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A walk through Pelourinho, Santo Antônio Além do Carmo and Comércio

Experiencing the Center, exploring places and exchanging experiences is the proposal of the web series #VemProCentro, which will feature three episodes. The project is part of the #VemProCentro, a campaign to enhance the city’s Historic Center, designed to encourage residents and tourists to rediscover the region. You can check it out at @visitsalvadordabahia on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Actress Thais Lago was invited to star in and command the stroll through the streets of Pelourinho, Santo Antônio Além do Carmo and Comércio, some of the city’s most famous neighborhoods. Its stories, architectures, art, cuisine and peculiarities will be unveiled throughout the three videos. Interestingly, Thais was born in Salvador, but has been living in São Paulo for a long time. It means that she is really rediscovering her own city, and knowing places she had never been to before. The immersion was real and exciting.

The #VemProCentro project aims to promote the occupation of the central region also on weekends, mainly attracting residents to a revitalized, livelier, colorful Historical Center and full of cultural activities. In the first episode, Thais Lago leads the tour around Pelourinho, the first neighborhood to be unveiled by the actress.

To foster this occupation of the central region also on weekends, Bahian actress Thais Lago went to the streets to unravel the secrets of the city. “I was surprised by a very different center from what I had in my memories. It was a real immersion”, says Thais.

“Pelourinho is full of history and many colors. There, wherever you go, the excitement is constant”, she reveals. “I had never had Coconut Maltado (ice cream shaken with iced milk and powdered milk). Boy, how did I never know this wonder?!”, the actress wonders.

The three episodes will be released on @visitsalvadordabahia on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, on December 4th (Pelourinho), 11th (Santo Antônio Além do Carmo) and 18th (Comércio). The #VemProCentro project is from Salvador City Hall. The web series was produced by the Secretariat of Culture and Tourism (SECULT) and the Usina Digital agency, in partnership with the Mandinga Filmes producer.

Santo Antônio Além do Carmo is a rarity! It has samba circle, art in the streets, many cultural spaces and residents in love with the neighborhood. Between conversations, the actress discovered people, places and flavors. Do you want to know more? Watch it all in the second episode of the #VemProCentro web series.

Rediscover Salvador through the eyes of a soteropolitan that hadn’t come here for a long time. With the web series, Thais Lago showed Salvador center charms and made us love the city even more. In this last episode, the actress walked around where it all started: Comércio neighborhood. Learn a little more about this neighborhood secrets.

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