Diving is necessary!

Water Sport
Mergulho - Cavo Artemide / Divulgação
Mergulho - Cavo Artemide / Divulgação
Mergulho - Cruz do Sul / Divulgação
Mergulho. Foto: Divulgação
Mergulho. Foto: Divulgação
Mergulho. Foto: Divulgação
Foto: Fábio Marconi

Contemplate Salvador from another point of view: immerse yourself!

It’s not just above sea level that Bahia delights! Underwater, a particular universe, a fullness of colors, formations, species and… history! You can, for example, choose a themed dive for the secular vessels that have been shipwrecked in Salvador or marvel at the marine life of countless dive sites scattered along Salvador’s coast.

A contemplative dip in Itapuã or exploring the castaways of the Bay of All Saints! There are many diving schools and operators in Salvador. Some offer training for professional diving and also recreational diving, free diving and baptism on the beach, recommended for beginners.


Galeão Sacramento
Address: Av. Sete de Setembro, 3835, Loja 08, Shopping Center Porto da Barra, Barra, Salvador-BA
Phone: (71) 3264-2064

Address: Av. Octávio Mangabeira, 1601, Loja 4, Pituba, CEP 41.830-050 – Salvador-BA
Phone: (71) 3248-2250

Bahia Scuba
Address: Avenida Lafaiete Coutinho (Av. Contorno), 1010, Bahia Marina – store 5 – Comércio. Salvador BA. CEP: 40.015-160
Telefax: (71) 3321.0156 | 3322.0044

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