A romantic route to make your July vacation become unforgettable

2 horas - 4 horas
Sorveteria e Lanchonete Le Glacier Laporte. Pelourinho, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira .
Restaurante Preta. Ilha dos Frades, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Restaurante Di Janela. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Basílica de Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Praia. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tércio Campelo.

An itinerary full of culture, gastronomy and a paradise island to enjoy Salvador in 3 days with your love

July vacation has started and you and your love decided to take a tour of the Bahian capital. Visit Salvador da Bahia has prepared some itineraries full of tips for tourists who come to spend 3 days in the city. It has suggestions for cultural tours, sights, restaurants, entertainment, outdoor walks and beaches for those who want to experience life throughout the day.

This itinerary is for a couple who loves to “tourist” together, and celebrate love any day. On the list, there are cultural tours, romantic lunches and dinners, partying and even a day by the sea of ​​Bahia, on a boat trip through the All Saints Bay. Oh, how much love!!! Come with us…

First day


A dream for many couples in love, going to a desert island is indeed a tourist route option in Salvador. In fact, it’s not very desert (lol), but it’s heavenly. The capital of Bahia has three islands: Maré, Frades and Bom Jesus dos Passos, which are on the outskirts of the city and are known for their fine sand beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful landscapes. Ilha de Itaparica (Itaparica) is in another municipality, as is Morro de São Paulo (Cairu).

The most practical way to get to the islands is through catamaran tours organized by several tourist agencies in Salvador. A more intimate way is to rent a boat and take a private nautical tour. This way, you have the opportunity to organize a personalized itinerary, without depending on other groups of people. Learn more at this link.

So, for this romantic day, your program starts with the All Saints Bay. The couple can stop for a swim at Viração Beach, a cove located in the central part of Ilha dos Frades, and from there head to Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach, which is very close. Once you get there, after disembarking at the terminal, go up to the viewpoint to see the little church and admire the beautiful view. This is one of the five Brazilian beaches with the International Blue Flag certificate, a symbol of preservation. Learn more at this link.


When you finish the walk along the beautiful edge of Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe beach, lunch will be at the Preta restaurant or Taperia Asador. At Preta, you will take a real sensorial journey through the colors and textures of the decoration, the music and the flavors. On the menu, the dishes are beachy, the kind you want to eat when you’re by the sea. The most requested is the red fish, baked with a butter sauce and Sicilian lemon, in the oven, with plantain, pupunha heart and curd farofa.

Taperia Asador is owned by the same owners of La Taperia, in Rio Vermelho, known for its Spanish wines and famous tapas. At the island’s unit, the menu has traditional Spanish dishes, which have been reinterpreted and are served roasted. In addition, they serve black angus meats (different cuts), pork and milk lamb. Important: Reservations must be made by calling (71) 99929-7070.

After saying goodbye to Guadalupe, pass by boat through Loreto, also on Ilha dos Frades. In addition to the thousand photos in front of the beautiful little church by the sea, the couple can still catch an unforgettable sunset from the sea, as they return to the city.


For the evening, we have two great tips: a drink at the Latvian secret bar and dinner at Macelleria Quitéria, at Bahia Marina, on Avenida Lafayete Coutinho. The Macelleria Quitéria restaurant, at Bahia Marina, is inspired by Italian butchers. The space specializes in prime cuts and special meats. The house is named in honor of the Bahian heroine Maria Quitéria. The Latvian is a kind of “secret bar”, opened in Bahia Marina. The establishment is inside the Macelleria Quitéria. The speakeasy concept is a unique experience, with an exclusive menu, fumoir, cocktails developed by exclusive mixologists and one of the largest wineries in the city. More info.

It’s worth checking if the “Jam no MAM” is happening, because it’s an unmissable event, and it’s close by, at Solar do Unhão, in the courtyard of the Bahia Museum of Modern Art. The performances mix jazz standards with their authorial repertoire and the many rhythmic references of Bahian culture. The result is the creation of a JAM-style jazz at MAM, where the percussive force of the local culture induces a “Bahian accent” in the interpretations of each song.

But if the proposal is an intimate dinner, the destination is Andina Cozinha Latina, a restaurant located in a small house in the Graça neighborhood, in Salvador. The menu is inspired by the cultural and gastronomic diversity that can be found when traveling the length of the Andes, and features signature dishes prepared with the typical ingredients of Latin American culture.

Second day


The day begins at Casa do Rio Vermelho, the last residence where writers Jorge Amado and his wife Zélia Gattai lived. This cultural facility in Salvador is a rich memorial to the life and work of this admirable couple, who took Bahia’s literature to the world.

The environments maintain the original characteristics of the property and each room has projections with different subjects about the artists’ lives. The memorial offers visitors more than 30 hours of videos, projections and audio about the couple’s life and work. The house is already a tourist reference, fulfilling the writer’s wishes to become a lively and active center.


The romantic-cultural tour passes through Alban Gallery, in Ondina, and then goes on to Paulo Darzé Gallery, in the neighborhood of Vitória. Both have a very rich collection, open to the public, in addition to renowned exhibitions.

Lunch today can be a little later and the suggestion is LarriBistrô, in Ladeira da Barra. As in traditional French bistros, Larribistrô’s proposal is to bring together, in the same place, a café, a bar and an authentic memory kitchen, exploring a democratic menu. Some of the house’s unmissable creations are the Cashew Ceviche with Shrimp and the “Trouxinha de Carpaccio”.


For the night, how about a place with good music, snacks and good drinks? Entre Folhas e Ervas, in Lapinha regularly has live music programming. Another great option is Virtuoso Vinho, in Graça. The place has an event called “Janela Virtuosa”, with chefs’ meetings, natural wines and always good music and nice people. Keep an eye on the schedule.

Tonight’s gastronomic tip can also be found at La Botttega Bar, which operates in Villa San Luigi, in Pituba. The bar occupies the terrace of the Italian-inspired villa. The place specializes in wines and drinks, accompanied by Italian tapas. Our suggestion is the “carne cruda con le mani”, an Italian version of steak tartare, with herb aioli in a thin crispy pastel crust. And to drink, the Barcelona drink, made with gin, hibiscus infusion, lemon and sage.

Third day


To close the romantic route of this vacation, you could not miss a walk through the Historic Center of Salvador. Start in Comércio, at the Basilica of Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Praia. This is the temple of the Patroness of Bahia, with a popular festival celebrated on December 8, being the oldest religious festival in Brazil. One of the highlights of the visit is to observe the beauty of the floor, which is made entirely of lioz stone and carrara marble, one of the wonders of the place. Another is to visit the “primitive church”, where the church “began”. The environment has been kept in ruins and is filled with candles. On the side, there is a window where you can see the stairs that were the first connection between the Lower City and the Upper City.

Afterwards, you will go up the Lacerda Elevator and walk through Pelourinho and its colorful colonial houses. Be sure to visit the Apoena Gallery. If on the ground floor the main thing is the sacred arts, on the first floor, the gallery is all taken by indigenous art from various parts of the country. Worth the shopping, the visit and the pictures!

Nearby is the Church of São Francisco, known as the “Gold Church”. To freshen up, make a “technical stop” at Le Glacier Laporte and enjoy artisanal ice creams with a French touch, in the heart of Pelourinho. It has the classic darlings, such as chocolate, but also the more unusual ones, such as the Oriental, inspired by a Moroccan couscous, and the Martinique, made with orange peel, rum and pieces of dark chocolate.


Now, you will get to know the Di Janela restaurant by Nara Amaral, which is located in the Saúde neighborhood, in the Historic Center of Salvador, a neighborhood that many people don’t know, or didn’t know before going to this restaurant. The menu is geared towards seafood. The octopus’s texture is highly praised, and the flagship is the seafood plate, which includes vegetables, mushrooms, shrimp, octopus, squid and lobster. And get ready for your newest “favorite drink”: roska with fruit popsicle.


The couple’s night will be in Rio Vermelho. Drinks and snacks are served at Boteco da Tetê, in Casa Bohemia Salvador. The first brewery in Brazil has just launched, in the capital of Bahia, Casa Bohemia, in Rio Vermelho, under the command of renowned chef Tereza Paim. The space is still in soft open and with limited audience. The menu is very much like a bar, bringing food from Bahia and the world, such as “bolinho de feijoada” (bean dumplings), “panelinha de camarão” (shrimp stew in a small pan) and “pastel aberto de bobo de camarão com molho de moqueca” (pastel with shrimp filling and moqueca sauce).

Then, close by, is the Bar do Terraço do Colaborae (a bar in the terrace of Colaborae), which always has a good musical program. On the same sidewalk, there is also Casa da Mãe, always with the best samba.


Bandeira Azul (Ilha dos Frades, and go from there to the beach)
Restaurante Preta (restaurant)
Taperia Asador (restaurant)
Loreto beach
Restaurante Macelleria Quitéria (restaurant)
The Latvian (bar)
Solar do Unhão, in the courtyard of the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia
Andina cozinha Latina (restaurant)
Casa do Rio Vermelho
Galeria Alban (Gallery)
Galeria Paulo Darzé (Gallery)
LarriBistrô (restaurant)
Entre folhas e Ervas (restaurant)
Virtuoso Vinho
La Botttega Bar
Basílica de Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Praia
Elevador Lacerda
Galeria Apoena (Gallery)
Igreja e Convento de São Francisco (Church of San Francisco)
Le Glacier Laporte
Restaurante Di Janela by Nara Amaral (restaurant )
Boteco da Tetê, at Casa Bohemia Salvador (restaurant )
Bar do Terraço do Colaborae (Colaborae Terrace Bar)
Casa da Mãe