A nostalgia called Rio Vermelho

Largo de Santana, 2-58 - Rio Vermelho, Salvador - BA, 41950-010
2 horas - 4 horas
Memorial Casa do Rio Vermelho. Residência de Jorge Amado e Zélia Gattai. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Praia do Buracão. Rio Vermelho. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Mercado do Peixe. Vila Caramuru. Foto: Fábio Marconi
Praia do Buracão. Fotos: Fábio Marconi
Acarajé da Dinha no Rio Vermelho. Salvador, Bahia Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Miranda Estúdio. Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira .
Così Pizzeria Napoletana. Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira .
Blue Praia Bar. Rio Vermelho. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tércio Campelo. Divulgação.
Forneria do Pasta em Casa Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.
Candida Specth Ateliê. Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

Beach, music, food, party and joy!

If you don’t know Rio Vermelho yet, write down these tips for when the quarantine ends!

Rio Vermelho has something difficult to explain. Maybe because of the vibrancy of its lively parties and nights, or because of its cozy beaches, where it seems that everyone knows each other. Above all, there is a feeling that anything can happen – in a good, great, excellent way, of course!

How many good memories do the streets of Rio Vermelho hold? We miss the crowded wall to watch the sunset, whether with an ice cream or a cold beer in hand. We miss starting the day with a good breakfast and going straight to the beach. Bars and restaurants everywhere show a lively and contemporary Salvador. Tell us the truth: aren’t you counting the days to be walking back and forth in the most democratic night in the city?

When the quarantine finishes, we bet this will be one of the first itineraries you will make in Salvador. Whether a day or night stroll, you’ll have fun for sure! Acarajé at Largo da Mariquita, a stroll around the house where Jorge Amado and Zélia Gattai lived, a night out or a swim at Buracão beach. How we miss all this!

For now, we cannot live to the full potential of this beloved neighborhood. Still, we can stroll there through our memories. Thinking about it, we made a list of things that represent this neighborhood known as the most bohemian in the city and that also has a lot of excitement during the day. Take the opportunity to write down everything you still want to know.

Rio Vermelho Beaches

Blue Praia Bar. Rio Vermelho. Salvador Bahia. Foto Tércio Campelo. Divulgação.

First of all, the beaches here are not just for salting the body and keep the tan. The truth is that the Rio Vermelho sands are a meeting point for the coolest people in the city.
Praia do Buracão has the most agitated sea, as well as its sand. The buzz is right there. The Blue Praia Bar represents this well: good music, great drinks, comfort and beautiful people walking to and fro.

Praia do Buracão

Blue Praia Bar

Praia da Paciência is perfect for relaxing. The sea is calm, there is a natural pool, it’s excellent for the whole family. https://www.salvadordabahia.com/experiencias/praia-do-paciencia/

Bohemia for Bohemians

Talking about bars and nightlife is a hard task. Even more due to the large number of options: there are bars on the street, bars on the sand and bars in the square, as well as nightclubs with different schedules.

For that post-beach meal that mixes with the “warm-up” for the night, our suggestions are Boteco do França, Mercado do Peixe (Vila Caramuru) and Confraria do França.

Confraria do França

Boteco do França

Mercado do Peixe

For good drinks, the tip is Chupito or Santo Forte bar.

Bar Chupito

With an original proposal, Ecosquare is a good choice for shopping and eating. The place is also a point of the youth of “soterópolis”, with the Gin bar that has always a good program.

EcoSquare – Vila de Contêineres

The best way to enjoy Rio Vermelho is to walk around and go from bar to bar. This is a normal movement of the
regulars and it’s good for visiting and enjoying places like Bombar, Borracharia, San Sebastian, Zen, Commons Studio Bar, Portela Café and much more.

To know or to remember

Casa do Rio Vermelho. Foto: Fábio Marconi

There are some places that are so Rio Vermelho. Casa do Rio Vermelho is one of them. A great cultural tour, as well as a place to make beautiful photos. Unmissable.

Casa do Rio Vermelho

Casa de Iemanjá is also a mandatory stop. Small and simple, yet great for its representativeness. Offerings for the Queen of the Sea, Iemanjá, are placed there. The Iemanjá Festival, on February 2nd, is one of the symbols of this neighborhood. It is well worth knowing this story.

Odoya, rainha do mar!

Two other places that are worth writing down on your agenda are Galeria RV and EBAM – Bahia School of Art and Fashion.

Galeria RV

To Eat & Drink

La Taperia. Rio Vermelho. Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

This neighborhood has a wide variety of bars and restaurants. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and post-night, there are options for everyone. And if in this phase of social isolation you are dying to eat the delicious food from Rio Vermelho, don’t wait anymore! Just search for your favorite restaurants and bars on the Salvador Pede em Casa page. There you can check out several super cool establishments in town that are delivering at home.

Cultural parties in Rio Vermelho you will want to go

Festa de Iemanjá 2019. Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

As we said here, the Iemanjá Festival is one of the symbols not only of this neighborhood, but of the great Popular Festivals of Salvador. But, first of all, it is necessary to understand the meanings of this celebration, as well as its importance. We prepared a text full of affection about this party. Learn more at this link.

Festa de Iemanjá

Another cool party that takes place in Rio Vermelho is the Spring Festival – where Largo da Mariquita always receives an excellent cultural program. The São Genaro Party has become a classic in the Soteropolitan calendar too, with its musical and gastronomic program around Italian culture. During the carnival, there is the Clowns of Rio Vermelho parade, with its cultural and folkloric groups, with wind bands, percussion and batucada.

To shop around the neighborhood

Candida Specth Ateliê. Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Bahia. Foto: Amanda Oliveira.

Shopping while traveling or taking a walk is also a way to remember good things. In Rio Vermelho there are great options of stores with products that are so Salvador.

Elementuá Espaço Colaborativo, for example, gathers around 50 Bahian brands that sell fashion, decoration and food products.

The classic books and vinyl records store, Mídialouca, is a good tip for collectors and researchers.

If what you are looking for are clothes, bags, beautiful small items and decorative objects, don’t miss The Finds, Ateliê Cândida Specht and Miranda Estúdio. And you know what’s is most cool? The three have an online store! You can now choose your newest favorite item!

The Finds: moda com a cara de Salvador

Candida Specht Ateliê

Miranda Estúdio

Itineraries to do when all this is over

Here we have put together great suggestions for itineraries that are perfect for this neighborhood. Click on the links and choose the one that better suits you, or make them all and tell us  which one you liked the most!

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