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Porto da Barra. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tercio Campelo.

Learn more about the details that make Salvador’s beaches unique and beautiful

Porto da Barra. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tercio Campelo.

The hot weather has arrived and brought with it the urge for a dip in the sea! The city of Salvador is privileged for its beautiful beaches and there are plenty of good options for those looking for relaxing moments in the middle of nature. To enjoy your days on the sand and in the sea, we have created a list about the characteristics of Salvador’s beaches that you cannot miss.

Don’t forget to bring your mask, 70° alcohol gel, sunscreen and remember to drink lots of water, whether natural or from coconut. With excessive heat, body hydration is essential for you to spend days with energy and tranquility on the beach.

The best beach to take a dip

For visitors and residents, being here and not knowing the famous Porto da Barra beach is almost forbidden! Calm and warm waters make the sea bath in Porto known worldwide.

This beach is one of the tourist spots in Bahia, with several hotels, bars and restaurants around. Dearest to the residents and tourists, its waters seem to embrace you in each dive! The crystal clear waters are an invitation to spend your time having fun there.

In addition to water sports classes, there is also the Museum of Photography and the Espaço Carybé, one on each side of the shore: one in the Santa Maria Fort; and the other, in São Diogo Fort. Be sure to enjoy the sunset: it’s breathtaking!

Praia do Porto da Barra

Have you thought about scuba diving and snorkeling in Salvador? Well, put it on your list now. The sea of ​​Salvador is a private universe. Here is one of the best places to dive in Brazil, with stunning fauna and flora, pleasant water temperature and calm sea, even on cloudy days, in addition to having a high visibility, since we are in a city that, for most of the year, is sunny. To learn more about diving lessons, click on this link.

Mergulhar é preciso!

Make vibes and take conceptual photos

Crystal clear sea, stunning view of the All Saints Bay and works of art. This hiding place is at the bottom of Contorno Avenue, close to Bahia Marina. There, there is a small cove with calm and crystalline waters. It is where the “Prainha do Mam” – Museum of Modern Art of Bahia – is located. The main public are residents, tourists and, mainly, young hipsters, which have transformed the strip of sand into one of the most popular points of recent times. Things of Salvador! Where else would you find a beach inside a museum?

The beach functions as a tourist spot and leisure area, as it is inside the Sculpture Park, which, when opened in the late 90s, was the first cultural space in the country specially planned for permanent outdoor sculpture exhibition. Find out all about this beach at this link.

Prainha do MAM

The best for surfing

Jaguaribe Beach is located at the mouth of the river with the same name and between the beaches of Patamares and Piatã. With several coconut trees along the shore, the sidewalk also has a jogging track and a bike path.

The site has hosted championships of many sports, including surfing. The green sea has very strong waves and it is there that the main surfing and kite surfing schools in the city are located.

Jaguaribe is a clean, urban beach with warm water. Even when it gets more crowded on weekends, it is a possible place to relax, and even with waves, it is safe. Near the beach, there are supermarkets, restaurants, a drugstore and parking on the waterfront. During the week, the beach is practically empty, excellent for walking and relaxing. Learn more about this beach at this link.

Praia de Jaguaribe

To take a picture and post with the caption: “Passei uma tarde em Itapuã”

There are a lot of water sports in the neighborhood eternalized in the verses by Vinícius de Moraes. Itapuã means “round stone” in the Tupi language. The neighborhood has a sidewalk with coconut trees along the entire coastline, which has been entirely redeveloped. It is also on the sidewalk that we can find the famous statue of the Mermaid of Itapuã.

The sea is calm, of medium waves with emerald water. In certain places, there are large stones that form natural pools. Depending on the point on the beach where you stay, it is possible to practice surfing and other water sports.

Rua da Música – also known as Rua K – was very frequented by artists, musicians and sportsmen from Salvador in the 70s and 80s. Until today, it is the meeting point for sportsmen in general and for those who want to practice Windsurfing and S.U.P.

Visitors can go to the Itapuã Lighthouse, a true postcard of the city, and appreciate the many fishing boats in its mediations. On the way to the lighthouse, you can still see mosaics on the walls of houses and installations in the sand, made by the artist Bel Borba. The beach has huts and kiosks at many points along the shore, where you can rent parasols and chairs. Learn more at this link.

Praia de Itapuã

Rodas de altinha, Porto da Barra. Foto: Amanda Oliveira

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