two dressing rooms, private parking, a privileged location, complete security project, pantry and industrial kitchen.

Address: Rua dos Rodoviários, 888 – Cabula, Salvador – BA, 41150-125
Instagram: @casasalvatore
More information: (71) 2132-5042 / (71) 99144-1030 | (71) 98338-4460 | | |

Amado Restaurant

Restaurante Amado. Salão Principal. Foto: Assessoria.

Known for its exquisite cuisine – with warm couverts, fresh starters, a fine wine list and superb main dishes: pasta, seafood, poultry and game meat – the Amado Restaurant, in Comércio, is also a great option for those who dream of getting married in a sophisticated place on the edge of the All Saints Bay.

Amado hosts all types of events – be it a breakfast, a relaxed cocktail, a happy hour birthday or a mega wedding party. The restaurant structure can be adapted as needed, including the adaptation of the parking lot and the tables for reception.

With a super modern decor and walls of different textures, the establishment itself is already beautiful, not needing much decoration. Some flowers already make a beautiful wedding.

Address: Avenida Lafayete Coutinho, 660 – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40015-160
Instagram: @buffetamado | @restauranteamado
More information: (71) 99231.4660 | (71) 3322-3520 | |

Ceremonial Villa Toscana

Ceremonial Villa Toscana, in Itapuã, is another super venue for weddings, graduations, among other events.

The house stands out for its accessibility and for being fully air-conditioned. It also has sound insulation, stage and dressing room for bands, kitchen and VIP room with makeup space for brides. For couples who want to have the religious ceremony at the same place as the party, Villa Toscana has an equipped outdoor area and terrace overlooking the sea.

Among the services offered are security guards, cleaning agents and party supervisor.

Address: Rua do Romance, 5 – Itapuã, Salvador – BA, 41620-415
Instagram: @cerimonialvillatoscana
More information: (71) 98787-4223 | (71) 3375-0205 | |

Ceremonial Conceição da Praia

Cerimonial Conceição da Praia. Casas Conceito. Salvador Bahia Brasil. Foto; Amanda Oliveira

Linked to the basilica and administered by the Brotherhood of Santíssimo Sacramento and Our Lady of Conceição da Praia, the Ceremonial of the same name was renovated in 2019, combining modern architecture with the original interior walls. Since then, the space formed by the union of the two houses next to the church has become once again one of the most requested places for marriage in the capital of Bahia.

One of the great news of the renovation was the facade, which mixes references from the past and the present. While the front of house number 32 has more elements of the original facade, the house number 34 has more new elements, since it was practically completely destroyed in 2010.
The two buildings, listed by the National Institute of Artistic and Historical Heritage (Iphan), were unified, and have four floors, two large ballrooms, dressing rooms and air-conditioned environments.

Address: Rua da Conceição da Praia, no number – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40015-250
Instagram: @conceicaodapraia
More information: (71) 3038-6250 / 6264 |

Gran Hotel Stella Maris

The Gran Hotel Stella Maris Urban Resort & Conventions, located in Stella Maris, has several spaces for events, including weddings. There are rooms and foyers in different sizes, with exclusive services for each type of event.

For weddings, the resort also has a chapel, which allows part of the ceremony to be held outdoors, overlooking the beach of Stella Maris. This wedding style is a trend among grooms who get married in Bahia, especially in the summer, when the rainfalls decrease and the sun takes longer to set.

The place stands out for being in a strategic location – close to the airport and by the sea – and for partnerships with wedding service providers. Another convenience that attracts couples is the beautiful suites for the grooms to get ready together with their families and friends.

Address: Praça Stella Maris, 200 – Stella Maris, Salvador – BA, 41600-500
Instagram: @granhotelstellamaris
More information: (71) 3413-0000 | (71) 3413-0200 – WhatsApp |

Casa Cloc

For those who dream of getting married with the privileged view of the All Saints Bay in the background, Casa Cloc, located on Avenida Contorno, in a historic area – in front of the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) and Bahia Marina – in the Comércio district, brings a bucolic and sophisticated air to the event.

A stronghold of Bahian high society in the 1970s, Casa Cloc – where the former Cloc Nightclub used to be – has a capacity for 450 people and is very versatile, as it makes it possible to hold larger or smaller parties. The outdoor area can be used as an extension of the space, serving as a place for tables, lounge, or religious ceremony. It is also possible to install a cover in the external area, if necessary. For smaller parties, the ceremony can be held indoors, without losing the sunset.

Super-lit, the space is very clean and allows any type of decoration. The highlight is the balcony with a privileged view of the All Saints Bay, which allows an incredible setting for any wedding. The place also has a mezzanine with vip space; independent bar with vertical freezer and two coolers; structure for sound and scenic lighting with double height; host and artist spaces; nursery; toilets; waste deposit and locker room service. The acoustics and structure of the site have been renovated, including the kitchen, air conditioning and larger bathrooms.

The ceremonial services include: a duty manager; two security guards; two brigade members; three general service assistants; an electrician on duty; fee from the Central Office for the Collection and Distribution of Rights (ECAD); eight free parking spaces.

Address: Ladeira do Gabriel, 334 – Dois de Julho, Salvador – BA, 40060-080
Instagram: @casacloc
More information: (71) 4104-6286 | 98258-7862 | | | |

Chácara Baluarte

The Casa or Chácara Baluarte, located in Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, at the top of the Historic Center of Salvador, has a beautiful space for events and ceremonies. It is one of the most requested places for weddings in Salvador. It enchants by the details, the outdoor structure and the breathtaking view. The entire complex around the historic 18th century mansion is prepared to welcome up to 2,800 people, accommodated in environments that combine classic and modern, as well as valet parking for 150 vehicles.

The place has air-conditioned bathrooms with accessibility (female, male and people with special needs), elevators, terrace overlooking the sea, private parking, guesthouse, large green area and industrial kitchen.

The bride’s suite, an extremely comfortable space and rich in details, with 330 m², was designed to serve as a support before and after the wedding party, and also stands out for its beauty. With spacious beds and a sophisticated decoration, the environment was planned precisely to provide the couple with full body and mental relaxation. The suite is surrounded by the main tourist spots in Salvador, such as the city’s port, the Church of Senhor do Bonfim, Ponta do Humaitá and Forte de São Marcelo.

Address: Ladeira do Baluarte, 20 – Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, Salvador – BA, 40301-385
Instagram: @ casa.baluarte
More information: (71) 99627-8785 | (71) 3327-0367

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