Doca 1 – Creative Economy Hub

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Shared coexistence

The site intends to concentrate and foster the local creative production chain, encourage new talents and much more

A place open to the new, a motivating and inspiring center, being a reference in the creative economy in Brazil and in the world, where good ideas that can generate employment and income for the population will be conceived. This is the idea behind Doca 1 – Creative Economy Hub, one of the first facilities in the country that will bring together innovation and culture to economically boost one of the city’s main characteristics: creativity.

Over the next few months, the structure will be equipped with recording studios, auditorium, training centers, gourmet space, restaurants, ateliers and stages, for carrying out activities and services such as training, consulting, content production, workshops, events and coworking. The site will also be open to the public and will promote activities such as lectures, courses and training.

Doca 1 aims to concentrate and encourage the local creative production chain, encourage new talents, promote the qualification of the city’s creative workforce and bring companies and workers together with intellectual, creative and innovative capital. The intention is for the enterprise to have an inclusive proposal, with actions that go beyond the physical walls of the equipment, reaching indistinctly people, projects, ideas, actions and creative initiatives produced in different neighborhoods and communities.

Following a dynamic of shared coexistence, the space will allow interaction, exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as the dissemination of content, giving visibility to the creative economy of the Bahian capital.

The structure

Doca 1 was designed in a versatile and modern architecture, equipped with a roof inspired by the fishing net being thrown into the sea and windows that allow a privileged view of the All Saints Bay. The construction intends to work in an integrated way with the entire Comércio district.

Within an area of ​​2,468 m², up to 40 companies will be housed to develop actions and projects in different segments of the Creative Economy, including Culture – dance, music, photography, gastronomy, crafts and plastic arts; Design – architecture, fashion and advertising; Content – digital media, e-games, editorial and audiovisual; and Technology – research development, computer graphics, audio engineering and broadcast engineering.

Doca 1 was delivered by the City of Salvador, and will be managed by the consortium formed by the companies Light House, Agência California, Grupo Aratu and Home Designer, winner of the municipal bid.


Doca 1 – Creative Economy Hub
Instagram: @doca1ssa
Av. da França, no number – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40010-000 (next to the Nautical Tourist Terminal of Salvador)

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