Discover the 06 most beautiful natural pools in Salvador

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Praia da Paciência. Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia. Fotos: Fábio Marconi
Salvador por Soteropolitanos. Itapuã.
Farol da Barra. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Praia do Buracão. Rio Vermelho. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Fábio Marconi.

Safe, warm and beautiful for taking pictures, the pools are ideal for enjoying with children and relaxing

Salvador’s seafront has beaches of all types, from urban to the most remote; with waves or without waves; busy or calm; close to famous tourist spots and those that are the most famous point in itself; and there are also those natural pools with super easy access.

Because it is a coast full of rocks, the influence of the tides is quite visible: sometimes the rocks are covered by the sea, sometimes completely apparent. Tides are periodic changes in the height of the ocean’s surface at a given location. That is, there is an oscillation in sea water level, both above and below the average height. These changes occur due to the gravitational attraction exerted by the Moon on Earth and, to a lesser extent, by the Sun on Earth.

If you are one of those people who like to relax in these small oases formed by nature, this list is for you. Discover the 06 most beautiful natural pools in Salvador. The tip is always to keep an eye on the tide table apps, choose the lowest tide, and enjoy. Come with us!

Barra Lighthouse

1. Right corner

One of the most beautiful pools is right next to Barra Lighthouse, in the right corner. You can enjoy the calm waters of the All Saints Bay while taking that photo with the lighthouse in the background. On this side, the pools are smaller, so they can be disputed.

2. Left corner

On the left side, further into the sea, a natural pool of considerable size is formed, allowing you to relax and float in it. This is where the bay ends and the open sea begins, so there might be some waves. Go at low tide.

3. Paciência Beach

This beach is very charming. In the heart of Rio Vermelho, close to Casa de Iemanjá, there is a white balustrade that surrounds this cove. Paciência Beach is that typical neighborhood beach, frequented mainly by residents. There are rock formations on both sides, but on the right side is where the coolest pools are: there is a big one!
After the relaxing bath, it is worth walking along the sand towards Largo de Santana. On the way you will still come across other smaller pools.

4. Buracão Beach

Buracão is a boiling beach, there is always a fun atmosphere on the sands. The sea is not calm at all, but if you arrive at the right time, at low tide, you can enjoy the calm natural pools. Keep an eye on the tide table!

5. Itapuã

Located to the north of the city, Itapuã is outside the All Saints Bay. There, a formation of corals called angra – a small bay or cove – takes place, making the place a protected area. In some points, there are large rocks that form natural pools, perfect for enjoying with children. Your photos will look beautiful, with the iconic Itapuã Lighthouse as the star.

6. Pedra do Sal

Pedra do Sal beach is a paradise. The strip of sand is wide, the sea has very clean waters, and there are coconut trees everywhere. The rock formations are large, which provides peaceful bathing in the natural pools at low tide. But be aware: the sea is rough at high tide.

Remember to wear sunscreen and hydrate, ok?