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Rua Dr. Chrysippo de Aguiar, 8. Corredor da Vitória, Salvador - Bahia - 40081-310
4hs - 6hs
 Galeria RV, no Rio Vermelho. Foto: Assessoria
 Galeria RV, no Rio Vermelho. Foto: Assessoria
Igreja da Barroquinha e entrada para o Teatro Gregório de Matos. Fotos: Fábio Marconi
Restaurante Porto do Moreira. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Restaurante Porto do Moreira. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Fera Palace Hotel. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Fera Palace Hotel. Foto: Assessoria
Fera Palace Hotel. Foto: Assessoria
Fera Palace Hotel. Foto: Assessoria
Fera Palace Hotel. Foto: Assessoria
Fera Palace Hotel. Foto: Assessoria
Fera Palace Hotel. Foto: Assessoria

About the Tour

We start the tour through the most bohemian neighborhood of the city: Rio Vermelho! The RV Gallery is known for its comics and Contemporary Art. The gallery promotes, mainly, Bahian artists, holds a series of workshops, autograph sessions and events associated with graphic narratives.

It also has a respectable bookstore, specializing in comics, from Americans to Japanese, from the most recent to the oldest and rarest, and an own publishing label. The space is ample and bright, and always receives a nice schedule.

Then head to the noble neighborhood of Vitoria, which was one of the Brazilian centers of artistic concentration in the 1940s and continues as a Bahia artistic and cultural refuge. In the same area, you will go in two prestigious spaces with excellent programming and permanent projects.

Paulo Darzé Gallery, one of the most important art spaces in Bahia is one of them. The gallery is dedicated exclusively to contemporary Bahian and Brazilian art in its most varied expressions, languages and techniques, presenting permanent exhibitions of the collection, temporary exhibitions, individual and collective.

At the Goethe-Institut, you will find an atmosphere as if you were in a big arts school. And it’s more or less like that. Goethe is the international cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. It promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and international cultural exchange. Its artistic program is vigorous by a young and dynamic selection.

Are you hungry? Let’s go to Portugal!

In the middle of the chaotic Rua do Cabeça, in Rua Carlos Gomes, stands one of the Portuguese cuisine treasures: Porto do Moreira Restaurant. Unknown by many residents and, in the same proportion, loved by regular clients, the restaurant is one of those you have to know. Try the famous meat moqueca or the stew. They are sensational.

Very popular among samba and football lovers, its walls are covered by pictures that tell a little of the history of the place. Worth to get up and look. The tables in the best boteco style are good to go with groups. The fraternization atmosphere continues even during the week.

The traditional meat moqueca. Photo: Fábio Marconi

Depending on how much you’ve eaten, head straight to the last point. Have a coffee at the Fera Palace Hotel! But if you have not eaten much, two other places that are worth a lot are Espaço Caixa Cultural, which you can walk from the restaurant. There are always exhibitions there that run Brazil and the world. Then, it’s worth going to Gregório de Matos Theater, in Barroquinha. Calm down, it’s all in the same neighborhood. There is an iconic staircase there of Lina Bo Bardi, an Italian-Brazilian modernist architect. It’s a nice photo shoot place up the stairs, so beautiful. The place receives renowned theater pieces, exhibitions and shows. Stay tuned on schedule.

A stellar coffee

Our last stop of the day is in one of the coolest hotels in the city: the Fera Palace Hotel. If you are staying there, I suggest you go upstairs to see the sunset from the pool… it’s gorgeous. If you are not a guest, don’t miss the opportunity to know it. Choose between a coffee in the Lobby bar or lunch at Adamastor restaurant (if you have not eaten yet). Very good to experience.


RV Culture and Art
Cardeal da Silva Avenue, 158, Rio Vermelho, Salvador
Phone: (71) 3347-4929. Email:

Paulo Darzé Gallery
Dr. Chrysippo de Aguiar Street, 8, Corredor da Vitória, Salvador
Phone: (71) 3267-0930. email:

Sete de Setembro Avenue, 1809 – Vitória, Salvador
Phone: (71) 3338-4700

Porto do Moreira Restaurant
Carlos Gomes Street, 488 – Dois de Julho, Salvador
Phone: (71) 3322-2814

Fera Palace Hotel
Chile Street, 20 – Centro Histórico, Salvador
Phone: (71) 3036-9200

Espaço Caixa Cultural
Carlos Gomes Street, 57 – Centro, Salvador
Phone: (71) 3421-4200

Gregório de Matos Theater
Praça Castro Alves, s / n – Centro, Salvador
Phone: (71) 3202-7888

By Fernanda Slama
Content Coordinator