Salvador by Soteropolitanos: from Vitória to Barra

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Salvador por Soteropolitanos. Da Vitória a Barra.
Salvador por Soteropolitanos. Da Vitória a Barra.
Salvador por Soteropolitanos. Da Vitória a Barra.
Salvador por Soteropolitanos. Da Vitória a Barra.
Salvador por Soteropolitanos. Da Vitória a Barra.
Salvador por Soteropolitanos. Da Vitória a Barra.

Webseries travels through Salvador showing experiences with the eyes of the people of Salvador

Beach, gastronomy and art

Salvador by Soteropolitanos takes you around the city showing you small great daily experiences. We toured several locations such as Pelourinho, Barra, Itapuã, Lower City, Rio Vermelho and Subúrbio, meeting people and their relationship with the city and, thus, discovering (or rediscovering) this beautiful Salvador.

Salvador by Soteropolitanos

What we want is to inspire you and make sure that, after watching, you will take your mask and 70° alcohol gel and go exploring your own city. If you are not from here, take this tour with the eyes of the people of Salvador. In this itinerary, we go with you to Pelourinho. We have gathered here all the important tips and information for conscious tourism.

“Each wave that hits the stone makes the city a little different. Salvador goes to the beat of the sea, the drum, the fish that falls in my net. Here no two days are alike”, says Galego, a fisherman.
Galego fishes in the waters in front of Vila Brandão, and is in this second episode of the webseries.

Here we go

Paulo Darzé Gallery

Artistic effervescence in Salvador, this gallery is dedicated exclusively to contemporary Bahian and Brazilian art in its most varied expressions, languages ​​and techniques, presenting permanent samples of the collection, temporary, individual and collective exhibitions.

Paulo Darzé Galeria

It has an extensive collection and a bookstore specializing in art books. For the programming of temporary exhibitions, permanent exhibitions and other information about the artists, access this link.

“We have a cultural circuit, with institutions connected and focused on the traditional arts system. And we also have a very exuberant architecture, right? With large secular houses still very well preserved ”, says Thaís Darzé, curator of Paulo Darzé Gallery.


Paulo Darzé Gallery
Date: Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm; and Saturdays, from 9 am to 1 pm.
Location: Rua Dr. Chrysippo de Aguiar, 8, Corredor da Vitória, Salvador.
Contact: (71) 3267-0930

Palacete das Artes (Palace of Arts)

The Palace houses temporary exhibitions by important artists in the visual arts scene in Bahia, Brazil and other countries, as well as a store and Solar Café. In the gardens, amidst the centenary trees and diverse species of native flora, there are four sculptures , in bronze, by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin. The place is very charming!
“It is a journey that goes far beyond visiting spaces. It’s like talking to the city, you know? It’s like traveling to a new place. Establishing contacts, experiences, and affections with these spaces”, says Janaína Mendes, technical advisor at Palacete das Artes
Also called “Villa Catharino”, Palacete das Artes was the home of Commander Bernardo Martins Catharino, who, not by chance, today names two residential buildings in its surroundings. The architectural design of the property was idealized by the architect Rossi Baptista and decorated by Oreste Sercelli, being completed in 1912.


Palacete das Artes
R. da Graça, 284 – Graça, Salvador – BA, 40150-060
Visitation: Tuesday to Friday, from 1pm to 7pm. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 2pm to 6pm.
Phone #: (71) 3117-6987

Cantinho da Jô, in Vila Brandão

Vila Brandão is located between the Corredor da Vitória and the Yatch Club of Bahia, in Ladeira da Barra. The entrance is next to the Church of Vitória and to the Wildberger lookout. Surrounding it are the Santo Antônio da Barra church, the English Cemetery, the slope of Barra and at the top is the Church of Vitória.

This is one of those places that will make you wonder: why didn’t I discover this before? With a privileged view to the sea, Vila Brandão is full of high spirits! You can also take an excellent dip from one of the piers, from where you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset. Bring your appetite for this ride: inside Vila Brandão, there is Cantinho da Jô, with delicious food, full of flavor and affection.

Cantinho da Jô is simple and cozy, with a superb view. In addition, the price is fair and affordable. Get there early to get a table overlooking the sea. After 2pm, you can have queues.

For a perfect meal, start with a sururu broth and, if you’re with a group of friends, also order a fried fish in pieces with black-eyed beans and vinaigrette or a classic pititinga. Among the great options of moquecas, our suggestions are the “catado de aratu” with green papaya, the mariscada or the maxixe with banana da terra.

Address: Vila Brandão – Graça, Salvador – BA, 40130-125
Cantinho da Jô phone #: (71) 99103-6024

Santo Antônio da Barra Church

The Santo Antônio da Barra Church already existed at the beginning of the 17th century, with a possible construction date between 1595 and 1600. It is at the top of the hill, with a panoramic view of the All Saints Bay, accessed by Ladeira da Barra.

“And what a lot of Soteropolitans don’t know, is that when they enter the Santo Antônio da Barra Church, in addition to being surprised by the roof, by the architecture, they will find this blessed view of Porto da Barra. And it’s all open to the public. Anyone who wants to come, just do it” says Marcos Augusto, Jesuit of the Santo Antônio da Barra Church.

The church was founded in Vila Velha, the first settlement for the purpose of colonization in the city. Located on a hill, the building is made of stone and lime masonry, in a single nave, which choir has a kind of wider corridor that houses rooms on the left wing. The sacristy and meeting room are beside the chancel. The interior decoration is neoclassical.

Praça Santo Antônio da Barra, 1 – Barra, Salvador – BA 40130-130
For mass information and visiting hours: (71) 3022-9727

Two forts in Porto da Barra

In the most charming and busy cove of the city, there are also two important cultural facilities: the “Espaço Carybé das Artes” and the “Museu da Fotografia da Bahia”. Each at a point in Porto da Barra, the spaces make it possible to combine a day of rest on the beach sands with an immersion of knowledge.

“The São Diogo Fort, together with the Santa Maria Fort, were built as a strategy to reinforce the defensive system that already existed due to Farol da Barra, better known militarily as Santo Antônio da Barra Fort. You can come here to visit our cultural spaces, but you can immerse yourself in the history and especially in the history of Salvador”, explains Captain Marco Antônio, who coordinates the Forts.

The Espaço Carybé das Artes is a virtual universe of reliefs, textures and colors. This Technological Center, reference of the artist’s life and work, has several resources of digital media and virtual reality. Find out more at this link

Espaço Carybé das Artes

Santa Maria Fort houses the Espaço Pierre Verger, Museum of Photography in Bahia. The space is dedicated to the appreciation, recognition and dissemination of Bahian photography. In addition to the legacy of the Franco-Bahian ethnologist and photographer Pierre Verger, there is also the work of over 60 photographers who were born or decided to live in Bahia.

“The spaces are very important, because they have an art and education bias. Bahian culture is exposed in a very delicate way. It is a different look for each Bahian character, for each Bahian citizen, for each Bahian routine”, says Ana Carla, supervisor of cultural spaces.

To top it off, daily, from 6:15 pm to 7:00 pm, images from the collections are projected using the video mapping technique on the facade of these two Forts. So colorful! Really beautiful!


Espaço Carybé das Artes
Location: Fort of São Diogo, Porto da Barra, Salvador.
Espaço Pierre Verger – Museum of Photography of Bahia
Location: Fort of Santa Maria, Porto da Barra, Salvador.
Important: you can use the same ticket to visit the two forts.

Contemplate Salvador from another point of view: dive!

It is not just above sea level that Bahia enchants! Under the water, there is a private universe, full of colors, formations, species and… history! You can choose, for example, a thematic dive for the secular boats that were shipwrecked in Salvador or be amazed by the marine life of numerous diving points scattered along the coast of Salvador.

“The Soteropolitan, I believe, know a little about Porto da Barra Beach, the top part. And they don’t know the wealth that we have here. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful urban beach in the world. Very few places have the biodiversity we have here in Porto da Barra”, says Robson Oliveira, diving instructor

According to Robson, you don’t even need autonomous diving equipment. With a simple mask, a snorkel, you can enjoy the beauties of Porto da Barra. There are many schools and diving operators in Salvador. Some offer professional diving training and education and others recreational diving, free diving and beach baptism diving, recommended for beginners. Learn more at this link

Mergulhar é preciso!


Galeão Sacramento
Address: Av. Sete de Setembro, 3835, Loja 08, Porto da Barra Shopping Center, Barra, Salvador-BA
Phone #: (71) 3264-2064

Address: Av. Octávio Mangabeira, 1601, Loja 4, Pituba, CEP 41.830-050 – Salvador-BA
Phone #: (71) 3248-2250

Bahia Scuba
Address: Avenida Lafaiete Coutinho (Av. Contorno), 1010, Bahia Marina – store 5 – Commerce. Salvador BA. CEP: 40.015-160
Facsimile: (71) 3321.0156 | 3322.0044

Point Pink

Anyone passing by Porto da Barra seafront cannot help but notice a completely pink hot dog cart. From the decoration, the pots, to the owner’s own clothes, everything is pink. Hot Dog’s Point Pink has existed for 7 years and is already a contemporary classic of Salvador.

Marcia Cardozo dos Santos, known as Pink, has a loyal clientele, which in addition to eating the snacks she makes, don’t miss the opportunity to take many photos. Good food, with a touch of marketing that is only seen in Bahia.

“After a beautiful dip in the sea, in the late afternoon, we get hungry. And where are we going? To the Hot Dog’s Point Pink, right? Before working here I always visited (Porto da Barra), always came here because I think it’s a very inspiring place”, says Marcia.

Important precautions

With the covid-19 pandemic, the capital of Bahia has been adapting to this new normal. During the tours, visitors should pay attention to the use of the mask, 70º alcohol gel and keep a safe distance from other people. Call in advance and find out about the security protocols of the places to be visited to avoid contamination.

This is the Plan for Resumption of Activities in Salvador. Understand all the working protocols in this link.