Church of Our Lady of Health and Glory

Largo da Saúde, s/n - Saúde, Salvador - BA, 40040-620
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Recently revitalized, the site is of great historical and artistic importance

One of the oldest religious temples in Bahia, the Church of Our Lady of Health and Glory is once again open to the faithful and visitors. Located at Praça Severino Ribeiro, in the Saúde district, in the Historic Center of Salvador, the church is part of the Saúde site, listed by the National Institute of Artistic and Historical Heritage (IPHAN) and considered a strict preservation area.

Salvador has a vast religious heritage. Visiting churches, in addition to strengthening religious tourism, is also a way of recovering history. Given its historical and artistic importance, the church of Our Lady of Health and Glory was listed by IPHAN in 1941, according to the Listing Process nº 274-T, having been inscribed in the Historical Book and in the Book of Fine Arts.

The neighborhood of Saúde grew around it

The Our Lady of Health and Glory Parish was built in the first half of the 18th century (1723) and conditioned the urban occupation around it. The religious orders, generally holders of vast land at the time, created points of consolidation of houses, boosting the growth of the urban environment in the region.

With this, the religious temple had a strong influence on the configuration of the neighborhood, whose spatial protagonist is the square in front of the property. The church, which is over 300 years old, is isolated on three sides and opens onto a square where five streets converge, filled with two-story houses that make up the square.

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On your visit to this church, you can see the rich collection of movable and integrated goods, such as artistic elements, paintings and images of sacred art. In architecture, the building has Baroque, Rococo and, inside, neoclassical elements. It is a church with a single nave, with side aisles and tribunes.

In the lower part of the nave’s sidewalls and chancel, it has important tile panels dating from the transition from the 18th to the 19th century, by Francisco de Paula Oliveira. The panel represents the four evangelists, the two doctors of the church, the Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Sorrows.

And to complete the tour, be sure to look up. The church has in its nave one of the first baroque illusionistic ceilings made in Bahia, entitled “The Assumption of Our Lady”, a composition painted by Domingos da Costa Filgueira, which represents the Holy Trinity. The perspective technique gives the paintings a feeling of three dimensions.

The revitalization

The last revitalization project, carried out in 2021, sought to offer more safety and comfort to the faithful and visitors, adapting to universal accessibility standards, in addition to recovering original features and exalting the historical value of the temple in the Bahian capital.

Electric and sanitary infrastructure services were also carried out, as well as the creation of a lifting platform for accessibility, and the construction of a new annex with the objective of allocating support activities and enhancing the parish’s social actions.


Church of Our Lady of Health and Glory
Largo da Saúde, no number – Saúde, Salvador – BA, 40040-620
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